Fauchi as the grim and grauchi toad

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When humanity gets to the point of not being surprised upon witnessing a hysterical woman verbally and physically lashing out at an elderly man on an airplane quietly attempting to eat his meal, that surrogate of the bureaucracy and enforcer of the “rules” has then become the perfect example of the soulless robot that is programmed to act without nuance or distinction.

The human quality of empathy then gets tossed away by the horror set loose in the midst of many – buried, missing, or simply non-existent, compassionate attention having been subsumed in those consumed by robotic group-think and not just a feature of mindless bureaucrats. “Fauchi-Ouchi!”

The bureaucracy is entrenched in every government institution, whether federal or state. The COVID plandemic allowed us to slip from rule of law to rule by rules. Allowing rule by rules has allowed corporations and non-government institutions to implement additional control over individuals. Even some individuals are using COVID to exert control over family and friends. “I won’t allow you into my house without a vaccine passport; “Fauchi-Ouchi!”

Fauchi as the grim and grauchi toad. Fauchi sinks deep & deeper into hole…

Why for goodness’ sake do bureaucrats matter? Because the administrative state has become omnipresent and omnipotent, never mind “omicronitized!” Toqueville also warned about this threat to our freedom almost 200 years ago being all about control and conformity with nothing whatsoever to do with keeping people safe from a virus.

It’s also been well-documented that Little Midget Mengele (aka “Fauchi-Ouchi”) and top US doctors, conspired to disqualify and condemn hydroxychloroquine as a COVID-19 treatment, with literally millions dying as a result of the Faulsie-Fauchi-Ouchi manipulations!

Fauchi as the grim and grauchi toad is nothing but a bureaucrat, yet also something far more sinister than that.

Like so many of our public servants these days, he’s simply a political operative embedded within the cozy demoMarxocrat-controlled bureaucracy that government agencies have morphed into. With the demoMarxocrat foxes guarding the henhouse, we’ve somehow or another reached this surreal state where nobody in government ever gets punished for flagrant and/or despicable political crimes; they keep getting bolder and crazier in their blatant abuse of their power and authority over the citizens of this country.

Fauchi as the grim and grauchi toad is doing nothing more nor less than fulfilling the diktats of those anti-American traitors pulling this nation apart at the seams. And that’s a fact – every single demoMarxocrat part of it!

Dan Gelernter, American Greatness: ‘Fauci Is Just a Bureaucrat’ …

We’ve been worried for 100 years what will happen when we finally succeed in making machines human. We ought to be at least as worried about what happens when we make humans into machines.

Franz Kafka’s stories are described as surreal or dreamlike. In fact the chief distinguishing characteristic is perpetual instability: The narrator in a Kafka story accepts whatever new situation he faces with unquestioning compliance. As soon as he begins to accustom himself to the new rules—as soon as he begins to feel comfortable and learns to make the best of them—everything changes, for no apparent reason, and the narrator again finds himself totally at sea.

The chief bureaucrats and administrators of Kafka’s shifting and unstable worlds are usually exactly that—bureaucrats and administrators. Kafka was himself an administrator at a large insurance firm, and he hated it. He lived in Prague, under a government that would become one of the earliest and most thorough adopters of bureaucratic statism. (Though constructed a few years after his death, the Central Social Institution building with its famous mechanically moving desks seems emblematic of the world that subsumed him.) The people who manipulate and torment Kafka’s narrators—especially in The Trial and The Castle—are the ultimate embodiment of the pointless tedium that Kafka encountered in everyday life. [-]

[+] … The instant he has everything sorted out and is about to get to work, the standards suddenly change. The bureaucrats are back and seem angry with him for not being in compliance with the new set of rules they just invented. Goalposts are forever shifting. The finish line—or, really, the start line—is always just a few feet in front of him, moving further away every time he tries to get closer.

Does any of this sound familiar? And are you fully vaccinated yet? Got your fourth booster? We were well aware of Orwell’s warnings about fascism; Nineteen Eighty-Four was explicit. (Even so, Orwell’s estate has just approved a rewriting of the novel as a “feminist retelling;” I wonder how that will go.) Kafka, meanwhile, has been under our radar. His warnings about bureaucracy were subtle, deep, artful. But he was describing precisely the shadow-world in which we are now trapped, the world Jen Psaki thinks is so funny—such a laugh at the expense of us ordinary people. [-]

[+] … Fauci lacks the imagination and the intelligence to become a tyrant-king, but he offers the king his own insatiable greed, an eager helping hand, an impenetrable stupidity, a mind totally divorced from absolute moral distinctions. He will never be the top man, but he is just as dangerous in his enabling role—he represents the rest of government: … Bureaucracy allows people like Fauci to get the money and power they crave in the only way they understand—not by adding value or inventing new things, but simply by stealing it from other people.

We’ve worried for 100 years about what will happen when we finally succeed in making machines human. We ought to be at least as worried about what happens when we make humans into machines—into soulless robots that will pursue a simple goal single-mindedly, executing instructions without understanding them. Such people can, and have, laughed at the death of millions. [end]

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Fauchi as the grim and grauchi toad. Covid dirty crimes pains humanity … Virtue heroism outlasts face of evil…

It wouldn’t be so bad if Fauci as the grim and grauchi toad was still “caged” in his bureaucratic fiefdom, but he has been let out of his cage and elevated to the quasi ruler of medical and social control over the entire country. This has come about because politicians and some judges have abdicated their job because to touch the “third rail” of social security -medicare-welfare” – is political death. Judges also won’t touch this issue – witness head justice John Roberts.

The US is soon running out of money to run its entitlement programs and needs a diversion and excuse for a way to reduce or eliminate benefits (or eliminate people) – ergo the virus pandemic. By governors initially in Blue states invoking emergency powers, democracy has been replaced with bureaucracy. Not good. Not good at all.

Fauci as the grim and grauci toad is operating under marching orders of someone else. Someone sinister and truly evil that is directing much of this from behind the scenes. The same people that tell Joe and Nancy to spend trillions and to sabotage our military and imprison American patriots.

There is an evil force that is operating against our country and I don’t care if they are tools or the puppet masters, we need to eradicate them from our government and take back our country. We will be under full control of the CCP or the globalists or both, if we don’t.

And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – President Donald John Trump awaiting in the wings to MAGA! KAG!