FBI anti-American alphabet agency

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Once upon a time long, long ago and far away (as the TV announcer would intone) the F. B. I. was a must-watch black-and-white TV program. Appearing on ABC-TV from 1965 to 1974 and morphing into color, it was the longest running series from the prolific offices of QM Productions, the production company guided by the powerful television producer, Quinn Martin (see link down below).

My, my, my but how far the FBI has fallen under the leadership of Louis Freeh, Robert Mueller, and James Comey — the culture they permitted or fostered is now finally coming out. Christopher Wray is just following suit because he obviously can’t be his own man and buck the trend. Hard to figure whether he’s a weakling or an enforcer. Perhaps a Church commission on crack would help. Under President Donald John Trump after all, the swamp’s brim rose fully to the top. Thank goodness, really.

FBI anti-American alphabet agency undercover mess. Barr+FBI Wray absent phone calls Jan 6

The fact is of course, the FBI since Hoover has been an ineffective, corrupt, political organization. Hoover’s files on political opponents were legendary. While it gets some credit for ending mob control in areas, it loses far more for allowing Soviet penetration of our society and politics to the highest level. That’s why it needs to be replaced entirely. Especially-so with revelations coming fast and furious (now THERE’S a title forya if ever you needed one!) from one Christopher Wray and Co.

Taking no prisoners, Julie Kelly calls them all out, becoming the people’s arm of justice who names the perps and leaves not even the most fertile imaginations anything left to conjure up. She simply tells it like it is, all of it, and leaves no stone unturned. She reminds us that there’s a whole class of criminals – just as bad as Jeffery Epstein – still loose and lurking among us and, worst of all, are part of the very law enforcement which is expected to catch, reveal, indict, prosecute and put them away!

Since coming to respect Ms. Kelly for her masterful and truthful expose’s, one would assume she’s fully aware that she (and no doubt, her family) are under withering surveillance constantly, her bank and tax records thoroughly scrutinized, and every aspect of her life subject to minute review and inspection. This would include, of course, her phone(s) being tapped 24/7, probably her home bugged as well, her movements under constant watch, and ANYONE she talks to also subject to similar surveillance.

Her offense? Exposing rampant and systemic criminal activity by our nations’ foremost federal police agency – the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Thankfully she also seems to be more than welcome with the likes of Tucker for one, which thereby puts a whole different spell on her “dig deep for the real deal” exposure!

FBI anti-American alphabet agency.

Like this for instance – Julie Kelly, American Greatness: ‘FBI’s Criminal Lead Informant in Whitmer Kidnapping Caper’ …

The Federal Bureau of Investigation is a morally bankrupt, politically  weaponized agency doing the dirty work of the Democratic Party.

In June 2020, as the country attempted to recover from deadly and destructive riots after the death of George Floyd, a man from Wisconsin hosted a national conference of self-styled “militia” members in a suburban Columbus, Ohio hotel. Stephen Robeson, founder of the Wisconsin chapter of the Three Percenters, an alleged militia group on the FBI’s naughty list, pestered his contacts across the country to participate in the gathering.

People who attended the conference, including two men later charged with federal crimes related to a plot to abduct Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer from her vacation cottage in 2020, observed that the hotel was crawling with federal agents.

One of the feds at the conference was none other than Stephen Robeson himself. Without Robeson’s deep involvement as an FBI informant, the Whitmer kidnapping caper never would have made national headlines a few weeks before Election Day; in fact, the whole pre-election drama wouldn’t have materialized at all. A longtime FBI asset, Robeson was one of at least 12 confidential human sources embedded in the failed plot, which concluded when several men were arrested attempting to buy explosives from an undercover FBI agent in October 2020. [-]

[+] … And Robeson’s legal woes are mounting. He and his wife were charged this month with fraud for convincing a Wisconsin couple to purchase and donate a vehicle to a non-existent charity Robeson claimed to operate. The couple bought a used Chevy Tahoe for $3,500 and signed over the title to Robeson on September 3, 2020, the same month he illegally purchased the firearm and was working undercover for the FBI.

In the criminal complaint filed on December 20, 2021 against Robeson and his wife, the couple who bought the vehicle said Robeson became “verbally aggressive” when they confronted him about the legitimacy of the nonprofit. “They started to realize the potential that Robeson’s non-profit was not real, as he talked about things such as performing raids with law enforcement and being a part of the ‘three percenters,’” a local prosecutor wrote. Robeson faces up to three years in prison if convicted. [-]

[+] … So, to summarize: A convicted felon with a lengthy rap sheet marketed himself as a leader of one of the FBI’s most wanted “militia” groups to lure people angry about lockdown policies into an FBI trap that acted as another example of FBI election interference while at the same time committing other crimes. Robeson wasn’t an informant—he was an agitator and an instigator. And he got paid an unknown amount by U.S. taxpayers.

Unfortunately for the American people, lowlifes like Stephen Robeson and Richard Trask represent the current state of the Federal Bureau of Investigation—a morally bankrupt, politically weaponized agency doing the dirty work of the Democratic Party. It’s only a matter of time before we learn how many Stephen Robesons and Richard Trasks were involved in the events of January 6. [end]

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FBI anti-American alphabet agency. Jan 6 melee’ the BIG LIE and its repercussions.

The current iteration of the FBI from top to bottom and bottom to top, is made up of no less than the same undercover scumbags who were complicit in the heart of the January 6 melee’, posing as they did, as Trump supporters to do the dirty work of OBO#44, the village idiot and his “Her”, Gyorgy Schwartz-Soros, Pence, Pelosi, Schumer, Mueller, Comey, Brennan, Clapper, Bagpipes Barr, and the rest of the deepstate wannabe’s contingent upon getting cosy with the Chinese and not We the (90 million+) People.

The inevitable outcome when you build an organization and leave out the moral compass.

And on that note time for today’s MAGA Pill – Thank God that the aforementioned We the (90 million+) People have our warrior-president still in place and ready to rock ‘n roll to go forth and bring the Constitutional Republic of the United States back into play – MAGA! KAG!



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  1. Great information and we needed to informed the peoples that are not paying attention to the wrongful governance.
    That The Demons –Crackheads are doing for years and we have some traitors infiltration in our Republican party.

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