Jan 6 judge interferes with Trump

Jan 6 judge interferes with Trump … as did McCain

In case you missed it, fearless President Trump vows to appeal the March 4 trial date for Federal Elections case. The date selected by the judge happens to be one day before the “Super Tuesday” slew of primary elections in 16 states – courtesy of the epoch times – THAT!

Scores of us wondering about that as one simply can’t believe a higher court would allow this misfit aka Judge Tanya Chutkan to get away with this, and in point of fact, most are amazed the Trump team hasn’t demanded she be removed from the case as there certainly seems to be sufficient evidence of bias on her part. More THAT!

Memories of remembrance from yours truly seem to recall that OBO#44 stated that his goal – and presumably the left’s also – was to “Destroy the Republican Party“. Does anyone else remember this? even searching the web and haven’t yet found confirmation. Republicans, regardless of their feelings about Trump, must understand, that is the goal.

One simply has to love it when leftists worry that something may interfere with democracy, since the foundation for all leftism is socialism with its historical, moral, intellectual, and philosophical foundation created by the butcher-radicals of the French Revolution, though one wonders if the Trump team desires to put all their ducks in a row before moving against this miscreant hag. They may want their appeal to be perfect, not so much like a “perfect phone call”, but as definitionally-perfect as possible so that there can be no outcome other than victory for Trump. That’s as it should be given the clear criminality of this whole affair. THAT!

One has to love it when leftists worry that something may interfere with democracy, since the foundation for all leftism is socialism with it’s historical, moral, intellectual, and philosophical foundation created by the butcher-radicals of the French Revolution. Jan 6 judge interferes with Trump.

Off with their heads” – Judge Chutkan the Queen of Hearts hiding in a black robe. THAT!

Andrea Widburg, American Thinker: ‘Judge in federal Jan 6 case against Trump blatant interference with election’ …

Jan 6 judge interferes with Trump .. Speaks for itself…

Outside of the November 2024 election, there is probably no bigger day in presidential politics than Super Tuesday, the day on which significant numbers of voters across America head to the polls to vote in their state’s primaries. After all, this is the process by which members of the political parties get to have a say as to which person will best represent their values in the presidential election. In 2024, 15 states will be holding their primaries on Tuesday, March 5. It’s impossible to believe that it’s a coincidence that Judge Tanya Chutkan scheduled Donald Trump’s trial for Monday, March 4, 2024.

Judge Chutkan, the judge “randomly” assigned to the abusive case Jack Smith filed against Donald Trump regarding events on January 6, has long shown herself to be a hardcore, openly biased, anti-Trump, pro-Democrat partisan. By October 2021, it had emerged that Chutkan has a very special animus toward the January 6 defendants.

This bias was obvious because she was routinely imposing on them more severe sentences than Merrick Garland’s “justice” department was seeking. During a hearing in the case of Matthew Mazzocco, she insisted that, unlike the “mostly peaceful[]” BLM rioters, the January 6 mob “was trying to overthrow the government,” thereby causing a “very real danger…to the foundation of our democracy.” In 2022, Chutkan, who is currently responsible for impartially presiding over Trump’s case, announced that she believes that it’s a travesty of justice that Trump “remains free to this day.”

Chutkan comes by her biases honestly. They’re not honest, of course, in the sense of being true or moral. However, she is a product of her upbringing. It’s emerged that Judge Chutkan descends from ardent Marxists:

Our own Oliva Murray reminded me that March 4 was the American inauguration day from 1793 until 1933 (barring a few exceptions). That’s some heavy-duty symbolism right there.

I once worked on a civil, not a criminal, case with several million pages of documents—but still many fewer than the 12.8 million pages the DOJ dumped on the Trump team. Even with a computer program and a team of 10 lawyers and paralegals reviewing the documents, it took us over three months just to do a first-pass review.

Under these circumstances, Smith’s January trial date request was abusive enough, but Judge Chutkan’s March trial date is equally abusive—and again, clearly intended to make it almost impossible for Trump to campaign before and on a singularly important day in the election calendar. This is a coup masquerading as litigation.

Democrat judges are generally a scurvy bunch, but Chutkan takes the cake. She makes no pretense of being impartial or working within the parameters of law and equity. She understands that her job isn’t to apply justice but is, instead, to destroy Trump’s candidacy. She’s not a jurist; she’s a foot soldier in the leftist war on America. [end]

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Jan 6 judge interferes with Trump..

“Democracy”? America doesn’t have a “democracy” and she’s one of the main reasons why! We have all the remnants of a “Bananocracy”! And, she has the testicular audacity to charge PRESIDENT TRUMP with the same crimes as she’s engaged in? Bravo, Andrea!

It’s hard to imagine that this judge who wears her leftist politics on her sleeves was unaffected by her ideological heritage. Given Chutkan’s open biases (which should see her removed from the case and, ideally, kicked off the court), it’s no surprise to learn that she scheduled Trump’s trial for the day before Super Tuesday – more THAT!

And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – Warrior-President Donald John Trump – MAGA! KAG!