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For the benefit of the totally uninformed, the word “democracy” has many meanings and its ambiguity limits its usage. In its most narrow meaning, it merely refers to a country that has an electoral process. No one uses it in such a restricted sense. Historically, going back to Aristotle and Polybius, democracy meant a degenerate rule by “the many” as opposed to polity, which was a noble rule by “the many.” A degenerate rule was essentially mob rule, driven by fear and prejudice for the narrow interests of the largest faction. A polity was a sober orderly rule where the common interest of all was respected.

Skipping forward to the founders, they feared “democracy” in its degenerate sense; both Jefferson and Madison wrote about it prior to the constitution – see Jefferson’s Notes on the State of Virginia. Thus they sought a constitutional republic, with democratic elections but constitutional limits to protect individual rights. Liberty was the object, a limited democracy was the means to “secure these rights.” Voting which was a scared adult duty in the old days is a right which is being handed out like candy nowadays. To protect it in today’s America, we need a gazillion pieces of proof to show you are indeed an American citizen. Drivers licenses just don’t do it anymore.

Majority demoMarxocrat tyranny … Prez Donald John Trump to the rescue

Just a couple of years ago, Texas ran their voter registration against immigrants applying for green cards and found 50k non-documented were already on the voter registration rolls. This was a simple process and should be accessed by all states but they simply won’t turn over the information. President Trump remember, attempted to put a committee in charge of election integrity and none of the states would turn over their rolls – so nothing got done.

The invasion of illegal immigrants is the insurance policy for the spurious Leftists. If the demoMarxocrats are unable to sufficiently manipulate (steal) elections to get what they want, eventually they won’t have to steal elections since they’ll have enough “votes” to win outright. It’s demographic euthanasia or murder.

Currently we’re left with two handicaps in elections 1) machines – whether Dominion or not, are able to be hacked; and  2) voter registration rolls. Until we get a handle on these two basics, it will be difficult to get an honest election. Ever!

Either way, our country is dying right before our very eyes.

Matthew Boose, American Greatness: ‘Democrats Want a Tyranny of The Majority’ …

The Left’s impatience with our constitutional democracy has never been more demonstrable.

When arguing with liberals about the balance of power, conservatives like to say that America is a “republic, not a democracy.” The Right should stop using this phrase. In the first instance, it is a strategic mistake to cede the word democracy to authoritarians on the Left. It is also wrong to say America is not a democracy. If we take democracy to mean a system of popular government, then the United States surely is, and was meant to be, democratic. The distinction that matters is not between democracy and republic, but constitutional democracy and absolute democracy, between a government of limits and rule by the mob. The government the Left wants is democracy in its crudest, most violent, and chaotic form. Its result is tyranny.

We see this passion for absolute government in the Left’s rhetoric. They claim to speak for Our Democracy™ and paint anyone who stands in their way as a shadowy force of disunion. They are dismissive of checks and balances. Consider the Supreme Court. Democrats have long used the courts as a kind of super legislature, but now that they have lost control of them, and originalist justices are handing down decisions they do not like, Democrats are rejecting the legitimacy of a co-equal branch of government. To hear the Democrats tell it, laws that the majority wants, according to (often misleading) polls, should not be subject to judicial review.

If Democrats had it their way, they would be able to oppress red, rural America at will. The constitutional system our founders devised has the effect today of giving a rural minority a check on the will of an urban majority. This check is not an absolute veto, as the Left’s whinging might lead you to believe. It simply prevents the more populous part of the nation from banding together and trampling on the less populous part. The rules make it so that presidential elections aren’t decided by a few dense urban enclaves. They are designed to keep oppressive projects from becoming law, and protect the people from what Madison in The Federalist called an “excess of lawmaking.” The system induces compromise. The Democrats want a system where no compromise is needed. [-]

[+] … Democrats have been building a shadow electorate for decades. This is the plain object of their open border policy: to pack the country with as many dependents as possible from abroad who will repay the party for life at the ballot box once granted citizenship.

If Democrats somehow mustered the votes to pass a mega-amnesty for the untold millions of illegal immigrants (and counting) living in this country, they would establish a permanent majority overnight. This is one reason, at least, why Democrats get so touchy whenever someone on the Right has the temerity to mention the “Great Replacement.”

It is perfectly natural for the majority to want to aggrandize itself at the expense of the minority. The founders understood this tendency as a simple consequence of human nature and devised a government that would work against it. The Left’s impatience with our constitutional democracy, its checks on the will of the majority, and its guarantees of basic liberties like the right to self-defense, is as clear as their contempt for the “white male slave owners” who designed it. [end]

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Majority demoMarxocrat tyranny … Devin Nunes to the rescue

To hear the Democrats tell it, laws that the majority wants, according to (often misleading) polls, should not be subject to judicial review.”

Actually that’s what the Supreme Court just ruled. Perhaps you missed it but you’re not alone. Kamala Harris also decried the loss of democracy when Roe was overturned.The Court ruled that there was no right for a woman to abort. That a democracy can decide to prohibit abortion; overturning Roe was meant to return the issue to the legislature. Kavanaugh explicit said that it is an issue for democracy by either the Congress or state legislatures. Majority demoMarxocrat tyranny.

Perhaps we on the right need a review of how a republic differs from a democracy. Yes, it was designed to be a republic. Let’s not surrender that point.

And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – Warrior-President Donald John Trump doing his absolute darnedest to protect and defend the Constitutional Republic of the United States – MAGA! KAG!