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Yours truly gagged yesterday when I saw a link on Drudge that said Fox News had Judge Moore trailing Jones by 10 points, which led me to wonder – Whatever happened to FOX? The idea that FOX is openly pushing a candidate who believes in abortion without restraint, universal healthcare – (which would be worse than the NHS in Britain, simply because of sheer population numbers) and would vote for everything the communists Schumer and Pelosi want – is the final revelation of that cable network. Oh how the mighty have fallen – But not Judge Moore!

On the other hand, while not being too worried about fraud at the polls there is a worry about absentee voting. Apparently, the Gyorgy Schwartz-Soros Dems have been at all the Alabama colleges getting them registered to vote and are now complaining that some students haven’t received their ballots. There is a huge increase of absentee votes in Tuscaloosa County where the University of Alabama is. Alabama Secretary of State, John Merrill has increased expected voter turnout by more than 33 percent over the past two weeks, having previously said he expected only about 18 percent of registered voters to cast ballots.

The larger question remains of course, as to why FOX puts out such a ridiculously fake poll? Do they think Moore voters in Alabama are really that stupid to fall for this and will be so dejected that they won’t vote or are they setting up for massive fraud?

In answer to my own question, I would opine that FOX has been a well disguised enemy for longer than we realized. President Trump has definitely unmasked them, especially the far left inheritor-sons of Daddy Rupert Murdoch’s declining Empire. No wonder Daddy’s gone after Disney, and yet God only knows what will emerge from that liberal leftist melange` by the time it’s all finished!

As ‘sundance’ expressed it in yesterday’s Conservative Tree House’ The Last Refuge:

Fox News is back in action with the single most ridiculous, psy-op engineered, agenda polls in the last several years … and coming from a CTH community that has reviewed hundreds of media polls in the past 5 years, that’s quite a statement.  Consider:

WHOA!  We the People have to ask: Why are they putting out such a ridiculously fake poll? Do they think Moore voters in Alabama are really that stupid to fall for this and will be so dejected that they won’t vote or are they setting up for massive fraud? Consider…

(Emerson Poll Link)  -vs-  (Fox News Poll Link)

Both of these cannot be correct. The margin of error claimed is +/- 2.5%. There is a NINETEEN point difference between both Alabama Polls.  However, only ONE is a media driven agenda poll. Can you guess which one?

Yes, once again, the Rupert Murdoch clan are up to their media-polling tricks utilizing Daron Shaw. Shaw and Associates, is more appropriately identified as a political action committee of the GOPe, and have been used by Fox News, exhaustively and exclusively, for years to engineer narratives on behalf of the republican establishment. This time the narrative is so obvious Fox News deserves public humiliation.

Within the Fox Poll Daron Shaw intentionally manipulates the group being polled. They poll R+2 (meaning only two percent more republicans than democrats) in a state that voted R+28 in the most recent election. Essentially Fox has paid Daron Shaw to give them a poll as if Democrats and Republicans are equal in the number of registered voters in the state.

They’re not.

Not even close.

Alabama is to Republicans (49-35), what California is to Democrats (43-28). (link)

Hopefully the people of Alabama will see through this manipulation and use this opportunity to crush the agenda-driven polling constructs of Fox News.

To read entire piece click here…

Deplorables are much too smart to pay attention to polls – and especially, fakes. The fake pollsters offend our intelligence by thinking we’re gonna be swayed by their BS rather than make our own intelligent conclusions and decisions. Didn’t they learn anything in last year’s shenanigans?

Praying Judge Moore wins, and that We the People can make sure FOX knows they’re perceived the same as CNN/MSNBC and the rest of the alphabet Big Fake News media. And that would be Evil. With a capital E.


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H/T ‘Sundance’ at Conservative Tree House

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