On Just WHO Invented Everything

Go Ahead, Make ...

Go Ahead, Make …

The Social Justice Warriors (aka SJWs) – the first warriors to faint at the sight of a penknife – have a new weapon to show off their unearned moral superiority: CULTURAL APPROPRIATION, where mainstream culture steals from minorities without being “authentic.” Surprisingly Bill Whittle agrees with this, and has a list of grievances all his own. We all knew this was true but it’s great to hear someone articulate it so well. It’s well beyond time that we white men and women began to remind the world just what we have achieved, and that would be, erm … basically EVERYTHING!

Come to grips with reality, world! There is nothing in the modern world that was NOT invented and designed by white western men. Look around, do you see or use anything that was invented by any other race? From your computer to electricity to the universities, cars, trains, boats, planes… there’s not enough space to list it all. So they serve sushi at a cafeteria and it’s “cultural misappropriation”. Most people on earth would be in primitive tribes dying at 35 years of age were it not for whites.

And let’s not forget – the first modern day “rap” song that was a hit was done by a white woman .. Her name is Debbie Harry, the name of the group was Blondie, and the song is Rapture.

Trust me, folks, just trust me … This is the most intelligent, appropriately-insulting, set of statements and arguments yet, that I have seen put forth to unhinge the biased left-wing-libtards.  “Cultural appropriation” used to have another name; it was called “integration”. Leftists were pretty hateful toward it in the past as well, the only difference being between then and now is that now it’s considered racist to be against racism. Once again, a solid job from Bill Whittle on this latest Firewall; keep up the stellar work Mr. Whittle!!!

Selected Transcript

As a Straight White Male, I see these feminists and students of color appropriating my White Male culture every day. When I think of them walking around in blue jeans, using electricity to light their dorm rooms, or to run their microwave ovens so they can eat non-Anglo-Saxon food… well, frankly, it makes me sick. They sit there using their smart phones to write about Social Injustice and then use the internet to post it on Facebook and Twitter, and as a white male I find this incredibly offensive.[1:35]

Do these racists ever give a thought to fact that they are not dying in their twenties and thirties because of immunization, pasteurization, antiseptics and antibiotics? When they go to the hospital, do they think about the suffering and back-breaking work by White Males in order to bring them laser surgery, MRI scans, artificial ventilators and all the rest? Do they give an instant’s thought to why none of them developed polio, or scores of other infectious diseases? Nope. They just culturally appropriate these things and use them inauthentically. [2:00]

But what really, really makes me lose my mind is when I look down the aisle of an airplane: Oh yeah, they’re reading articles about Beyonce, and they’re listening to Drake and Kanye West, but how many of these feminists and  Social Justice Warriors of Color know the name of the man that invented the jet engine that is carrying them from their parents house to their hissy fits at the University of Ottawa, or Oberlin, or Yale, Harvard, Missouri and all the rest at 550 miles per hour? Not one of them, I’ll bet. Not one. His name was Whittle, you ignorant, insensitive, racist pigs.  I just want to get up and slap every one of them. It’s a white thing. You wouldn’t understand. [2:31]

Hip-Hop rhyming is called Skeltonic verse, and it was invented by the man who wrote those lines: White Male John Skelton, who was born in England in 1463. [3:30]

Bravo Mr. Whittle .. BRAVO!