demoMarxocrats in full view coup… Flashback 4/19 2021

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demoMarxocrats in full view coup … We the (80 million+) People are beating around the bush when we need to be dealing more with reality. America was taken down from within through criminal subversion on November 3rd / 4th, 2020 during which time we experienced a communist coup. Go back and remember that prior to the rigged election, demented village idiot Biden spoke the truth for once, and let it slip that “they” had set up the most extensive network of voter fraud in United States history; remember?

HR1 locks in voter fraud. This bill is what you would expect from an illegitimate federal government that intends to solidify their power. We cannot defeat the enemy if we can’t even identify who or what it is. We need to unwind fifty years of communist subversion in every single one of our institutions, but first we must oust our new dictators. It won’t be through voting, especially after this bill passes (hopefully it won’t). Nor will it be through the Justice System, as corrupt as it is even at the Supreme level.

Like millions more, yours truly gets a little tired of preachers and prophets saying that our lives will soon be made ok by some act of government, military or whatever to restore peace and prosperity. They are beginning to sound like false prophets all over the place. At the end of the end times we will all be looking for divine intervention by our Very God Himself to save us from ourselves.

demoMarxocrats in full view coup… can we say FRAUD?

Those of you following me on a regular basis are more than aware that We the (80 million+) People are at WAR. Lucifer’s children have seized control of OUR government, the media, all branches of the military, plus ALL of academia. This is a spiritual war and only one side can win it. No one can sit on the sidelines – the enemy just won’t allow it. Begin by cutting the cable. Yours truly has Tucker, Hannity, Levin and others to prep me. Spend your money only with like minded businesses. Cut all business contacts with the spawn of Lucifer and tell them why. This is just the beginning. FIGHT!

Take heart from the fact that President Trump and Florida Governor DeSantis broke bread together Saturday evening and one would definitely have liked to have been privy to what eventually transpired. Two men that need to be surrounded in prayers. I don’t read that politics or human government will save us from this evil world. I read and write about a world that gets so evil and messed up that only the return of Christ will save us.

Sundance, Conservative Treehouse: ‘President Trump Has Dinner with Florida Gov DeSantis’…

Hope springs eternal. President Trump had dinner [Saturday night] with MAGA Governor Ron DeSantis. Faith…

All around us is this great sense of foreboding ugh, and it’s not just connected to an election, or politics; it’s everything. We notice it appearing on these very pages, in our conversation… in the expressions of our anxiety. Many things seem weird; many things seem not comfortable; many things seem less joyful and requires an intensity of thought and focus just to carry-on what used to be ordinary events.

In our daily lives we encounter ordinary disconnects now. In addition to the increased tribalism, masked faces are disconnecting our sense of interaction, our human connection. Unfortunately, and as a natural outcome of these challenges, we are accepting disconnect and creating a void inside ourselves.

At the same time COVID is physically disconnecting people from their family. Many parents and grandparents will not see their adult children. Many friends have disconnected.

Amid all of this flux and ugh, even simple tasks somehow feel, sense, seem less joyful. Perhaps financial worry exists amid your home, your family or friends. Perhaps there is something destabilizing, we cannot quite describe it, yet we feel it. [-]

[+] … It is all just, ugh. If you find the assembly of these words familiar to your current sense, first understand YOU ARE NOT ALONE. Second, understand there is nothing wrong with you. This blanket of anxiety is laying across our entire nation, and we are all sensing a various level of this ‘ugh’ with some familiarity. However, that said, it is important to know this is transitional. We will not be in this place long.  This too shall pass.

How do we shake these destabilizing feelings and emotions? How do we reconnect to the core-spirit we carry in our lives? These are the questions we should use to leverage ourselves back to a center of peace and hope. These are the questions that empower us to recharge of our sense of purpose and life within the lives of others, including our community, family and friends. [-]

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demoMarxocrats in full view coup … can we say FRAUD?

We’ve allowed the Leftist demoMarxocrats in full view coup to do this to us. It’s that simple. Whether from lack of comprehension of their intentions and ruthlessness, or some other kind of passive appeasement, or fear, delusion (or a combination) – we’ve allowed it to happen. When we fully apprehend the fact of their commitment to destroy us, the hard truth that they will never again allow us to return to “normal” or even live our lives according to our traditions of freedom, maybe the “woke” will have already permeated us. We’ll see.

Yours truly has a great respect for those who struggle with the forces of evil both politically and otherwise. Which is just one of the reasons why I respect our 45th president, who has been so kind to those of us who seek to promote righteousness and truth. I’m also encouraged by all who are doing what they can to preserve our freedom and liberty to live according to our conscience, a conscience based on the Judeo-Christian ethic.

We strategize, we work, we push forward, and we stand strong in our faith which is the Source of our Hope. Throughout history there have been dark times, but the love for freedom has never been extinguished in the heart of man and we live within the blessings of those men and women who went before us that never ever gave up hope.

These are the best and highest values known to mankind. Yes, I’m a realist to demoMarxocrats in full view coup when it comes to the desire to expect an outcome in our present situation that will lead to a life here on earth where common-sense and right-living prevails in the culture. We are after all, instructed to occupy until Jesus comes again.

As ever throughout history, that “occupying” will be influenced by our upbringing and outlook.

And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – Occupying Warrior-President Donald John Trump – MAGA! KAG!


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