Evil Dingie ‘Arry : OK Beheading : Eric Holder The Federal Dick

Go Ahead, Make ...

Go Ahead, Make …

Even MSNBC is turning against Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D., Nev.) otherwise known as evil Dingie ‘Arry. Morning Joe today going after Dingie ‘Arry and his hypocrisy over repeatedly criticizing the “evil” Koch brothers and other big-money Republicans on the Senate floor. Back in March, ole Dingie ‘Arry called the Koch brothers un-American, immoral, and dishonest for their hefty donations, even though ole Dingie ‘Arry’s Senate Majority PAC has been the biggest spender of the midterm elections. It is “sad and pathetic when somebody calls a person un-American, especially when they are bigger offenders of the action he defines as ‘un-American,’” host Joe Scarborough said, going on to report that Dingie’s PAC topped the charts with over $32 million given to Democratic races this year. Scarborough went on “We can show you a lot of ads that [Senate Majority PAC has] been running, but a lot of negative ads all over the country,” Scarborough said. According to reports, the Senate Majority PAC gave more than $9 million to the North Carolina Senate race alone. Spell H-Y-P-O-C-R-I-S-Y for ole Dingie ‘cos he seems to have got his brain stuck up his donkey’s you-know-what.

So we shift now to “Well said Mr. Whittle” on a beheading in Oklahoma. We Americans are in dire need of a good dose of truth serum. A clash of cultures (too many to mention here) is under way, has been since January 2009 and is a deliberate attempt to splinter the Constitutional Republic. Islamic Jihadist Muslims are unable to meld into their “new” American habitat because they refute our Constitutional rule of law, and are constantly seeking to subvert it. An evil, devilish, Satanic theocracy is their goal, and liberal-leftist-progressive-Alinskyite-DemoMarxists will be the first to feel the knife of Sharia, and it won’t be pretty. Under this rogue fraud “president” and his sophomoric regime, 19 terrorist attacks have occurred on American soil, described as something far less warlike than “terrorist acts”. Lives were lost in every one of those attacks while the evidence continues to be downplayed by this regime. Those are only the successful attacks. Many more were attempted and failed, or were brought to public light by the successful results of undercover operatives. Now, we have Syria, ISIS/ISIL/IS and how many of the over 200,000 Syrians could have lived if the rogue fraud “president” had taken action? The worst blunder was the 2009 Iranian Revolution in which the rogue fraud “president” turned his back on the patriotic people of Iran. We will now never know, that if by helping those thousands in the uprising, the barbaric Iranian Mullahs may have been overthrown, and Iran returned to a freedom-loving nation.

Eric Holder – Federal Dick, has a lot of blood on his hands. A LOT. Take him all the way back to Waco and the tragedy of the Branch Davidians. Janet Reno. Elian Gonzalez. The Oklahoma City bombing, and goodness knows whatever else in-between. Nasty piece of work. Additionally he’s done great damage to the Constitution. He is held in contempt of Congress for lying and ignoring directives to turn over pertinent documents; he caused the murder of at least one patrol agent, not to mention the 300 Mexicans that were murdered with the guns from “Fast & Furious”; he ordered States Attorneys-General to ignore the laws of their own States; he turned the DOJ into a personal vendetta to be used and abused as he saw fit; and the list goes on, and on, and on. Candidate for the absolute worst federal employee in the history of this nation, he was appointed for one reason and one reason only, to punish a fanatical and fanciful idea of “American Imperialism”. The toll on race relations in America falls freely at his feet; it was almost like he and the rogue fraud “president” consciously made a decision to punish Americans for slavery, but that was far out of the purview of their jobs, since in those positions, they were expected to represent all Americans of all colors, ethnicities, and backgrounds, and THAT they did not do. Barack Hussein Obama Soetoro Harrison J Bounel (or whoever the hell he is) wholeheartedly succeeded in his goal of divisiveness, and only time will tell just how much damage they accomplished. Eric Holder – Federal Dick.

Sourced from MSNBC/Truth Revolt/personal archives…


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