Matt Drudge Changing The World…

Go Ahead, Make ...

Go Ahead, Make …

Like him or lump him, but you can’t ignore him. And that would be the elusive Matt Drudge who famously goes about his business very much undercover and generally in disguise. And no wonder, considering the impact he has had on breaking news stories from around the globe. Ever since he burst on the scene in 1995 and sent shockwaves right into the very heart of global newsrooms, his story is one of colossal image and presence. To say he changed how people get their news delivered would be the understatement of understatements. As all the learned distortions of the unidirectional MSM (Mainly Socialist Media) become increasingly challenged over the internet, we might just be able to correct all the damage done by the re-writing of history in our government schools and communist-controlled teacher’s unions.


The disgraced Brian Williams … Remember?

Remember, the MSM used to have a lock on information. The 6:30 PM talking heads of the past would tell us what the editors wanted us to hear and just like in the newspapers of old, any story which didn’t support their liberal beliefs was simply “spiked” and never saw the light of day; easy to do with only 3 networks and a publicly funded propaganda machine in PBS. An idea, a concept, and a passion has driven Drudge to the top of the truth in media mountain, so much so that when he links an article from the propaganda sites (Salon, CNN, MSNBC, etc.), the provincial acolytes of those sites refer to the influx of outside, combative commentators as “Drudgers”; typical of left-wing whingers. They love to label people, then try to control them. The average American DemoMarxist is a lost soul, pushed so far to the left that it may take two or more generations to de-program the Socialist dogma out of them and pull the lot back to the center. Drudge’s work may very well have begun that process of tapping the brake on hard-left orthodoxy long enough for the rescue teams to begin the work of purging five generations of Communist infiltration from our schools, local and state governments, and judiciary.

In the video coming up (which I posted on my Facebook page two years ago today!) Alex Jones and his InfoWars breaks down how this transformation occurred and how it resulted in a monumental sea change in the way news is reported and how citizens are now intimately involved in the process. Since Matt Drudge launched his website, thousands of news sites have appeared to challenge the official globalist-dominated political orthodoxy, its censorship and omissions, and offers humanity a truly more balanced and less-biased examination of the world.

As Alex Jones illustrates, Drudge’s story exemplifies the power of the individual when access to the free market is truly unrestricted, and underscores why the establishment is so desperate to regulate the Internet at a time when the mainstream dinosaur media is in a state of rapid decline. By proving that one man could break the monopoly of corporate press control of the narrative, Drudge led a media renaissance, blazing the trail for countless others to follow. Many of the statements Drudge made during his renowned National Press Club speech in 1998 remain just as prescient today, proving that he was way ahead of his time.

The Drudge Report website now drives more traffic than Facebook and Twitter combined, while trouncing the likes of CNN, Huffington Post and Slate by huge margins and has completely redefined journalism in the modern age, proving, much to the chagrin of the likes of Dianne Feinstein, that anyone with a laptop can and should be considered a citizen journalist. Thanks to Drudge, the fourth estate now has the potential to embrace virtually everyone in the world, enabling a mammoth “checks and balances” to guard against government corruption and abuse.


H/T Alex Jones and InfoWars