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A study of, oh, let’s say ten to fifteen minutes of the laughable list of presidential wannabe’s still standing who even think they have the credentials of the highest office on the planet, brings back memories of the great movie ‘One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest’, where in the end, big old 6′ 8″ Chief Bromden rips up that heavy water-cooler, flings it through the window and escapes to freedom, leaving the insane asylum and those so-called friends of his for good! Great ending.

In a laughable convoluted kind of way, the 10(?) wannabe’s still left in the so-called race to the presidency are shadows of the insane asylum handlers, totally devoid of reality, truth, consequences, or even a smidgen of possibility of visiting the White House as tourists, never mind occupying it! Remember the female version of Bromden was one HillaryRob’em, who flung not a water cooler, but an antique china vase towards the direction of Slick Willie which, quite certainly would’ve decapitated him had he not ducked – Laughable Blue dress or not!

Laughable Dems .. one flew over the cuckoo’s nest

But I digress. In the body of the great piece coming up from Patricia McCarthy in AmericanThinker: “Many Americans are beginning to realize that the majority of those who rise to positions of unelected power are not only fiercely partisan but incompetent. Not only that, they are abominably arrogant and they have contempt for those of us who are not in any way relevant to them”.[end]

In those two sentences, Ms. McCarthy just described 90% of the federal employees in D.C., who We the People have had to endure since time immemorial – yes folks, that long. Consider for instance, that had ‘Her Heinousness’ been corruptly-elected, We the People wouldn’t have had any but the slightest hints of the sedition and treason going on inside the malevolent dark Deep State because ‘they’ would’ve buried it. The very same who President Trump has stunningly brought to light.

Unlike the hateful, deranged and destructive Left however, we would’ve done like we always have, gone about our daily business, vowed to work harder, and go win next time. Except ‘next time’ would never have come because their goal of total power and control over everything in our lives would’ve been swiftly achieved. Just thank GOD, for our warrior-president arriving right on cue.

Patricia McCarthy and her piece…

How on earth did we end up with people like Lisa Page and all of her cohorts, all of whom thought it was in their purview to take out a presidential candidate they did not like and then to sabotage his presidency once inaugurated? Who raised these people; who were their parents? Where did they go to college and learn that this kind of abrogation of the Constitution is in their “purview.”

Robert Mueller loved that word, “purview.” He answered many, many questions he was not prepared to answer by saying “That was not in my purview.” What a cop-out!  We all learned on that day he testified that Mueller was nothing but a figurehead for the “Mueller investigation.” Whoever thought he would do them proud was an idiot.

Many Americans are beginning to realize that the majority of those who rise to positions of unelected power are not only fiercely partisan but incompetent. Not only that, they are abominably arrogant and they have contempt for those of us who are not in any way relevant to them.[-]

[+] … How on earth have we ended up with the negligible cast of characters seeking the 2020 Democrat nomination? Joe Biden? He’s on the “No Marlarkey” bus tour! Who under the age of eighty knows what that word means? The man is a disaster as a candidate. His family’s corruption is outed bit by bit for all to see and read. He is clearly suffering some form of mental decline. That his wife has not pulled him from the campaign does not reflect well on her any more than the mystery as to why Mueller’s wife did not rescue him from the disaster that was his appearance before the judiciary committee.[-]

[+] … Again, who raised these people? Who educated them at what universities? How did they end up so devoid of conscience, so entitled to their sense of superiority? Because the culture of the Left has inculcated it, indoctrinated at least two generations of political  power-seekers with abject amorality.

From Woodrow Wilson’s racist progressivism to Saul Alinsky’s vicious prescriptions on how to win, which Hillary thoroughly embraced, we are where we are; in a fight for the survival of America as founded.[-]

Link to full completion below…

Joe and Hunter Biden, laughable?

“Who raised these people; who were their parents?” Laughable, as the great Michael Savage puts it: ‘Red diaper doper babies’ is the answer to the question. Plus the indoctrination they receive in the government school system from K through Post-Grad. Signs are promising that We the People have tolerated enemies of the Republic using our naivete against our best interests for the last time. Proof? 33-34% black support for Trump. THAT is the end of the demoMarxocrat Party.

Ilan Omar said Impeaching Trump for Ukraine is like prosecuting Al Capone for tax evasion. In other words they don’t care about the law, or Russia or Ukraine, or anything else. All they do care about is removing him from office by any means necessary. Joe Biden?  He’s on the ‘No Marlarkey’ bus tour!’ But wait – isn’t talking about hairy legs, kids bouncing on his lap, biting women’s fingers and corn pop stories defined as ‘marlarkey’?

We the American people may be slow, and patient to a fault because we love our nation and our president; but look out when the tipping point has been reached. Even laughable!

And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – President Donald J. Trump ‘winning bigly’ – MAGA! KAG!


Patricia McCarthy, American Thinker: Impeachment? How did we get here?

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