Dems & Pelosi-Schumer get restless

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Troubled times demand a troubled reckoning to become “unthinkable” and “untroubled”, including a rap on the wrist for those antiAmericans who are causing the “trouble”. Who’s to say (or deny) for instance that Fauci, Deep Staters, and “hidden members” of both parties plus wayward others et al., aren’t surreptitiously continuing the funding of gain-of-function research in order to come up with another virus — simply to punish a possible growing majority who resist their authoritarianism. They’re obviously crazy enough and power-hungry enough to do the unthinkable, so who’s to say for instance that the Dems & Pelosi-Schumer get restless or not at the very mention of our fearless president Trump – mmmm?!

Fact is they’ve been doing the “unthinkable” for far too many years already, which is the very reason we’re faced with the present situation. Honest and decent hardworking people don’t live in criminality every moment of every day. If you don’t think like a criminal, it’s difficult to understand what’s happening before it’s too late. Most people only learn about criminal thinking and behavior after they’ve suffered at the hands of a criminal.

Dems & Pelosi-Schumer get restless … President Trump always ready for work…

Experience is a great teacher and once a person has been mugged, he or she will become forever aware of all the happenings around them, taking note of movements and behaviors, ready to spring should the need arise again –  keeping on their person whatever is necessary to facilitate self-defense, be it pepper spray, knives, firearms, or anything else.

The entire American populace has been mugged, raped, and beaten down over the past few years and as the impact of these assaults continue to affect individuals on a personal level, more and more Americans are beginning to rise up. This is what Deep Staters fear and loathe and are wont to destroy on an ever escalating schedule. At this point, it’s truly a race for complete domination.

Our fearless President Trump played the hand with which he was dealt — surrounded from the start by traitors (Ryan, McConnell, McMaster, Coates, Barr, Pence, to name but a few from a long, long list of America-haters), and yet still was able to achieve incredible successes for Main street America against huge resistance and malevolence directed at him personally on a daily basis. And it’s STILL going on!.

Yet not surprisingly, all over the world people protesting against oppression (lockdowns and vax mandates), are waving the Trump flag as a symbol of liberty and personal freedom against tyranny. And it doesn’t get any better than that!

Period. Over. Out.

Sundance, Conservative Treehouse: ‘Pelosi Yet Again: Dem Jan 6 Committee Files Against Trump Admin Officials’ …

Watching what happens in the orbit of the January 6th Committee is how we can tell which Republicans are part of the UniParty in Washington DC, and who is willing to stand for the freedom of our republic. Watch the Republican Party as a whole, and watch who stands against this committee effort and who is actively or willfully blind, in their alignment with it. It is a key *tell*.

The DC apparatus -writ large, but especiallly the Fourth Branch operators- viewed candidate Donald J. Trump, and President Trump, as a risk. Donald Trump was always an existential threat to a corrupt U.S. government system that contains both Democrats and Republicans in the ranks of the power system. That was why former Obama campaign manager David Plouffe famously outed the objective in the run up to the 2016 election (check the date):

Plouffe, who had moved on to become an executive with Uber at the time, used the false allegations of racism and labels like “nativist” to trigger the Democrat and left-wing foot soldiers. The accusations against Trump were always strategic, and the media allies were willing to assist. However, the real issue the system feared more than anything else was the economic nationalism that Donald Trump carried in his policy proposals.

After eight years of the Obama team attempting to destroy nationalism in favor of globalism, their response to Trump’s “America First” popularity made sense. Donald Trump was positioned to deconstruct almost a decade of Obama-era policy which was specifically intended to diminish American value, economically and socially. [-]

[+] … Under the America First agenda, blue -collar wages were increasing, investment in U.S. jobs was growing, multinationals started putting more investment into the U.S., and instead of dividing up a diminishing economic pie, we were creating new economic pies at an exceptional rate. All of this activity benefited Main Street for the first time in decades. Trump had the right solutions and was executing policies to the benefit of the U.S. workforce.

Unfortunately, that outcome -that success- is exactly why those who held control over the economic system in the U.S. hated him so much. All of their years of pontificating about policy and outcomes immediately were showcased as political lies and false manipulations; because the common sense Trump agenda showed how quickly the U.S. could benefit if benefiting the U.S. was actually the goal.

Ultimately, this big picture truth is why Trump needed to be destroyed. This is also why they still hate him.  The America First agenda sits there as a hot ember just waiting to be reignited again. Everything Donald Trump did is easily duplicated again because MAGA is really a simple set of policies that benefit the U.S. and no one else. [-]

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Dems & Pelosi-Schumer get restless. A man for all seasons in the course of Freedom!!

The Communist/Fascist/Totalitarian usurpers of the stolen election, now currently and fraudulently in control of the US government, are in an observable panic. Criminals no longer attempting to hide their EVIL agenda and who have revealed to We the (90 million+) People that they will stop at nothing to save themselves. Cornered cats fighting for their lives at will. Go to a school board meeting for example and you’re now a criminal; if un-vaxxed you’re still a criminal.

EVIL is as evil gets, and yes we’re in an information War, the subjects of tyranny and whatever it takes for them to destroy us as citizens who resist them. No longer attempting to hide it they’re presently going all out to protect themselves from what is undoubtedly coming towards them. People will come to understand we have to fight for our freedoms. There’s no such thing as compliance and obedience to ease the pain we are about to endure. These evil people must be defeated as they attempt every means possible to destroy the Constitutional Republic of the United States as it was Founded.

Warrior President Donald John Trump is a Charlemagne, King of the Franks – maybe even a Julius Caesar. His kind comes along once in a millennia so it behoves anyone searching for a fearless fighter to weigh up the degree of fervor emanating from the 75 years that Donald John Trump has inhabited the planet. As yours truly out-does him in age (78), nevertheless we both stand tall at 6′ 3′, somewhere in the region of 190 lbs/13 stone; always active and not suffering fools gladly; forever looking for the best in everything and everybody, he’s definitely my kinda guy!

Dems & Pelosi-Schumer get restless…

And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – Warrior-President Donald John Trump – MAGA! KAG!