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On this Labor Day of all Labor Days (the Labor Day on which the laboring 5-event funeral fiasco finally fizzled and flopped) let me be the first to introduce you to the ‘MAGA Pill’, just in time to sneak in and extol not only the American worker(s) on the day set aside to remember them, but also to highlight something that I definitely know most people are not fully aware about. And that would be the overwhelming accomplishments of the energizer bunny known as president Donald J. Trump.

And all accomplished – as of this writing – on Trump Administration Day 592!

Pushing aside the entire funeral fiasco filibuster, let me once again remind you of the ‘MAGA Pill’ and why you need to take it on at least a weekly basis, if not daily. Somewhat akin to checking the weekly Chicago shooting stats from HeyJackass! on a regular basis. But much, much more positive.

President cops the energizer bunny…

But I digress.

First, let me take you to Chris Wallace, ‘Never Trump RINO’, lobbing softballs on ‘Fox News Sunday’ to a devoted DemoMarxist Richard Trumka, head honcho of the AFL-CIO. In spite of their best efforts, they didn’t (couldn’t, is more to the point) lay a glove on President Trump. The Trump that is knocking it out of the park for America’s citizens after twenty years of decline.

Ratings sinking much Chris?

As Monica Showalter puts it in today’s American Thinker:

President Trump’s stellar economy [wreaks] nothing but hell on Democrats, and nowhere is it more hellish than in the offices of AFL-CIO union boss Richard Trumka, who for years has gotten the better of Republicans in claims to stand up for the conditions of the working man. Now Trump has come along, and things aren’t quite so easy.

Trumka was called to speak on Labor Day by Fox News’s Chris Wallace about one of his old bugaboos, NAFTA, and it’s obvious he doesn’t quite know what to say, other than his ignoring president Trump’s stunning record on job creation and wages, and talking about other stuff instead. “Those are good, but,” he admits, before going on broadly to claim that [without bringing up specifics] “workers aren’t doing too well”. It was obvious from the interview that he wanted that question to go away.

Which highlights what is really going on here: With Trump giving workers what they want, Trumka is increasingly irrelevant. That explains his sudden nice-guy persona, and his strangely shifting positions on NAFTA. For him, the game was never about the working man, it was about advancing the aims of the left. Now he’s in the uncomfortable position of being a successful union leader who got his workers the jobs and wage hikes they wanted, yet he can’t capitalize on it. His real game has always been getting votes for Democrats and everyone now knows it.

Trump is hell for this union boss, and Trumka’s floundering shows it.

See full article by clicking here… Richard Trumka Flounders against Trump’s Stellar Record on Labor

So folks, how about we label this ‘Trump Trumps Trumka’ and be done with it?! Especially with the MAGA Pill supplying We the People with valuable ammunition on a daily basis. Haven’t heard of it yet?

Well now you have. As they say about themselves:

MAGAPILL is here to ensure that President Trump’s Legacy is properly documented.
It’s been recently reported that 95% of the News Media’s coverage of Trump is Negative, while only 5% is positive. This is the definition of an unfair bias and one of the main reasons why everyday American’s confidence in the “Main Stream” media is at an all time low.

MAGAPILL was created to capture President Trump’s accomplishments that get blown off the headlines by the biased news coverage.
All of Trump’s accomplishments are referenced with the MSM article that reported it (when they were forced to cover it documentation purposes). For some reason, nobody in the Media, Congress or the Republican party seem to want to portray an image of President Trump actually succeeding and that should trouble everyone.

MAGAPILL was created as a beacon of light, a monument and a testament to all that President Trump has achieved toward the agenda we voted for.
The American people are watching and they see that President Trump is keeping his promises. He is doing as much as he can to move our agenda forward despite ‘The Swamp’ fighting us every step of the way and in the end we will prevail.

Donald Trump is the fire that reignited the passion in a lot of people who had thought that America was lost forever.
Regardless of how much Trump gets accomplished, he is paving the way toward a new direction for America. A direction of prosperity and the American dream. The Trump movement or those who believe in Trumpism will keep electing candidates who will build on this progress and pass our agenda. The establishment media and the swamp believe that when Trump’s no longer in office we will all go away; this couldn’t be further from the truth.

President Donald Trump is only the beginning. MAGA!


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