Like it or lump it the game’s afoot

Like it or lump it the game’s afoot. Stare vacantly while picking your teeth…

Paul Moose, comments thread: The game is most certainly rigged but the trillion-dollar question is “are enough people still going to swallow the rancid Koolaid once again?” Rather like the looming plandemic / scamdemic / dempanic 2.0, thinking long-ago that it was WC Fields in my youth, yet coming to terms it was in fact Lincoln who made the statement about “fooling some of the people some of the time but that you couldn’t fool all of the people all of the time“.

Therein without question lies the trillion-dollar question of our current affairs because all that’s required for us to have at least some level of partially-transient (because we’ll do it all over again, a different issue for a different discussion) relief from these absolute @$$hats is for enough people to see them for what they truly are and realize that we simply must be rid of them for our own sakes.

It’s really quite simple because moderately (they don’t have to be freakin’ saints, just capable of not wanting to be literally used and abused) and ordinary-decent Americans outnumber this budding “ruling class wannabee’s” by the tens of thousands to one, so that it simply is no contest if we had an even moderately-informed citizenry. So more important than asking whether “the game is afoot” might be to ask whether “the gig/jig is up“?

Lord, but one hopes so, all of it just a psychologically / spiritual war ultimately in my humble opinion, yet is the very truth that can set us free as always? That’s all. THAT!

Lynne Lechter, American Thinker: ‘ The game is afoot’ …

Like it or lump it the game’s afoot.

Sherlock Holmes, via his creator Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, adored the phrase “the game’s afoot” when filled with anticipation of a new crime to solve. Shakespeare used it first, and Pac Man afterward.

While the Democrats are reveling in their evil doings against President Trump, the earth under their swagger is cracking. Consumed with their own hubris, they don’t feel the dirt crumbling or the crowd shouting. But change is coming, and the game is surely afoot.

The numbers speak this truth. After Trump’s gladiator-like mug shot heard ’round the world, the Democrats’ Machiavellian chortle gained Biden about 450,000 fundraising dollars. In the same time frame, Trump the felon notched over $7,000,000!

Hmmm. I doubt the scheming Democrats anticipated this stark “follow the money” moment. But in all their scheming and plotting, they forgot one of the basic axioms of politics: avoid the boomerang. The boomerang in this case is that there are not only blue states with double-digit-I.Q. fascists running things, but also red states, where inner cities are not broken, where mayors allow their district attorneys to prosecute criminals and whose attorneys general actually know the law and follow it.

They don’t invent and project crimes on their opponents. They don’t corrupt the federal government to imprison political opponents. And they don’t cry RICO when the true RICO crime boss is one of their own — blatantly and shamelessly using his political position as president as a global piggy bank. [-]

[+] … Democrat policies have left black Americans in broken inner cities with no protection from crime, failing schools, and little opportunity.  Their inane policy in giving single mothers more money than households with a man have destroyed the once-proud black American family.

Poignantly, many spoke of identifying with Trump’s prosecution.  “The man” has done to black Americans what “the man” is now doing to Trump.  Also, they stated that things were better under Trump, that his policies worked, gas was way cheaper, and they had more money in their pockets.

Incredibly, and again without a whiff of where public opinion was headed, Biden the buffoon suggested today that masks are making a comeback, and a new and improved vaccine is being readied.  Anyone who buys this claptrap is an idiot.

So here’s to the day when we see Biden indicted along with Hunter, Fauci is tried for crimes against humanity, and a Republican is in the White House, whoever he or she might be. [end]

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Like it or lump it the game’s afoot.

Incredibly, and again without a whiff of where public opinion was headed, FJBiden the buffoon suggested yesterday that masks were making a comeback and a new and improved vaccine was being readied. Anyone who buys this claptrap is an idiot.

This is all great, after all, but if “the game is afoot” what are we doing to be in the game? My question is what are you doing? The game may well be afoot but these miscreants are more powerful, forceful and energetic than mega-woke which is spreading like wildfire.

To “wax lyrical” is like we’re re-living the 1850’s pre-Civil War period of Bleeding Kansas and John Brown’s Raid on Harper’s Ferry – ie one bloody event after bloody event, leading ominously into the bloodbath of civil war. Like Timcast – one doesn’t see an off ramp, once again the Die being cast – The Rubicon having been crossed – Caesar marching on to Rome – and into civil war. Masks for all DemoniCrats!

The Democrats and RINO’s in the Uni-Party are desperate. Who knew? THAT!

And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – President Donald John Trump – MAGA! KAG!