Littlejohn, Brexit and Trumpit Plan

En Garde in the bunker…

For those of you who haven’t read, or been aware of, one of the most incisive, truthful and funny political commentators on the planet, let me introduce you to Richard Littlejohn of Britain’s Daily Mail, writing yesterday on the past weekend’s Women’s Marches shenanigans. Quite brilliantly and conclusively he exposes the level of hypocrisy which emanates from the Hollyweird segment of said marches, particularly-so when all of them enjoy such sheltered elitist-establishment lives. ‘Other-worldly’, even.

Why is it, one might ask, that these people, who don’t live in the real world, think they have a God-given right to lecture we ordinary working people in how to live our lives? They know less about the real world than we do, couldn’t survive outside their bubble if they had to, and are bereft of any common sense. As I have opined on many occasions, there is a massive shift underway with We the People as the leaders, and it is obviously driving the Left crazy. But Littlejohn has them fully in his sights.

As the general population feel the sharp wind of our recessionary times caused by the disastrous eight years of Obama, we have less tolerance for listening to celebrities waxing lyrical about how we should vote. These celebs are generally not in touch with we ordinary people and the gulf is widening by the day. The Hollyweird elitists are helping to defeat their own agenda by insulting the electorate and our own ability to think for ourselves.

A flavor from Littlejohn:

The lewd and crude with language unfit for a family publication ..

Madonna, a 58-year-old, grown woman who behaves like a spoilt, attention-seeking teenager — and regularly publishes provocative pictures of her own well-travelled nether regions for our delight and delectation whenever she’s got a new book or album to promote. In a foul-mouthed dummy- spitting speech, she spouted anger at the election of Trump, and told her ecstatic audience: ‘I have thought an awful lot about blowing up the White House.’

Consider the reaction if, during the presidential election campaign, a prominent Trump supporter — actor Jon Voight, for instance, of Midnight Cowboy and Ray Donovan fame — had told a gathering of 100,000 Tea Party activists that he thought the White House should be blown up while Barack Obama was still in office.

There would have been all hell to pay. Voight would have been accused of being a member of the Ku Klux Klan, he’d probably have been charged at the very least with incitement to racial hatred, if not plotting an assassination attempt.

There are those of us extant of course, who have held the opinion for years that the celebrity culture is an obnoxious symptom of modern life. Yes, celebs may entertain, and life would be boring for some without a trip to the theater, cinema, or rock concert, but to listen to their ideals about our life and how we live it, really does bleat of hypocrisy. Generally, but not always leftists, they endeavor to force their politics upon us without regard to how serially stupid they look and sound.

More from Littlejohn:

But these are the double standards which apply on both sides of the Atlantic. Those who squeal about ‘Love Trumps Hate’ are the biggest haters in town. The hypocrisy is breathtaking. Do you remember the Million Women March against Democrat President Bill Clinton, who actually physically abused women, compared to Trump, who only boasted about it?

Nope, me neither. But although Clinton was a proven, serial sexual predator — including young White House intern Monica Lewinsky and Paula Jones, to whom he paid $850,000 to drop a sexual harassment lawsuit — he was feted by Hollywood.

Still, what’s hypocrisy got to do with it when it comes to political posturing?

The lesson learned seems to come down to: The virtue signaling the liberal progressive Left:

1) Enamored of all diversity (except diversity of opinion).
2) Tolerant of everyone (so long as they hold identical opinions).

And finally:

As Trump himself remarked: ‘I was under the impression we just had an election. Why didn’t these people vote?’

Exactly. And even if they did vote, they were at odds with the people of Middle America who, despite many reservations and for all his apparent flaws, preferred The Donald over their darling Hillary Clinton.

Get over it, luvvies. In the words of the Kinks’ Ray Davies: It is time for you to stop all of your sobbing.

You lost.

As revealed by Littlejohn, President Donald Trump is doing exactly what he said he was going to do when he revealed it on the campaign trail. That is also exactly what he was voted in for and he is carrying it out boldly and quickly. This perhaps, is what the political and elite establishment classes are scared of – someone actually sticking to their word and getting on with things. On the flip side, I am as yet, to witness a single refugee in any one of these celeb morons’ homes.

In the factually funny, true, and immortal words of one of Britain’s finest raconteurs – Why Must The Show Go On?

Littlejohn would aver – Why indeed.


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