Love wins: the essence of greatness

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Love wins: the essence of greatness … Let me open up with the latest and always enthralling President Trump interview (yes, even with a giddy Hannity in place) from last night, where very much in play was the mess that the demoMarxocrat party politicians are causing. There seems to be no introspection on their part and hence no attempts to remedy the situation. However, this is also true of the RepubliCons. President Trump was unable to fix the problems in the RepubliCon party even when they had the majority in both house and senate. So let that settle in for awhile.

The ever-lingering mess of course from both sides of the equation, is that big corporations and very wealthy individuals are able to use their riches to buy off the politicians they want. “Democracy” in this situation is a sham and a hoax. The choice of leaders should be placed in the hands of a much smaller group – those like us for instance, who are older and wiser, having gained some wisdom through many years and who have proved themselves in real productive jobs. In our present situation we are ever far more likely to get the bad leaders we deserve as opposed to the polished leaders we need.

Love wins: the essence of greatness…

In the 2016 election for instance, our fearless President Trump beat the highly favored candidate and Party, and also beat the rigged voting system. In 2020 however, he somehow gets run over and mauled by a two time demented idiot who somehow received the most votes ever by a candidate. You can bet the establishment will never let a Trump accident happen again. The Federal power grab that has been going on for decades remains unchecked thanks to the current RepubliCon uniparty, activist courts and systemic corruption in the DC swamp.

Love wins: the essence of greatness. President Trump earned our love, respect and devotion. He took the arrows in the quiver that were meant for us. He did an outstanding job in spite of all the hate and lies put in his path. Love, respect and devotion for a great leader is something that evil, hate-filled destroyers can never understand. Because this enemy before us cannot understand it, they fear it and feel the need to destroy it all the more. The enemy can’t win this because in the end “Love” cannot be taken from the hearts of humankind. Love wins: the essence of greatness!

The only way out of this revolving door is for the complacent sheep to rise up to the challenge, and for the States to stand up for their rights.

We are currently being shown how fragile the Republic truly is, the demonstration of which explains Benjamin Franklin’s comment, paraphrased as: “We have given you a Republic. It remains to be seen if you will be able to retain it.” PDJT exposed the frailties of our system. Who will repair the damage? We the People lost our voice in the voting booths and nobody within our government and courts charged with maintaining its integrity has the courage to do what is right.

Selected comments from Conservative Treehouse 

KaweahKid: There is the issue of PDJT being the real, legal President now, not the current Occupant in Chief, O’Xiden. There is also the issue of PDJT being the last (or most recent) rational, cogent President. Those Presidents from Bush 41 thru Obama do not qualify in the slightest.

US: I love this man. Best President ever. And yes, they are not sending US their best people, including murderers and rapists like the Marielitos. Proud donor to Save America PAC. Thank you for all the vaccines and four years without Communism. I am also very glad that a humble pillow guy can reveal Dominion and the Great Steal. God bless PDJT.

LovingRoyal09: Sickening how there was always some obscure district court judge to halt Trump’s EO’s. No halting of Biden’s insane policies, tho…….Trump knows he was surrounded by a TON of corrupt people. It was a learning period for ALL of us. Hopefully God will bless us with Trump, part 2. Unchained!!

Marsha Graham: The Democrat party has already neutered the Supreme Court, there is no need to pack it. They are simply afraid to follow the Constitution after the Big Cheat of Nov. 3rd, 2020.

Clay More: We need not convince sheeple that their own wool has been pulled over their eyes nor do we need isolate them. We have to go after the means, methods and people that manufactured Hoe Xiden. It starts by deconstructing the Uniparty political machine on the local level. Like the crappy bumper sticker that exclaimed “Think globally, act locally”. Controlling local elections is the key. It only took five DemonRat controlled counties across the entire nation to swing the election to the Cadavers in Chief.

Zy: People come here everyday and read about the depth and breadth of the Swamp and the sabotage against President Trump for 4 years much of it from people on his “own side”. How would another Trump presidency work ?

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Love wins: the essence of greatness … Grandkids and Stars and Stripes … nothing better!

The response to Franklin’s statement up above deserves a bit of thought. As all formerly great civilizations were steered away by evil people into self-implosion due to immorality, greed, power battles, etc., etc. – then slowly died – God forbid that becomes the fate of America, even as critical as the situation might appear at present.

The founding fathers were savvy enough to express their concerns, assuming that the generations that followed would understand and maintain the value for which they bled and died; maintaining good character, integrity, honor, fearing God, and the rule of law as being desirable. To that no doubt, Franklin also voiced his reservations through which frankly, he was more right than wrong!

As a result it has been one big roller coaster ride since America’s founding. That ride is nearing its conclusion as the very people sworn to protect and rise above politics and partisan policy for the nation, its Constitution, and its people have joined forces with the enemies of the state in pursuit of a globalist new world order.

As an aside, it also explains why one will not find even an inferred reference to America in the Holy Bible. Which still stands today as the one and only written truth that matters in this world or the next. Say hello to Revelation 19!

And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – Prescient President Donald John Trump – MAGA! KAG!


2 thoughts on “Love wins: the essence of greatness

  1. The greatest President of the United States.
    Virtual hugs to him and his family. Peace and blessings.
    Leader of the free world.

    • Great sentiment and truth, dear Grace … God hasn’t finished with him quite yet … nor have We the (80 million+) People on the GOOD side of the Constitutional Republic !!! “In GOD We Trust” …

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