Unprecedented reality looms large

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In case you missed it or passed it by, We the (90 million+) People are surrounded presently by an illegitimate administration attempting to pose as “government”, with corrupt departments and persons in tow, all in an unprecedented effort to bring fascistic terror onto the populace, their homeland, the revered Constitution and anything else they can put their minds to.

In quite a major way our present moment in history is simply unprecedented due to the fact that we now live in a global civilization where information is readily available online with people all over the world watching America’s meltdown into insanity; to say nothing about our reality war of the “Woke vs the nonWoke” now morphing very much into a global war.

Putin’s recent speech for instance against “Woke insanity” while supporting traditional religious and cultural norms, was a perfect example that we now have vastly more in common with Putin than we do with Sleepy Joe the demented village idiot and the demoMarxocrats. This is certainly (in my lifetime at least) unprecedented and could even lead to global war. Never forget that WWI set Europe on fire, WWII set Europe and Asia on fire and WWIII could easily set our global civilization on fire since all things are now global.

Unprecedented reality looms large. Cellar dweller’s creed, seed of greed…

There are plenty of precedents in history as examples of remedy, yet none as atrocious as we’re currently witnessing. The present bare-faced rogue administration who stole the election in November of 2020 is now totally lawless with an open border situation of hundreds of thousands streaming from all over the world to get their “free stuff.” America has ceased to exist as a country, becoming an ever-worsening reality war of the afore-mentioned “Woke vs the nonWoke.”

Worst of all is that every court, including the most noble and prestigious – SCOTUS – don’t wish to hear the cases that are fundamental to the First Amendment and assured by Article 2. If ever a system was based upon an attempt to appear real but in reality is as counterfeit as a four-dollar bill, it is American government post-November 3 2020. January 6 2021 was just about laying it all out.

All the judicial theater placed upon January 6 should’ve been placed on November 3. Had it been so – as Constitutionally warranted – there would’ve been NO January 6.

No one in their right mind could’ve ever imagined that our once great nation would’ve ever ended up like this with everything on public display for all the world to see. We certainly are living in extraordinarily strange times. God forbid our old world is forever gone and dusted – what will take its place will no doubt be quite different. Unprecedented reality looms large.

Julie Kelly, American Greatness: ‘Unprecedented Capitol Protest Sets New Precedents’ …

The Constitution, along with every foundational precedent, can be subverted on the premise that January 6 was “unprecedented.”

Unprecedented: It is the word most often applied to the events at the Capitol on January 6.

In his remarks that afternoon, as the chaos was still ongoing, Joe Biden warned that “our democracy is under unprecedented attack.” House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.), Attorney General Merrick Garland, and leaders of both political parties also describe the four-hour mostly nonviolent disturbance at the Capitol complex as something without precedent.

“On January 6, 2021, the world witnessed a violent and unprecedented attack on the U.S. Capitol, the Vice President, Members of Congress, and the democratic process,” wrote Republican and Democratic senators in a joint committee report released earlier this year.

“We mourn the deaths of the two Capitol policemen and others connected to these unprecedented events,” the nation’s top military leaders, including Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Mark Milley, said in a January 13 statement. (We now know that those two officers did not die as a result of the protest.) [-]

[+] … Joe Biden’s Justice Department argues for unusually harsh sentences on the basis that “the crimes . . . committed on January 6 are unprecedented.” Therefore, the government routinely claims in sentencing motions, judges should ignore precedent for similar offenses. “These crimes defy statutorily appropriate comparisons to conduct in other cases that occurred before January 6, 2021,” one prosecutor wrote in August.

Long delays in the discovery process are blamed on the “unprecedented” volume of evidence, which includes tens of thousands of hours of video footage and hundreds of thousands of FBI documents. Ditto for delayed trial dates; foot-dragging on discovery renders many defense lawyers unable to prepare for trial. Judges repeatedly cite the “unprecedented” nature of the Capitol protest and massive trove of evidence as an excuse to stall trial dates until the middle of 2022. [-]

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Unprecedented reality looms large. Speaks for itself…

Most Americans havn’t heard the actual pleadings from the January 6 government prosecutors but have seen and heard the pleadings from the disgraceful Rittenhouse Government prosecutor and the commentary from the trial judge. Judge Bruce Schroeder, has more Constitutional gravitas in his small left toe than the entire DOJ, FBI, CIA and the rest of the “Alphabets” have in their entire behemoth bureaucracies.

In the Rittenhouse trial (see my link below from yesterday) we get more than a glimpse of what has become a national prosecutorial, pathetic, shameful disgrace. We get a window into what once was the most enviable virtuous system of justice that the world ever witnessed, before it had been reduced to kangaroo court respectability under DemoMarxocratic control.

What is without precedent is the stolen election of the most popular President, in recent history, by the most unpopular Faux-President in all of history. What is without precedent is that imposters are allowed to occupy seats of power and employ that power to make Salem Witch Trials afford better protection for the accused than the Bill of Rights has been permitted to do.

The Constitution was designed to take out the dementia-riddled poops-in-his-pants illegitimate village idiot imposter now feigning as President. This time it didn’t work, simply because people in powerful positions accepted the fraud, and let the impostors prevail. Consequently America is now currently lawless, the very reason that the January 6 Kabuki prosecutorial theater was initiated in the first place and having been permitted to persist. Thank God that warrior-president Donald John Trump didn’t formally secede from office, and stands patiently awaiting for Justice to be served for his next inauguration. Unprecedented reality looms large.

And on that note time for today’s MAGA Pill – President Donald John Trump – MAGA! KAG!


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