A Lawless Administration On Full Display…

En Garde In The Bunker

En Garde In The Bunker

Fox News’ Neil Cavuto has solved the riddle of why we can’t call the beheading of a woman in Oklahoma terrorism: it’s because liberals are too cowardly to call anything what it actually is. Take, for example, Nancy Pelosi’s recent obnoxious correction of a reporter asking a question about illegal immigrants. “Are you referring to undocumented people?” said she, in her most haughty and self-serving tone, a look of moral superiority attempting to break through the near solid layer of plastic she uses for a face. Cavuto has had his fill of nonsense, and lights it up in the video below. But as you make your way there, a few lead-in thoughts from yours truly…

George Orwell’s 1946 essay, “Politics and the English Language” is available free online. The Left uses words to obscure the truth. This is what Pelosi, queen bee of thoughtless feel-good liberalism is trying to do by hot-swapping “undocumented immigrants” for “illegal aliens”. She isn’t fooling anyone but herself at the moment, of course – but when the Left succeeds in imposing its politically-correct language upon children and other thoughtless people, attitudes and beliefs can be swayed. Which of course, is the whole idea, and why such semantic mendacity must be identified and denounced at the outset, before it can take root and grow. Best of all is to strangle it in the cradle.

Nancy Pelosi is without excuse, and well into her 70s is old enough to know better. She has led a good, even luxurious life as an American beneficiary of a nation created and preserved not by herself, but by others who went before and who entrusted their work to her for safekeeping and transmission to those who will come afterwards. She has betrayed the trust of those ancestors even as she has labored to destroy the rightful inheritance of posterity. That she is a fool who is incapable of comprehending what she has done might suffice at least to mitigate her crime; for crime it is, in the very deepest and most reprehensible sense – if she were younger, immature, without experience, deprived of knowledge etc., etc., etc.

But she is none of these and is therefore without excuse, as are those who have supported her sustained attacks upon America. She and her followers are like parasites feeding upon the body politic and consuming the precious moral capital of the nation merely to inflate their egos and make themselves feel good, noble, superior etc. Time will show their sanctimoniousness to have been dearly bought at the expense of others, many of whom have yet to be born.

The Reid’s, Pelosi’s, Holder’s, Schumer’s, Biden’s and the rogue fraud “president’s” of the country, have not merely dropped the ball, they have thrown it away in their selfish pursuit of self-esteem, moral superiority, and downright narcissism. To mention nothing about pathological lying. A lawless administration on full display.

That Orwell essay is excellent. As most of you know, Orwell has been a favorite of mine from the time I could learn how to read “grown-up” stuff. The first book I read of his was “The Road To Wigan Pier” which is the Lancashire town of my birth. In the content of his essay, I like how he insisted that using the simplest and most descriptive terms was preferable to overblown rhetoric and idiotic metaphors, since “idiotic metaphors” are a pet peeve of mine. He also expressed contempt for leftists, too. Neil Cavuto is as sharp as they come, but one could say it doesn’t take much to tear old Screechie Pelosi apart. A grade school kid could take her on handily in a debate on just about anything but maybe “made up” techniques.

Would Cavuto possibly be referring to intolerable people in his commentary? Yes, yes he would, because Pelosi is. That says just about all there is to say to our most superior and benign Lady of California, her Holier-than-thouness herself, Representative Nancy “SanFranistanGran” Pelosi, the Wicked Witch of the West. And one closing thought: “This is about something called our Constitution and honoring it, Nancy. Now I know why it is so tough for you to call terrorism what it is. Think about it. You can’t even muster the words to call millions who shouldn’t even be here what they are they’re not, “undocumented”. But I’m beginning to wonder whether some of you guys are just unhinged. Because this isn’t about millions of illegals not having papers, no offense, Nancy, this is about you not having anything approaching a clue.”

Brilliant .. and confirmation of a lawless administration on full display.

source Ben Shapiro and his Truth Revolt; and personal archives…