Kyle Rittenhouse and self-defense…

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Kyle Rittenhouse was a minor when viciously attacked while going about his business. He was fleeing from being mob-chased until struck down. Whacked repeatedly, and with weapons including a skate board for goodness’ sake, he also had firearms trained on him, especially while he was grounded after being chased. Not being a policeman nor a lawyer enough, I believe it’s a significant offense in many places – a felony, even – to pin aggravated assault on anyone using a weapon on a minor.

The cretin who participated in the chase and attack on Kyle Rittenhouse and admitted before a Jury to being shot after brandishing a weapon towards his victim should be, as a participant, held responsible for the entire attack. If a lawyer and his wife in their own expansive front yard in St. Louis, MO for goodness’ sake is charged for brandishing without even directing the weapon on anyone, while this creep goes free, the Second Amendment is already dead!

Kyle Rittenhouse and self-defense

Just consider folks, that the action used by that trial lawyer is the exact tactic being used across the country towards all of us – they’re trying to make it a crime to have an opinion, to use words they don’t like, to have beliefs they don’t like. Parse the Jan 6 attendees for example, just like all of us who speak out against the government and threaten to use force, if necessary, to protect ourselves.

Our safety is our own responsibility. The police are there to enforce laws created by elected representatives; that’s their job. But when you view the government as an entity that’s supposed to keep you safe, you get vaccine mandates, masks and idiotic nincompoops the likes of OBO#44, Fauci-Frauds, dementia-riven O’Biden cellar-dwellers, gaggle-queen ineffective VP’s, and insufferable lifelong empty-heads like Pelosi, Schumer, Schiff, Waters, Buttigieg, Swalwell, Feinstein and the rest of the headache crew!

Simple solution: We all pray for his freedom and the end of this harassment and this banana republic circus. We need to remember we’re on the winning team and act like it. My God is bigger than The Deep State and Satan (that might be redundant). The demoMarxocrat leftist goons want to make thoughts and words a crime. The FACT IS that Kyle Rittenhouse was defending his life, which was obvious and clear. But that’s not what matters – what does matter is that true Justice gets done while those upholding it are still fervently alive and well. Kyle Rittenhouse and self-defense.

Sundance, Conservative Treehouse: ‘Rittenhouse Rolls over Malicious Prosecution for Ignoring Evidence’ …

Kenosha County Judge Bruce Schroeder was very frustrated by the prosecution in the case against Kyle Rittenhouse today. The defendant took the stand in his own defense after the prosecution clearly failed to present their case. Even the prosecution’s own witnesses affirmed the accused was acting in self-defense.

A desperate prosecution appears to prefer a mistrial in lieu of a most likely acquittal, by attempting today to introduce evidence against the accused. Judge Schroeder was furious at the prosecution for refusing to adhere to pretrial rulings.

There have been many people wondering why Kyle Rittenhouse would want to take the stand in his own defense given the weakness of the prosecution case. However, for those who remember the trial of George Zimmerman, the motive of Rittenhouse is not that difficult to see.

The case against George Zimmerman was just as weak and politically motivated as the case against Rittenhouse. Zimmerman was acquitted by the jury quickly, in part because a self-defense case was so clear and in part because the prosecution case was maliciously constructed and fraught with lies.

Like Zimmerman, the Rittenhouse case was similarly constructed for media and political use.  It is a political trial with no basis in truth to the pretrial narrative.

George Zimmerman never took the stand before he was found not guilty. As a result, there was no counter-narrative to push back against the false media construct. After the not guilty verdict, the media continued to say George Zimmerman was guilty.   The reality of manipulated public opinion haunted Zimmerman after the acquittal, and continued to destroy his life after trial.

It appears Kyle Rittenhouse is testifying to use the time where public attention is upon the case to avoid the post trial fate that George Zimmerman encountered.  And, I will add, it is working.  In a substantive way, Rittenhouse sitting and taking all of the prosecution manipulation upon himself in a very visible open court is generating more public awareness that he was/is wrongfully prosecuted. [end]

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Kyle Rittenhouse and self-defense. Biden’s foot and mouth disease…

Viewing his breakdown live, yours truly has no doubt at all that most of us would’ve jumped through the screen and gone to hug his mother had we been able. She was the one after all, who had to listen to what he experienced, knowing full well he would be dead and gone today had he not acted prudently and responsibly. Travesty doesn’t come close to describing this trial.

Many cases with far less robust fact patterns of self-defense have escaped both prosecution and even arrest. Then again, we have people stuck in the D.C. dungeons for months without bond or trial in apparently horrid conditions. Those “victims” constantly shown hounding Kyle Rittenhouse were no more than animals looking for a fight. They started it, Kyle ended it, he deserves a medal.

Kyle Rittenhouse and self-defense. Political prosecutions. America 2021. Will we let it stand?

And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – Warrior-President Donald John Trump – MAGA! KAG!