JoeShmoe recipient of Clinton grab

Go ahead, make my..

During the 2020 demoMarxocrat campaign Hillary Clinton made it apparent that after all votes appeared to be counted on November 3, voters should expect a different final count no matter what appeared to be the case. Voters were told that if Trump contested the final vote it wouldn’t matter since a military contingency remained prepared to drag him out of the WH.

Additionally, Dr. Doom Fauci and others reported, as early as 2017 (just after the President took office) that his Administration would be challenged by the arrival of a viral pandemic. Joe Shmoe, himself, campaigning from the basement cellar, mumblingly-announced that he created “the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics.”

Mmmm … Were all of these prophetic oracles saying things that eventually just happened to become emblematic of an election like no other, or were they aware of inside knowledge which foretold that the fix was in?

JoeShmoe recipient of Clinton grab. Secrets of tyranny & getting busted. Privilege, outrage, lies, truth, and…

Yes indeed, folks, the 2016 election always appears to be reported as a “surprise election”, and all because the  assembled demoMarxocrat fraud team knew the fix was in and they couldn’t lose. Heck, Hillary didn’t even bother campaigning in Wisconsin, Michigan, Ohio and Pennsylvania, and all because she and the Clinton team rigged their own primaries.

“Russiagate” became the spawn of that primary rigging, which seems to have lingered long and hard right up to today and the aforementioned Joe Shmoe, the recipient of what was supposed to go to “Billary”!. The Clinton team needed a ruse to explain the truth that had been leaked by a demoMarxocrat insider and the best they could come up with was “the Russians hacked our server”, which was only slightly better than “the vast right-wing conspiracy ate my homework.”

Matter of fact, during the 2016 demoMarxocrat campaign Hillary Clinton made it apparent that after all votes appeared to be counted on November 3, voters should expect a different final count no matter what appeared to be the case. Figure THAT one out if you will!

The 2020 “election” was a “surprise” to all of us, what with the demoMarxocrats assembling “the biggest vote-fraud team in history,” as proffered by Joe Shmoe, who not only didn’t campaign in Wisconsin, Michigan and Ohio (he made a brief trip to Scranton), he just didn’t campaign anywhere! Yet somehow he became, by “vote,” the most popular politician in American history. Which is a complete puzzlement indeed!

Roger Kimball, American Greatness: ‘Joe Biden: Deep State Puppet’ …

Will the country be able to survive three more years of a deep state conspiracy presided over by an angry, incompetent, and increasingly senile puppet?

I almost feel sorry for Joe Biden.  The emphasis, I hasten to add, is on the adverb. Perhaps, if he didn’t make me feel thoroughly sorry for the United States of America, my sympathy for him would be unalloyed. But even many in Biden’s own party are aghast at his performance as president.

It’s almost a matter of smell, of that sixth sense that alerts sensitive souls to impending disaster. Animals somehow know when an earthquake is coming, even before the ground begins to tremble. The far-left activist Stacey Abrams is well endowed with those antennae, which is why she invented “scheduling issues” and gave the president’s speech in Atlanta a miss last week. The aroma of events like that have a way of clinging to someone, and Abrams had the good sense to know that Joe Biden on “voting rights” and the run-up to Martin Luther King Day was likely to be a redolent affair.

In the event, it was much worse than she, or anyone else for that matter, could have foreseen. Powerline’s Paul Mirengoff called it the “the worst presidential speech in modern history.”

But Paul is a generous man. There was really no need for that qualifying “modern.” Paul mentions Jimmy Carter’s disastrous “malaise speech” of 1979 as a contender for the palm. That speech was indeed horrible. It was one of the things that lost Carter the election the next year. But Biden’s speech was far worse. Carter’s speech was a bizarre combination of cramped, hectoring moralism, much of it lifted from Christopher Lasch, and a repellent, cardigan-clad sentimentality and faux folksiness. [-]

[+] … Meanwhile, Russian president Vladimir Putin is massing troops on the Ukraine border. Last week, a “massive” cyberattack was directed against Ukraine government websites. No one has yet taken credit for the attacks, but no one has to: everyone knows who is behind them. A prelude to an invasion? Probably. And what will Biden do? What will he do to address the “looming threat” of a nuclear crisis with Iran? How about the multifarious threats posed by China: military, strategic, and economic?

Joe Biden is looking more and more like a chap who comes home to find his house ransacked and on fire. It suddenly dawns on him, though, that it was he who set the goons to work and supplied the gasoline and matches that started the blaze.

Biden came to office through concerted, non-stop electoral legerdemain. Everyone knows this, and more and more people are coming to admit it. There are still scattered Twitter dwarfs, like Japanese soldiers decades after 1945, skirling about the “Big Lie” that the 2020 election was stolen. But what’s gradually coming into focus is the awful truth that the real “Big Lie” was that Joe Biden won the election fair and square. That narrative is unraveling strand by strand. The outstanding question is whether the country will be able to survive three more years of a deep state conspiracy presided over by an angry, incompetent, and increasingly senile puppet. [end]

JoeShmoe recipient of Clinton grab, totally out to destroy America…

Biden is totally toxically-radioactive and you don’t have to get too close to experience a fatal dose of his toxicology. His handlers should’ve known this when they hauled him out of the basement dungeon.

One suspects most of them did but in their haste to remove the very effective and (in their befuddled minds) “terrible Trump”, rolling along as a for-certain winner, they obviously didn’t care if they nominated the Elephant Man as long as his victory was assured.

It’s well near impossible for most Americans to appreciate what the JoeShmoe Administration puppet regime really signifies – that he was NOT who Americans could possibly have voted for. That means their votes have been disenfranchised and those who made that happen want Americans to understand, in as straight forward fashion as is possible, that they don’t control who their leaders are and therefore they must deal with a gravely fundamental question.

If the election didn’t really count, if illegal activity and illegal laws and machines gave only the appearance of legitimacy, then who is responsible for the vile and abominable thing, which – should it appear on the doorstep – would cause the pitiful family to run back into the house to hide? He was installed after all – NOT elected.

JoeShmoe recipient of Clinton grab. And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – still-president Donald John Trump and MAGA! – KAG! doing his darnedest to keep America on the up-and-UP!