Colleyville replay of Garland 2015?

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Our current government hates us, having as we have, arrived at the absurd situation where the bureaucracy, including most definitely the FBI, is made up mostly of leftist demoMarxocrats. Meanwhile, We the (90 million+) People voted for a Republican President in 2016 and 2020 and there’s more than hope upon hope that the same We the People seem poised to bring forth a Republican Congress in this year of 2022.

So as it stands, the State can’t win us over, and likely won’t even try. But they can massacre us with Co-Vid nonsense while denying us our most sacred institution of free speech and fair elections. And yet by the actions of the FBI and the other numerous alphabet agencies, the State can ensure we live in constant fear of the larger world and fear of our fellow Americans. The FBI and their ilk have found their mission, albeit as ugly as it is.

As a for instance: Once upon a time there were just two agencies, now we’re lumbered with the likes of the FBI, and DOJ; and CIA; and DIA: and NSA; and DOD; and CDC; and NIA; and NIH. Somebody please nod the head to me that not a single, honest patriot, whistle blower alphabet-soup commander-in-Chief remains.

Colleyville replay of Garland 2015? OBO#44 withholding in plain sight … they can run but they can’t hide…

I would however, venture to state that there are at least two major players here – albeit I suppose we could make it three – China, HRC, and the demented cellar-dweller and his equally-capricious offspring who appears to be wandering around daily in search of his missing laptop. If we remember, HRC, during her reign as First Lady (please don’t break out in tears of anguish!) had the FBI gathering dirt on everyone in DC, in the event she needed to blackmail anyone and everyone for a price.

Plus the fact that her hubby-in-name-only gave the CCP missile guidance technology via Johnny Chung, in return for campaign donations, and the fact that Jim Comey was/is still on the Clinton payroll, and the fact that Comey’s daughter was the lead prosecutor in the Maxwell case; and on and on and on.

Today’s focus however has to be on the criminal who made the journey from London of all places, to this little more than a village on the outskirts of Dallas-Fort Worth to inflict some damage to a smallish Jewish Synagogue and its people. HOW? All the other stuff is pure mush!

Sundance, Conservative Treehouse: ‘Terrorist Attack in Colleyville replay of Garland Attack 2015?’ …

I have intentionally not written about the terrorist attack in Colleyville, Texas, because my initial review saw significant parallels to the first ISIS attack on U.S. soil which took place in 2015 at Garland Texas, carried out by Elton Simpson and Nadir Soofi.

In the Garland attack the FBI organized, facilitated and coordinated the attack. The FBI even drove the terrorists to the attack venue and then left once the shooting began. Yes, you read that correctly, the first ISIS attack on U.S. soil was organized by the FBI. {Go Deep} CTH dug deep on the 2015 Garland attack, so it wasn’t too difficult to spot the similarities between Garland 2015 and Colleyville 2022.

♦ Colleyville, Texas – Malik Faisal Akram, who was known as Faisal Akram, had a well known Islamic extremist history to British and American intelligence. Akram ranted, prior to his travel to the U.S, that he wished he had died in the 9/11 terror attacks. He was a regular visitor to Pakistan, and reportedly a member of the Tablighi Jamaat group set up to ‘purify’ Islam. To say the U.S. intelligence system knew Faisal Akram would be an understatement.  The FBI knowledge of Akram has now been confirmed by The Daily Mail.

So the questions become: (1) how did Faisal Akram gain a visa to enter the United States? (2) Who did he visit?  (3) Who gave him the weapon?  (4) Who facilitated his travel and targeting operations; and lastly, (5) who financed and assisted him in his attack?

Unfortunately, the most obvious answer is just like the 2015 Garland example, the FBI was his enabler.

Akram entered the synagogue around 11am Saturday morning as a service was live streamed online. Akram shouted anti-Semitic rants at the Jewish members, took them hostage and then demanded the release of convicted terrorist Aafia Siddiqu, whom he referred to as his ‘sister’. The location in Colleyville seems significant, because ‘Lady al-Qaeda’ is being held in a federal prison about 20 miles from Colleyville, at FMC Carswell in Fort Worth.

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Colleyville replay of Garland 2015? Guns ‘n roses cover up I*****c jihad ..

Another well researched and frightening analysis by Sundance; actually a darned scary one. Who “runs” the FBI – who gives the orders? Who sets the agenda? Is it one person? A committee of some sort? Gyorgy-Schwartz-Soros? WHO?

The Criminally-Corrupt Kenyan occupier isn’t and never was, that smart or capable. Holder, maybe, but not the Criminally Corrupt Kenyan. Whoever is pulling the strings, is giving the orders to 99% of the people in the DC area, the federal ‘gubmint’, and a lot of the state and local ‘gubmints’ as well. We have to fix this, which won’t be easy, but likely will take a lot of effort and time. Yet it must be done.

Colleyville replay of Garland 2015? Don’t get me wrong in my own assertions, but SOMEBODY is in charge here. What if, for instance, the current FBI is run exclusively by the Criminally-Corrupt Kenyan. All of their actions, reactions, in-actions, plots and schemes are right in line with the Kenyan’s objectives. Not calling an attack on a Jewish Synagogue an ‘act of terrorism’ directed at Jewish people fits perfectly with Odumbo’s pro-M****m stance on everything. To say nothing of the British M****m having lost his life for what – a slew of heavenly virgins? Good luck on that – more like the eternal fire and brimstone.

So on that note – time for today’s MAGA Pill – Warrior-President Donald John Trump forever looking out for the greatness of the Constitutional Republic – MAGA! KAG!