Rope-a-Dope Trumpit Entitlement..

Go ahead, make my…

Over the past 55 years, The Communist Takeover of America – 45 Declared Goals has worked quite well in turning reporters to the anti-American side. Number 20 of their goals states: ‘Infiltrate the press. Get control of book-review assignments, editorial writing, policy-making positions’.

Then along came Donald Trump to play them at their own game of rope-a-dope.

It’s amazing what a President can accomplish when he is not bought and paid for before and during an election. When decisions don’t have to be reviewed by the puppet meisters and PC establishment beforehand, so much more can be accomplished. I must say that this past week without news on the O and H fronts, has been a complete therapy, while musing along the lines of “has there ever been such an explosive and exciting start to any presidency in living memory?” was even more memorable; even better than the campaign, which was lively enough on its own. A rope-a-dope scenario if ever there was one.

Donald Trump – A President very much on the move…

A rope-a-dope happening, ladies and gentlemen, because things are actually getting done. No more talking a problem to death. No more hand-wringing. No more grandstanding and delays. Hopefully, Congress will grow a pair and join the rope-a-dope party.

For conservatives, the joy in watching Trump deal with the media is like watching a movie, but with a more engrossing plot. With a general distaste of most media elites, we don’t trust them, we don’t take them seriously, and we have them tagged as progressive liberal left-wing propagandists. And that’s precisely how the Trumpit deals with them. He’s not very enamored of them, doesn’t like them, doesn’t trust them, doesn’t take them seriously, because he knows they’re just Democrat Party rope-a-dope mouthpieces.

It’s the ultimate in projection fantasies come to life!

Get a flavor of what’s coming up from Brian C. Joondeph in today’s American Thinker: 

Then came inauguration day and a NY Times story, right on schedule, comparing inauguration audience sizes in an effort to show how unpopular Trump is compared to their revered Barack Obama. Trump immediately took to Twitter, denouncing the story and reiterating his mantra about fake news and dishonest media. The media took the bait and ran with the story all inauguration weekend, into this week. To the point that even Snopes got involved in the controversy. Press secretary Sean Spicer spoke of the crowd size as well, further antagonizing the media, waving the red cape in front of the bulls from AP and the NY Times.

… Look at what Trump has accomplished in his first week. Withdrawal from TPP. No money to foreign nonprofits promoting abortion. A halt in federal hiring. Executive actions chipping away at Obamacare ahead of repeal and replacement. Oil pipelines moving forward. A freeze on new regulations. Limits on government agency social media use. And yes, a reiteration of his promise to build a wall on our southern border and a temporary ban on refugees.

The Leftists Big Media are having a nervous Nellie breakdown and what is really brilliant about this are the red herrings the Trumpit throws out specifically for the media – unimportant but easy to understand. Building pipelines, freezing wages of certain government employees, halting federal hiring etc., etc., is boring to their viewers. Scandal is what they love and without it they have no story.

All that was needed to spark this upheaval was someone who had the courage and constitutional fortitude to push back against these clowns who cloak themselves in the mantle of exalted “Journalism”, and expose them for the rabid non-thinking attack-dog puppets that they really are. It’s a shame it took this long, but now that rope-a-dope is here it’s wonderful to witness!

What’s not to like?

On now to the complete Joondeph piece titled “Trump Playing Rope-a-Dope with the Media” …

Rope-a-dope is a boxing strategy originally used by Muhammad Ali and his famous Rumble in the Jungle fight against George Foreman. Ali purposely put himself into a seemingly disadvantageous position, letting Foreman tire himself out and eventually lose the match.

Ali would lean against the ropes, allowing their elastic stretch to absorb most of Foreman’s punches. Ali’s energy was preserved while Foreman became exhausted throwing endless punches. When the moment was right, Ali, still fresh and energetic, came off the ropes swinging, punching, winning the match.

How does this strategy apply to politics? Just watch President Trump since his election and now in his first week in office.

Immediately post-election, the Clinton camp and their media allies cried foul on Trump’s victory — James Comey’s announcements regarding Mrs. Clinton’s emails, the popular vote favoring Mrs. Clinton, Russian meddling, and so on. Trump fueled media allegations by incessantly Tweeting and blasting the media over their “fake news”.

Trump used Twitter much like a matador uses a red cape to engage and enrage the bull. The media took the bait and obsessed over what Putin and the Russians might have done to influence the election. Republican #NeverTrumpers like John McCain and Lindsey Graham chased the red cape too, adding fuel to the media stampede.

Continues in American Thinker …