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Go ahead, make my..

It has become an act of insurrection – probably worse even than the long-ago Civil War – to say unkind things about a president, unless that is, you’re President Donald John Trump. Yours truly has been mentioning for the past few months that L.G. Brandon is a spokes-muppet and that the people with their hands up his rear end are the ones truly in charge. One could suspect that there wasn’t anyone running the muppet that fateful evening since nobody figured anything bad could happen.

“Brandon” on script and with a teleprompter is reasonably safe (“end quote”). “Bidentime” with nobody controlling him is an accident waiting to happen – an avowed IMPATIENT accident!

L.G.Brandon JoeShmoe marionette. O’biden ‘crowds’ never show. Why?Village idiot dumb as used Kleenex.

Remember now, he had dementia long before the election. Go back for instance to his unbalanced gait already in 2018-19, and you’ll see a very demented senior. Facing the truth – a real act of kindness in these rough and troubled times – he and the “Her” were dutifully-placed by our enemies, to which there’s no other logical explanation. Period. And guess who knew the truth about both conditions the best? The one whose opinion mattered the most: OBO#44 the Clown Prince of make-believe.

And yes, it’s worriesome for those who are sick and tired of being sick and tired about a babbling Clown Prince and his acts of downright treason. Period!

It doesn’t matter now of course. What matters now is that he is a puppet of pure evil and we simply cannot allow evil to win this. Now, we’ll hear: “It’s so sad that our beloved fearless leader is not well because of Covid, mandates, and whatever.” People need to keep remembering that there’s documentation of his every step for the past several years.

The “shadowy” (these days anyway) OBO#44 is behind the demoMarxocrat coup d’etat in the USA, cobbled together by one Gyorgy Schwarz-Soros, and used to foment the election fraud planned from the heady days of the 2016 election of Donald John Trump. There, we’ve said it!

Thomas Buckley, American Thinker: ‘L.G.Brandon JoeShmoe marionette’ …

Assuming we can discount the explanation that a sitting United States president publicly acknowledged that, yes, in fact he should go blank himself, Joe Biden’s recent Santa-related mishap may mean far more than we think.

Though a perennial also-ran comfortable with being the corrupt tool of those around him — family, staffers, donors, etc. — Biden used to be able to combine his unparalleled skills as a profane gaffe machine with at least some semblance of situational awareness (“At least use the other credit card, Hunter, for God’s sake!” etc.).

Now it appears that even that glimmer of cognition has left him with his “Let’s Go Brandon — I agree!” statement. And during an impossible-to-mess-up happy-joy video op chatting with parents about Santa Claus — talk about projecting competence and leadership to the world.

The former Joe Biden, the unabashedly and publicly nasty “lying dog-faced pony soldier” of just twenty months ago, would — with narrowing eyes — have told the parent that he was ordering NORAD to surround his chimney with attack drones (or at least said that he knew that other Big Guy and was going to tell him to put his kids on the naughty list immediately).

But what if this explanation is wrong?  What if Joe is still as sharp as when he was finding out the names of AMTRAK conductors to make up stories about them later?  That’s almost scarier. [-]

[+] … Assume for a moment Biden actually honestly does not know the story behind, the context surrounding, and the meaning of “Let’s Go, Brandon.” The first option, since he has heard it shouted at him before, is that it could mean he never thought to ask anyone about what crowds of people were yelling, what the signs emblazoned with the phrase meant … The second option is that no one has told him about it, another terrifying thought.  If his staff is sycophantic to the point of keeping actual but difficult things from him, imagine what else they are not telling him about …

The third option is that it would mean that even his wife, the eminent community college scholar Jill, keeps things from him. Now, all wives and husbands keep things from each other, but Jill has been around politics for quite some time, knows the importance of facing disconcerting truths at least occasionally, and — by the Red Wedding look on her face in the video of the episode — clearly knows what it means but has chosen to keep it from him. [-]

[+] … Each of these three scenarios point to an — at best — extremely and purposefully cloistered President which — no matter one’s politics — is a very bad situation. Love him or hate him, nobody has ever accused Donald Trump of not knowing exactly what — good or bad — people are and were saying about him.

Which brings us back to the most likely option — that Joe has heard it before, at one time knew what it means, and is simply unable to keep that memory — Of course, with a collaborationist press corps whose members now say it is an act of insurrection to say mean things about a President (apparently yet another successful Chinese export), an all-powerful staff (sorry, Kamala), and battalions of coddling servants and donors, it could be argued that Biden quite literally may not need to know where he is, who he is talking to, or what he is talking about at any given time …

Marionettes do not need cognition — and that’s the most terrifying scenario of all. [end]

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L.G.Brandon JoeShmoe marionette

Alzheimer’s patients are mad often, generally at uncontrolled times. Reality escapes them, so they fill the gaps with whatever comes, including voices. I remember once reading an article within the covers of which there was a most compassionate decent woman, who threatened her husband with a hammer when he prevented her from going at midnight to the park. Let that sink in for a while!

L.G.Brandon JoeShmoe marionette is definitely suffering from great mental decline. Yet he is not totally out of it yet. On the rare occasions where the press does get to shout some not previously approved questions to him he does understand but gets mad. Actually he gets mad a lot. So when they use him to sell the death shots he does quite well getting hateful and mad at the unvaxed. BINGO!

And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – Warrior-president Donald John Trump – MAGA! KAG!