Professional Pollsters Punting Low

En Garde In The Bunker

En Garde In The Bunker

OK, a quick take on the current political scene, particularly as it relates to professional pollsters. It always seems to me that the MSM “experts”, left and right, keep pouncing on things they believe will finally knock Trump off his perch, working it like a dog with a bone, only to finally drop it and move on when they realize no one except themselves gives a damn. Rinse and repeat. They are still playing the old Washington game, blissfully unaware that the game has completely changed while they were distracted kissing the Hildebeast’s swollen feet. Even worse for them, they are simply keeping Trump in the spotlight day after day. For free. The more terrorist events that happen around the world, the more prophetic he looks. Whether it be Trump or someone else, it’s now a new game. The old rules, made to serve a permanent ruling class, are dead and gone. To hide the reality of American decline, the left have decided the issues of this election are racism, climate change, LGBT issues and white privilege, all false, non-issues. This is what the MSM desperately wants Trump to talk about so they can lead him into a minefield of non-PC comments.. Sadly for them, he couldn’t care less about their pet issues.

Yup, even George Will got it all wrong, and he's STILL in a hissy-fit...

Yup, even George Will got it all wrong, and he’s STILL in a hissy-fit…

Thomas Lifson rails into this topic in today’s American Thinker with the opener: “I can’t recall a political story that has humiliated more people posing as experts.  Let’s face it: political pundits with few exceptions proved that they know nothing of practical value when it comes to understanding the Republican presidential electorate”. He goes on: “There is a general loss of faith in people who claim to be experts in many fields.  Technocracy, the faith that problems are solvable by dispassionate experts, probably hit its peak at the end of World War II, when victory was obtained through the work of scientists who developed weapons, including the A-bomb.  Its decline has been steady, fueled by embarrassing failures of expert predictions to work out”. End of quote.

Political TV is nothing but a scam. There are no experts. Only propagandists. It’s important to realize that only a fraction of their blather flows from ignorance. Most of it is either consciously or subconsciously a desire to alter the course of events by propagandizing their own politics as if they were facts. It’s like a combination of insecurity and ego: wishful thinking and believing they have influence over the masses.

More Lifson: “But politics ain’t science (and forget about all those “political science” departments – they are wannabes), so the loss of faith in experts has some special characteristics.  I think the root lies in the disconnect of the experts from their subject matter.  Most pundits live in the world of educated and affluent professionals, a class that has done well in the transition from an industrial economy to an information economy.  This class is pretty happy with the way the economic spoils are being divided.  The rest of the country is not”.

Watch this 1-minute, 49-second compilation of “experts” outing themselves, as per Lifson’s contention:

Somehow, a guy who lives in a penthouse in Manhattan was in far better touch with the concerns of half or more of the country than the people paid to be political antennae.  They apparently drowned out those voices with the voices of fellow opinion-molders, in a groupthink orgy.  They care much more about what their peers think and say than they do about the concerns and opinions of their ostensible object of study, the American electorate.

I don’t see signs of that changing any time soon.


H/T Thomas Lifson and American Thinker…