Fallen Behind in the Wake of Trumpit

Go Ahead, Make ...

Go Ahead, Make …

The reaction of the Left before election day (spearheaded by the dreadful but now soundly-defeated Hillary Rob’em Clinton) to the half of America supporting Donald J. Trump, was to famously insult them all by referring to them as “the deplorables”; while their reaction after election day to more than half of America was to double down and use every “ism” and “ist” in the book to claim that a man who was overwhelmingly elected by his country, was deliberately chosen to fit the “racist, sexist, homophobic, Islamophobic” narrative.

Is it just me, or has anybody else noticed that every identity group the Left supports is always the one that everyone on the right is supposed to hate? We on the right don’t hate them, but they’ve been misled by lies for so long that they’re unwilling to think outside their closed-minded box and use their heads. The fact that white working class Americans came home to common sense and abandoned the lies of the Left is a testament that things can change. Reagan did it in a landslide in 1980. Now Trump has done it in 2016.

Hyenas Bray Like This...

The Left Hyenas Bray Like This and call their opponents “the deplorables”… Apparently not anymore.

The enemy however, is still entrenched in our schools and lodged tightly within the media, but it doesn’t mean they can’t be defeated. The problem with teaching someone to fish, is that they must be willing to learn. After the last eight years of Big Government, reckless, mindless, and corrupt to its core, we now have the opportunity to kill off Keynesian theory for good, and return America to sound fiscal principles, predictable growth, job-creation, and prosperity.

If the Rust Belt can see through the lies and still have hope for redemption, what have we got to lose? The prospect of even bigger inroads being achieved with minorities is very much in play. The fact is that the GOP has never made inroads with minorities because the “leadership” refused to engage and talk to them, despite what millions in the base would prefer. Trump is the perfect leader to change all of that, and it’s clear that he’s already begun.

By hiring the best proven people for the job, instead of choosing identity diversity above competence, President-elect Trump will expose Obama the Clown Prince of Fools’ administration as the JV team they’ve been – incompetent, inept, and arcane. From Solyndra to Obamacare websites, to Fast and Furious, to the imploding of the Arab Spring, the Obama administration has proven they aren’t really up to the task of governing, and nor were they in the first place. The American people after all, deserve much better than the Lois Lerner IRS, all those ‘you didn’t build that’ shovel-ready jobs, and a Veterans Administration that allows vets to die outside their unbuilt halls.


The Democrat hierarchy Left behind in Trump Wake .. Reid, Leahy, Durbin, Schumer, Feinstein … what a suitable den of thieves …

Once Donald Trump can dispel forever the imagined virtues of political correctness and expose the harm that our fifty-year experiment in that false value system has cost us, this election victory will truly be hailed as a miracle, and a return to the principles that founded and nurtured our nation until Lyndon Baines Johnson began subverting it. The howling and screeching and ranting of Big Media, and the likes of Harry Reid and Chuck Schumer, the racist, blithering nonsense of Chris Van Hollen, and the offensive idiocy of the cast of ‘Hamilton’ the other day, all show it won’t be easy.

But if those decent Americans who have been cowed into silence by the relentless pounding of the Left for half a century, finally throw off their shackles and refuse to be oppressed any longer, we will truly make America great again! As I mentioned in my SONday blog yesterday, Donald Trump has an opportunity to not only be one of our greatest presidents; he has the opportunity to be one of the best leaders in the history of western civilization. We can but hope and pray that he succeeds in that regard.

Over to Bruce Walker in American Thinker and “Trump’s Victory over Political Correctness”…

284px-American_Thinker_logoLeftists who infest academia, public schools, mass media, the entertainment industry, the legal system, and every institution of society that has nooks for cadres masquerading as bureaucrats believed that they had transformed thinking in America.

Whole generations have grown up knowing only the dreary myths of leftism like man’s oppression of women in the Western world, white bigotry as the explanation for black failure, the virtue of disintegrating nations and cultures into a grand global state, and the moral equivalence of all religious and irreligious systems.

Leftism conflicts with human experience, and it produces failure for every imagined vice it pretends to remedy.  Indeed, the left is terrified of solving problems and lifting lives because it exists to feast on misery.  Leftism, at its black heart, is simply a seedy collection of lies used to enable leftists to behave like demons while claiming the mantle of angels.

Like all such creepy sorts, leftists need most of all fear.  So leftists invent absurdities like pending doom from global warming or police murders of innocent black youths or men creating a “glass ceiling” for women, and leftists hiss and frown and threaten anyone who challenges the paradigm they have invented as a means of clinging to power.

So when someone like Donald Trump treats all this leftist cant disdainfully and ignores the scolds and witch doctors of leftism, he shows just how little we have to fear from these people.  In fact, the more he pushed the envelope in the middle of a presidential election, the less he fretted about the dire cautions of leftism when he was not politically correct, the more Trump exposed them as old, plump, dull frauds.

Continues in American Thinker…