Labor day and Trump world builder

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As the second Labor Day weekend of his administration rapidly approaches, President Trump continues to change America right before our very eyes. And not just America – the World.

Unlike other wannabe-former presidents, the current president is doing exactly what he said he was going to do. People don’t need the corrupt media to tell them because they see it with every ‘Now Hiring’ sign; with every raise; with every bonus; with every pay check; with every new outlet. With every ounce of labor.

The failing DemoMarxists on the other hand, are actually running their campaign on getting rid of President Trump, the benefactor of literally millions of people. Workers who are reminded of their benefits with every pay check and every new job they have available.

Are the DemoMarxists really that dumb? Apparently yes – in spades!

Fact is that most Americans work for small businesses. Especially as it relates to the resurgence in the ranks of the blue collar worker.

Construction is one of the few businesses that can’t be ‘out-sourced’ or shipped overseas. It still takes about the same number of people and labor to construct a building today as it did 100 years ago. Most materials are still made locally because it costs too much to ship them across the country. Hence, ‘added-on’ industry.

What President Trump is doing so masterfully is nothing but game to him – and we are very lucky to be witnessing it. As a developer himself, I’m certain he’s had projects that were far more intricate, convoluted and complex than running the Government. Justin from Canada? Lol. He eats those types for breakfast.

Take a look and listen at how Mike Rowe views the industry he loves…

For decades in building his own business, Donald Trump honed his reputation as being fair and balanced, since you often don’t get paid until the project is funded. The building community is too small to allow those who don’t pay their bills to last. Also, a developer hires consultants and gets advice. He weighs the information and then takes decisive action and responsibility. He is always responsible for his own actions.

It also puts the capper on a particular former president’s oafish remark of “well, turns out the shovel-ready jobs weren’t shovel-ready enough” and laughing at the remark; parsimonious hardly describes it well enough. That Fool on a hill is still wandering around Washington D.C. trying to figure out what he is and what he wants.

‘Sundance’ at Conservative Treehouse and: ‘MAGA Survey: 85% blue collar workers say heading in right direction…’

What happens when the silent majority stand up in full force and elect a president entirely focused on advancing the interests of Main Street over Wall Street? What happens when that President takes office and begins systematically instituting a comprehensive series of economic policies that are targeted to Make America Great Again?

The middle-class of America benefits. That’s what happens. And when economic, trade, and U.S. financial policy are focused to improve the outcomes for the middle-class, the entire landscape of beneficial outcomes within the U.S. economy shifts…. Bigly.

Express Pro Survey – America’s blue collar workers may be one of the most optimistic groups in the country today. According to a new study conducted by The Harris Poll and commissioned by Express Employment Professionals, 85 percent of America’s blue collar workers see their lives heading “in the right direction.”

Sixty-nine (69) percent also say their local communities are heading in the right direction, and 51 percent say the same about the country as whole.

The national survey of 1,049 blue collar workers was conducted online by The Harris Poll between July 9 and 23, 2018, on behalf of Express and offers a detailed, in-depth look at the background and attitudes of those working in blue collar professions.

Read full report to completion by clicking on LOGO…

“As we head into Labor Day weekend, this survey shows that America’s labor force is doing well – and that’s good to see.”

Try as they may, the fake news MSM won’t be able to spin that, because the blue collar workers can see it for themselves with their own eyes.

President Donald J. Trump. Not only MAGA – but improving how the entire world conducts business. And to the benefit of all!


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