DemoMarxocrats truly are evildoers

Go ahead, make my..

Yes folks – my header is intentional – fully intentional. Thankfully yours truly has a comrade-in-arms – whose identity will of course remain anonymous – way over on one of the comments-threads to fully vindicate the really despicable state of the current demoMarxocrat cabals.

Once you discover how they actually dance around “disinformation”, you can begin to see which narratives are false. This one is designed first to indicate that allowing the states to determine abortion laws is unsatisfactory because of these outrage stories. This is to lay the groundwork for demoMarxocrats to push another unConstitutional bill to assure their privileged donors that they are “doing something” to protect “reproductive health rights.” They must do this to keep the post-menopausal rich white women on board, truly their only reliable constituency apart from deviants.

What our privileged class need in a narrative is to confirm their asinine perceptions of what really goes on in the middle of the country – aka “MAGA country” – as toothless hillbillies raping their daughters, relishing this sort of narrative so much that they immediately run with it and gin up their self-righteousness to fever pitch in denouncing the hicks they fear so much. The whole abortion mythology is about shielding defenseless girls from the rapine of their religious elders, which is why they can keep a straight face when reading “The Handmaid’s Tale” and pretend in their fantasies that this is reconcilable with Christianity. How, pray tell?!

DemoMarxocrats truly are evildoers. When ‘law’ is nothing but coverup. Snake of evil intent slowly eats self …

As always with the power-mad, this is driven by their lust to retain abusive behavior while keeping tabs on the opposition. Just keep in mind they still intend to steal the election as per usual, mid-terms or not. They need only produce some plausible narratives to get close enough that the sheeple won’t hang them. In the 2020 / 2021 farce of Jan 6 STILL going on in 7/12/2022 we are to believe their absolute madness that Trump was so awful, that order could only be restored with a vote for Biden – a totally catastrophic demented village idiot!

Literally MILLIONS of We the (90 million+) People believe absolutely that it didn’t work, and this is why the hysteria of J6 distraction. But it was enough to generate uncertainty. Like the sociopaths that lead them, demoMarxocrats are forever and always on offense to avoid scrutiny for their heinous acts.

Remember: When it comes to Liberal Progressive Socialist DemoMarxocrats it’s OK to exaggerate, distort, embellish, and even invent so long as the “intent” is there – and by “intent” I mean “advance their narrative(s) to build consensus and ‘democratically’ create the changes needed to reach their goals”.

Or, stated simply, propaganda to brainwash the masses into supporting their eventual edicts; how Soviet. Heh!

Sundance, Conservative Treehouse: ‘Cross-State Ohio 10-Year-Old Pregnancy Abortion Story Was a Hoax’ …

It looks increasingly likely that Dr. Caitlin Bernard, the OBGYN who originally made the claim to the Indianapolis Star, lied about the 10-year-old child rape story in order to sell a sympathetic abortion narrative to the public.   An ideologically compliant and incurious media then promoted the false story, which led to Joe Biden repeating the story as part of his pro-abortion speech and executive action.   It’s Jussie Smollett all over again.

The Washington Post previously tried and failed to verify the story and wrote an article saying the only attribution for the claim comes from Dr. Caitlin Bernard {link}.  There is zero evidence the story is true, and considerable evidence the story was a complete hoax.  Including the lack of any police report and no documentation of any rape despite a legal responsibility to do so.

Now Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost is saying his office has no evidence of a raped ten-year-old child who was impregnated, including a request for lab results. Yost also noted that Ohio law would have allowed for an abortion in such a case.  First, the summary of the likely hoax. [-]


Clarice Feldman, American Thinker: ‘Anatomy of a Really Vile Bit of Propaganda’ …

Last week at American Thinker, in discussing the Dobbs case, I prophesied, “and if your media sources resemble those I’ve seen, the moral angle will be played to the hilt with stories of exceptional cases being treated as the rule.”

How right I was, as the story of a 10-year-old who was raped and had to travel to Indiana from Ohio to get an abortion was highlighted in multiple media everywhere and used to discredit the Supreme Court justices who decided Dobbs and pro-life politicians.

Megan Fox has done a fine bit of journalism exposing this propaganda coup and the Blaze details her work. Ms. Fox broke the story in a series of tweets. In order to make her work easier to follow I’m reframing it in a more conventional, easier-to-understand way, but you are invited to the source to see how this unraveled. Each of her factual assertions is accompanied by links to them.

The sole source of the story is an ardent abortionist. The story is unverifiable and peddled by those who share her views with no apparent independent efforts to confirm the tale. If nothing else, this shows you how easy the job of a news editor at the named publications is. You don’t have to do anything — just let your reporters rattle off the headline-framing tales of a figure who advances the desired narrative. Do not demand even the merest investigation of claims, particularly if they sound outrageous. (Like Trump hiring prostitutes to pee in a hotel bed in Moscow because Obama had slept there.) [-]

Full links below from both…

DemoMarxocrats truly are evildoers. We the people the road to freedom. Human trafficking ‘hunter’ paradise…

The spurious demoMarxocrats have been doing it for years although it really took off when fearless President Trump was elected. Remember, the corrupt media picked up and ran with the Russia Collusion Hoax fabricated by the Steele Dossier, and paid for by the DNC and Hillary Clinton. No attempts made to verify or corroborate any of the bogus claims.

This isn’t stupidity, unfortunately, but rather the “press” are Leftwing lunatic propagandists and liars, gypsies, tramps, thieves, and general ne’er-do-wells; “robbers” is a good description as they continually go forth intentionally gaslighting their credulous viewers.

Psychopaths, sociopaths, and the aforementioned ne’er-do-wells, the sickness of their minds blinding them to any shred of empathy or humanity. It’s what enables them to become Hitlers, Stalins, Lenins, Maos, Pol Pots, Castros and many of the other despotic mass murderers who have walked the face of this planet. And it’s what enables many of our so called fellow citizens to justify their actions against those whom they deem to be not of their hive mind. DemoMarxocrats truly are evildoers. The buzzing bees beyond relief!

And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – with buzzing Donald John Trump doing his dazzling darnedest to uphold the Constitutional Republic of the United States of America – MAGA! KAG!