Oops! we’re all terrorists now bwaa!

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In many ways it’s a terrifying time these days to be a Christian law-abiding citizen of the United States of America, especially when it comes to the premise of warring against soldiers of destruction, both foreign and domestic. Anyone confused as to what the election steal and coup has been all about can hardly make the point more clear than what is being done to Paul Hodgkins and other innocents at large. Tucker Carlson for one is way, way ahead of the curve of confusion and downright anti-Americanism being perpetrated right in front of our very eyes. Oops! we’re all terrorists now bwaa! Brave man that he is.

If the Administration cannot successfully protect America – if it cannot do the job of preventing a real terror attack, such as a 911 event; Boston Bombing; or a Fort Hood Shooting; don’t worry. You can rest assured and find solace, knowing that you could still be made very safe from such an attack because, if you persist long enough with your originalist misconceptions, you could be placed in a Federal prison, where you will be so well protected by impenetrable walls and guards that a terrorist will find it impossible to cause you any harm. Tyranny!

Oops! we’re all terrorists now bwaa! Hey Jackass!

The Constitutional Republic of the United States did not lose an election by the way. It did however, sustain a coup, yes, but the election was totally won. America has, however, fallen under the threat and insufferance of an avowed demoMarxocrat dictatorship under the control of demagogue traitors. All of its agencies have been infiltrated and the power they have, like an immune system gone amok, is now being used to destroy any citizens who may have the audacity to go forth and resist. If you think that the job of teachers is to teach English, history, mathematics, chemistry and physics, and not ‘Critical Race Theory‘, ‘White Privilege‘ and the fact that 1619 was a special year that forever changed America you may also need to quickly reeducate yourself or the LGB Administration will do so for you.

On the other hand, if you disagree, believe otherwise, consider facts and evidence and process critically-developed logic, you likely will find yourself considered what has yet to be defined. You may be a domestic terrorist or a completely new type of terrorist after all. Americans under the impression that the primer agencies, the FBI, CIA and Homeland Security etal were designed to protect American citizens from maniacal radicalized religious zealots, who wish to kill them, may need to quickly reeducate themselves or the OBO#44 / 46 Administrations will do so for them. Oops! we’re all terrorists now bwaa! Deviates!

Julie Kelly, American Greatness: ‘We Are All Domestic Terrorists Now’ …

Whether it’s Paul Hodgkins or Mitch McConnell, Democrats like Joe Biden consider all detractors an enemy of the country. Paul Hodgkins, according to Joe Biden’s Justice Department, is a domestic terrorist.

A working-class man from Tampa, Hodgkins committed what Democrats and the media consider a murderous crime comparable to flying a packed jetliner into a skyscraper or detonating a truck filled with explosives under a crowded federal building.

Paul Hodgkins entered the Capitol building on January 6, 2021.

What exactly did Hodgkins do on that day of infamy? He followed a group of like-minded Donald Trump supporters into the hallowed halls and chambers of the U.S. Senate. In that sacred space, where people far more important and educated than poor Hodgkins, according to those very important and very educated senators, make speeches and whatnot. Hodgkins, a crane operator, traveled alone by bus from central Florida to Washington—he was not chauffeured into the nation’s capital in a black SUV and detail team in the way that very important senators roll into town. [-]

[+] … The truth, of course, is we are all domestic terrorists now. Whether one carries the wrong flag or posts the wrong meme on social media or supports the wrong approach to the pandemic, the Biden regime, a woefully unpopular yet increasingly zealous cabal, will use every tool of the state, lawful and unlawful, to retaliate. It is the proud legacy of Marxism, raging leader and all.

As I detail in my new bookJanuary 6: How Democrats Used the Capitol Protest to Launch a War on Terror Against the Political Right, the Biden regime wasted no time exploiting the brief chaos that resulted in the deaths not of government officials but of four Trump supporters to pursue the Democrats’ long-sought political goal of silencing and criminalizing dissent.

Everyone from Fox News hosts to parents protesting radical policies at tax-funded school districts meets the Left’s broad definition of “domestic terrorist.” Lawmakers opposed to nationalized election legislation intended to codify the illegitimate 2020 presidential election also fit the profile of “domestic terrorist.” [-]

[+] … There is no national security threat posed by voters and lawmakers on the Right. To the contrary, most Americans view leftist activists who attempted to burn down the country in 2020 at the behest and bank accounts of Democratic Party leaders as a far greater danger to the American way of life than a furry shaman or even alleged (unarmed) militia members. Ditto for potential terrorists from “special interest” countries poring into the country from Mexico, a threat neither Olsen nor Sanborn would address, since neither recently has traveled to the border.

But facts don’t matter, only the pursuit of power. Whether it’s Paul Hodgkins or Mitch McConnell, this bloodthirsty regime, out of favor with Americans and with time running out on its unilateral control of the federal government, considers all detractors an enemy of the country. [end]

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Oops! we’re all terrorists now bwaa!

If anyone is confused as to what the election steal and coup was all about nothing can make the point more clear than what is being done to Paul Hodgkins. What Americans are now told is that they must believe, if they are genetically white, if they are Christians, and especially if they are males, with the exception of Ashli Babbitt, is that they are prime suspects. We’re in a race for our lives and our freedom.

LGB and co. are extraordinarily unpopular. In fact they’re outright despised by half the country. This will not cause them to rethink their governance. In fact quite the opposite. They see the coming mid-terms. They understand the woods are burning, so they’re afraid and desperate. Of course this makes them more dangerous than ever. But my gut tells me the American people will prevail.

Their side has all the levers of power, all the powerful institutions, and the desperation of people who are ruined if they lose. What we’ve got is less tangible perhaps, but just as powerful. We’ve got the facts, the moral high ground, and the hearts and minds of virtually all republicans and 75 percent of the Independents, and perhaps 25 percent of demoMarxocrats.

We’ve also got the mid-terms, and yours truly has every faith they won’t be able to steal another one. The only thing needed to get them into further trouble is if they harbor any thought and suspicions that the premier agencies, designed to protect them, are now the ones most likely to harm them.

Oops! we’re all terrorists now bwaa! And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – President Donald John Trump ready, willing, and awaiting tomorrow’s Arizona Rally in front of thousands and thousands and thousands of MAGA! KAG! supporters – EPIC!