White People bring house Down

En Garde In The Bunker

En Garde In The Bunker

Face it folks, we Christians and true blue Americans are at war with the devious, lying, ungodly left, and there will be no peace until the battle has been won conclusively. The Osamabam administration has been wreaking ruin on America since the demons first occupied the White House back in 2009, had it regaled in Islamic decor, and dispatched the historic bust of Winston Churchill back to the Brits. Now that real Americans hold the power and proved it beyond measure by delivering republicanism in a landslide, the demonic DemoMarxists now want to restrain Trump’s administration by duplicitous proclamations of “unity”, mixed with outrageous allegations of racism, and other concocted epithets.

The left forgot that the majority of people in America are white. After all the years they have plotted to wrest control of this nation from the white majority, one would think they would remember something that obvious. Not only is the left curiously forgetful, but they are insanely deluded. Why would or should whites vote for them when they are constantly putting down whites? And when they aren’t demonizing whites, they are destroying their jobs and businesses. It’s amazing it has taken this long for a backlash.

This election was about survival. We The People were getting a mite afraid that there could well be another financial collapse, worsening poverty, tyrannical government, and civil war. They stood by and watched a racial demagogue ruin the country for eight interminable years and finally became aware of who the real enemy is. Donald Trump was fighting the same enemy and had the nerve (and the verve) to speak the truth repeatedly. Whites finally had a leader who would fight for them, so they fought for him.


Symbol of the Democrat left, so who exactly are the racists?

As Daniel Greenfield summed it up the other day: “Trump won by boosting margins and turnout among working class white voters. The same group that the left trashes in its tirades about “white people”. When Samantha Bee says that white people ruined America, she isn’t talking about herself or the white hipsters sharing her videos on social media. We all know it means the bad kind of white people who shop at Walmart instead of Whole Foods, who drink Pabst unironically, who don’t listen to TED talks or own their privilege, who didn’t graduate from Amherst or from any college, but who fly American flags, drive pickup trucks and serve in the military. A whole lot of those folks used to vote Democrat. Some kept on voting that way until fairly recently.”[.]

But the left grabbed the wheel of the Democrat Party, shoved the white working class out the door and replaced it with a glittery rainbow coalition of illegal aliens, Muslims and transgender activists who lost the White House, Congress, the Supreme Court and all but a handful of state legislatures. Forget losing the South. That’s old news. Republicans won Pennsylvania and have the biggest legislative dominance since Eisenhower. Trump came the closest since Nixon to taking Minnesota and Republicans now have a state senate majority.

The left actually think whites owe them something, like a dog owner who beats his dog every day, but is outraged when the dog finally mauls him in retaliation. A word to the unwise lefties – don’t pet the white people.

Now on to Bruce Thornton and “No Time to go Wobbly, Donald”…


Trump-haters of both parties are using the president elect’s conciliatory meeting with Obama to suggest he dial back on his campaign promises and govern like the typical politicians he ran against. The old mantras of “healing the divisions” and “bipartisanship” are being chanted once again, with the usual mythic anecdotes about Ronald Reagan and Tip O’Neill yukking it up over drinks. These are the same sirens whose seductive songs of comity and cooperation and coming together to “solve the country’s problems” have lured many a Republican onto the rocks of policy disasters like Comprehensive Immigration Reform and the confirmation of Obama minion Loretta Lynch as Attorney General.

There are already a few signs that Trump is being influenced by such chatter. He told the Wall Street Journal that he might keep Obamacare’s disastrous mandate that insurance companies insure those with preexisting conditions. On 60 Minutes he walked back his promise to appoint a special prosecutor to investigate Hillary’s pay-for-play foundation. This might just be conciliatory rhetoric designed to tamp down the anger of Democrats. Let’s hope that’s all it is, for such accommodation is seldom if ever reciprocated by Democrats.

On the contrary, Democrats have repeatedly proven that bipartisanship to them means that Republicans roll over for whatever Democrats want. If not, Republicans are tarred as obstructionists, racists, or whatever other epithet du jour. That’s because progressives are cultists hungry for more power so they can impose their ideological vision by any means necessary. Like Goldfinger, they don’t want Republicans to talk, they want them to die.

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