Abe: the nation of Japan mourns…..

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Not to get too, too, morbid about things but … Off the top of my head…. 1) Nigel Farage almost bought it in a plane crash; 2) The entire conservative Polish government died in a plane crash in Russia and the media tried to implicate the Ruskies; 3) Theo Van Gogh murdered in the streets of Netherland for his popular anti-illegal-alien stance; 4) Recall the Republican Congressional baseball game had a leftist nut job shooting at them; 5) That Haitian leader who disbelieved the Covid vaccine effectiveness was disposed and murdered; 6) Two African leaders who disbelieved the same and were disposed and murdered;  And there’s more, just can’t remember them all right now but there’s a lot.

You can see it in plain, plain sight. The conservative leaders are either murdered or embroiled in a political scandal, ie, a political hit, and removed from office. The international deep state wants a one-world government based on leftist ideas of medical rationing, culling of humans (abortion and euthanasia), complete surveillance, no God-given rights (government is god), corporate fascism with the morality of Mankind controlled by science, economics, and the whims of the absolute rule of CEO’s, political figures, etc., etc., etc.

Abe: the nation of Japan mourns

The bigger scar on every community of Humanity is the tyranny of centuries-old elites that seek to forever enslave mankind and exterminate our God-given free will. Abe was a Nationalist, a populist – and a movement leader (just as Donald Trump and Jair Bolsonaro currently are). Abe’s standing outside of official office was irrelevant. He led a growing political movement and a philosophy in Japan.

Connect the dots. They nearly got Bolsonaro. They got to Abe. They will continue to try and get Trump. They are after the leaders of this rising global movement for human freedom and individuality. That is the mark of desperation. But there are hundreds of millions, if not billions, of decent, loving, people supporting and making up this movement. They are the global majority. Not the globalists, their misled and sedated followers, and their NWO/Illuminati masters.

Abe’s forced death, for those principles contrary to the satanic cabal, will not suppress the rising human spirit that grows every day in casting off their demonic plan to place mankind in spiritual and physical shackles. The Great Awakening of humanity continues un-slowed. Abe is now a martyr. They have only made him, his cause, humanity’s cause, and humanity itself, stronger going forward. Now he will never be forgotten. They have already lost.

The great spiritual battle here continues. It is one that humanity shall ultimately win.

Sundance, Conservative Treehouse: ‘The Nation of Japan Mourns’ …

After an assassin shot former Prime Minister Shinzo Abe during a political street rally, Doctor Fukushima Hidetada of Nara Medical University said, “We tried to resuscitate him but, unfortunately, he died at 5:03 p.m.”

1954 – 2022: Prime Minister Shinzo Abe was a transformative figure in Japanese politics.  A devout nationalist with a humble demeanor, Abe shifted the national sentiment from post war apology toward an outlook of pride in Japanese culture, work ethic and traditional value.  He was beloved by conservatives and patriots in Japan and disliked by leftists and globalists.

Perhaps the best example of Abe’s incredible personal and political influence was his visit to Pearl Harbor in December 2016.  It was the 75th anniversary of the Japanese attack.  Although Japanese leaders had visited Pearl Harbor before, Prime Minister Abe was the first to visit the hallowed memorial resting atop the sunken USS Arizona.  It was an amazing and moving moment in history.

When you accept how intensely sensitive a visit to Pearl Harbor by the Japanese Prime Minister is… When you pause and think about the scope of trepidation that follows such a tenuously emotional diplomatic mission… It is proper to appreciate history and give credit where it is deserved.

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s visit was powerful proof that former enemies can transcend the recriminatory impulses that often weigh down generational relationships long after war.

Speaking to the gathered audience in Pearl Harbor Hawaii, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe delivered an eloquent and honorable tribute. The first six and a half minutes of his speech below was remarkable in its historic value and speaks to the character of the former Japanese leader. [-]

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Abe: the nation of Japan mourns.

Rest In Peace to the great Japanese leader Shinzo Abe. As President Trump precisely said, there will be no Japanese leader like him and history will definitely honor this extraordinary man! Our condolences to the amazing Japanese people in mourning for the loss of this courageous warrior of freedom and Japanese culture! And to the cowardly powers that be behind this reprehensible act, we are undaunted! We will never submit to global tyranny!

Melania’s face would soften as she looked at Abe’s wife. You could tell that the relationship between these 2 families ran deep. Some of the greatest moments of PDJT’s Presidency were in the company of this great man. What a great loss for the world. This headline from Breitbart makes the point: Abe Shinzo Spent His Last Days Advocating for Defending Taiwan from a Belligerent China

RIP Sir. R.I.P….

And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill … Warrior-President Donald John Trump forever mindful of the storms of life Heavenly Father please keep him safe – MAGA! KAG!