John McCain a study in retribution

Go ahead, make my…

Not that I’m besotted with the whole John McCain political gorge-fest going on 24/7 at the moment, but please, ladies and gentlemen of the jury, he was simply just a man who died. His accomplishments in life were of a mixed order as with every human being brought forth on the planet. But this orchestration of lugubrious excess has gone beyond the limits of acceptance. Way beyond.

I’ve scouted umpteen news threads and commentaries and have come up with my composite conclusion based upon McCain’s ‘life well-lived’. Or not.

If only James H. Warner, captive with McCain in Vietnam, and author of a piece in American Thinker (linked below) could explain to us all what happened to the John McCain he knew in the Hanoi Hilton. And what brought him to a place where he was despised by so many who defended and supported him when he ran for president, but who eventually got to the point where they couldn’t wait for him to die.

All the love for him expressed at his death for things he did in his youth only further points out that perfidy never needed to rule him. He knew enough to stand up for Christ and freedom while in the Hanoi Hilton, so what happened to his once shining character as he went on living in freedom back in the USA; why for instance, did he shut down the search for the POW’s? If he was so righteous in his days in prison, none of the rest of his life fits that portrayal or makes any sense.

It’s difficult if not impossible to reconcile the picture of John McCain with what he became. The memory of his last vote which killed the Obamacare repeal (seemingly theatrically-made just to vindictively stick it to President Trump) seems to indicate more about what and who he was at the end, rather than any valor he showed in prison.

Remember this?

That very act seems like a sad commentary to the life of a man who knew that Jesus Christ was there to help the helpless, but allowed his sin nature of pettiness and betrayal to take over completely. What, for instance, was his ‘thing’ with/against Sarah Palin? There are many among his former followers who just don’t understand the change, unless it was made one decision at a time; not to be honest; not to repent, and instead to virtue-signal and seek glory in mere resistance to what his voters actually hoped for.

Truly a mystery. The road not taken. Sin yielded to.

When a man makes lies his covering, he has ceased to trust in the covering blood of Christ, if he ever truly did. He could’ve, should’ve perhaps, known better, and then he would have done better. The defiance against authority that was integral to his adolescent psyche was a behavior from which he never matured. If support of corn flakes had angered his captors, he would have rallied for that.

But let’s not forget that this was also a supposed ‘man of the people’ who in recent years ordered the IRS to harass and destroy his political enemies; plus he participated in the attempted coup d’etat of a duly elected President. By his very own actions, he spit on the Constitution to which he had sworn an oath

At the end of it all, two words defined him: Self. Serving.

Last one out of the praise-fest please pay the fat lady, turn out the lights, say a prayer, and lock the doors. Please.

Thank God for President Donald J. Trump and MAGA!


James H. Warner in American Thinker: John McCain and the Church Riots

Plus Brian C. Joondeph and: Who Really Started the Trump McCain Feud?

And AZCentral : McCain gets into a ‘hell of a mess’ with Keating Five scandal

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