B.O. as ever the vindictive enforcer

B.O. as ever the vindictive enforcer. In the grand scheme of things:help!

Lydia the great from the comments thread: It’s obvious Biden isn’t in charge of anything. All he ever wanted was to enrich himself, and has done so with Obama’s knowledge.

Biden has repeatedly stated that he can’t do or say certain things because “he might get in trouble.” We should take that seriously because essentially Biden is saying he’s under someone’s control. Who is that someone? Is he being blackmailed? Is he being told, “Do as we tell you or your son goes to jail for the rest of his life?”

I have no sympathy whatever for Pedo Joe the Racketeer, but his crimes have left him open to blackmail from many sides. McCarthy and the House Republicans are loath to pull the switch on impeachment. Why? Are they too under duress? Or are they promised enrichment by going along with the charade?

The country is under authoritarian control, the law and justice system are weaponized, and we have cowards and/or criminals in all branches of government failing to protect the American people on every level. There are people who know what’s going on, but there isn’t a loyal American among them. They are willing to destroy the nation.

This is more than sobering to understand. When the ‘king’ is either impaired or willingly accepts corrupted advisors and/or magistrates within his presence and governance becomes influenced by evil, heavenly judgement is occurring over the land… whatever the polity. Yes, we are all going to suffer the judgment of a nation that has become wicked. [end]

Jeannie DeAngelis, American Thinker: ‘Barack Obama the vindictive enforcer’ …

B.O. as ever the vindictive enforcer. On who exactly is running the show. Consequences have consequences …

The definition of “vindictive” is to have or show a “strong or unreasoning desire for revenge.” As an observer of the ongoing humiliation and persecution currently directed toward Donald J. Trump and anyone who supports him, what America may now be witnessing is an unparalleled display of malicious revenge.

One might ask, “Who is driving this retribution?” The most obvious answer to that question is that it must be a self-absorbed force with a notorious reputation for spiteful exoneration. Judging from past conduct, that force would be none other than former president Barack Obama. [-]

[+] … Think back.  From the start, “I won” Obama planned to “fundamentally transform” the United States from “the world as it is” into the “world as it should be,” which, judging from its present condition, is beginning to resemble the Marxist hell-hole of his dreams.

Obama’s game plan: “level playing fields,” “share the wealth,” encourage worldwide contempt toward the U.S., enable mass illegal immigration, redefine democracy, rehabilitate Islamic terrorists, impose high taxes, usher in shoddy health care, encourage a weak military presence, foster energy dependency, stir racial unrest, insult allies, demonize law enforcement, install totalitarian diktats, desecrate the Constitution, and more.  Mysteriously, at a dizzying rate of speed, seven years after he left office, these are the very revenge tactics being enacted as we speak. How can this be? [-]

[+] … On a much grander scale, the Trump indictments evoke memories of the type of maliciousness Obama displayed when Israeli prime minister Bibi Netanyahu was left sitting alone in a White House meeting room for more than an hour while a rude former president disappeared upstairs for meatloaf with the wife and kids.  On that occasion, Netanyahu was chastised for the sin of daring to differ with punk Obama’s “13 demands” concerning settlements in East Palestine.

In the end, this man-child will not rest until his egotistical reprisals are satisfied, and America still has a long way to go.  Barack Obama has already proven that if you deviate from his way of thinking, there’s hell to pay.  Obama has also proven that he hates America, detests patriotic Americans, loathes the U.S. Constitution, and will set the world on fire to exact psychopathic revenge on his detractors.  Therefore, on behalf of the global elite, who better than a vindictive Barack Obama to do the dirty work necessary to bring the last vestige of freedom to its knees? [end]

Full, not-to-be-missed link below …

B.O. as ever the vindictive enforcer … stare vacantly while picking your teeth…

More Lydia and Bob Thomas: Impeachment of Biden would bring down several prominent republican senators which is why he will never be impeached. The GOP is trying to shame Biden into resigning a la Nixon but democrats have no shame so we are at a stalemate. We have absolutely no doubt some Republicans would be outted if they were to go against Biden, probably having a pact for mutual assured destruction.

Mr. “Pen and a phone” has morphed into the personification of all that is wrong with man’s fallen state. Every vice can easily be seen in his fragile persona. HE is why we need the Cross. We used to blow it off when people would say that they thought OBO#44 was the Anti-Christ. Now we’re not so sure.

He’s turned out pretty bad, but there are arguably worse; Biden, Hillary, Garland, the entire public education system, Jarrett, Rice, Schwab, Fink, Zuck, Reid, Schiff. The list from which we can choose is long and Left. So far, though, the ‘O’ is right up there, I agree. He has fooled millions with his intellectual superiority act but millions more see right the way through him.

This superbly written article by Ms. Jeannie DeAngelis doesn’t mean a darned thing to every DemoMarxocrat and most women. Many Americans could care less that the Marxocrats are obsessed with hatred, racism and destruction. Most will vote for the America-hating OBO#44’s or their surrogates, no matter what. For many years, students of history, human behavior, political science, etc., have concluded that liberalism is a mental disorder. What many don’t understand is that the “disorder” is self destruction. The problem is that leftists / liberals are taking the rest of us down with them.

And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – Warrior-President Donald John Trump – MAGA! KAG!