Jan 6 as just another non-sequitur..

En Garde in the bunker…

Dig deep enough and long enough under any circumstance and you’re sure to come across gems like: “Reuters recently reported that John Pierce, a defense lawyer representing 17 defendants in the January 6 prosecutions, has disappeared.”

Which appears to suggest that every once in a while misinformation tips its hand with something so unbelievable that the very words scream, “you are being had.” Or placed in another dimension – “you’ll never know what really happened on January 6”.

What you’re about to delve into gets more disgusting by the minute! We the (90 million+) People ALL know it was NOT an INSURRECTION – even the FBI said so – but did they say that to protect THEIR backsides? The solitary confinement of innocent people and the flagrant preferential treatment of others just reeks of the demented village idiot’s cellar-depends! PHEW!

Anyone familiar with the riots that took place in Los Angeles and Portland and Seattle and Denver and Chicago and Philadelphia and New York and Nashville and Memphis and Kansas City and Saint Louis and Minneapolis and Saint Paul and many other places of systemic demoMarxocrat-rule, know that such riots, like a charcoal fire, require kindling and accelerants. Tactics employed hundreds of times throughout 2020.

Jan 6 as just another non-sequitur. Lawful courage and the ultimate test…

And those tactics were employed at the January 6th, 2021 “insurrection”, painfully proving easy to bus-in to key spots soyboys wearing red caps, some of them waving American flags to “prove themselves” as faux “Trump supporters”, proof enough for the “truth-to-power” crowd at the New York Times. Of course, the “locals” on January 6th were the suckers who got fooled into taking “self-directed tours” of the Capitol building. They’re the ones who still sit in solitary confinement, while the soyboys somehow escaped prosecution and pre-trial jail.

The typical scenario was to have the white ladies with bad haircuts – those who actually run the BLM racket – block streets and highways in the wake of any police incident, while chanting the familiar cliches of protest, as in “one, two, three, four, we must show the cops the door…”, following which, if the “mostly-peaceful protest” gains traction (most don’t), then the black-clad soyboys get to be called in. They wear helmets, gas masks and carry umbrellas and mauls.

They’re the same infidels you see smashing the windows of liquor stores and other businesses, auto-parts stores being a favorite target. The soyboys don’t steal anything. They simply make it easy for the “locals” to steal things. And before you know it, you have a mostly-peaceful riot. I kid you not! Jan 6 as just another non-sequitur…

Adam Mill, American Greatness: ‘New Jan 6 Stories that Complicate the Media Narrative’…

What really happened? The story just keeps getting weirder…

The Associated Press reported in August that Robert Reeder, a Maryland man, pleaded guilty to “parading, demonstrating or picketing in a Capitol building.” He argued for leniency because, “he is a registered Democrat who wasn’t a supporter of former President Donald Trump.” So why did he join the incursion into the Capitol building? Because, he says, he was an “accidental tourist” with nothing better to do.

But an online group that calls itself Sedition Hunters recently tweeted a picture it says shows that same “accidental tourist” attacking a police officer. Curiously, the “accidental tourist,” who didn’t support Donald Trump, happened to be wearing a red “MAGA”-style hat. His attorney argued in court, “Mr. Reeder is not politically active, is not and has never been a member of any right-wing or anti-government or extremist group and has, unfortunately, been publicly grouped with many others (whose) views he abhors.”

The story reminds one of John Sullivan, a Black Lives Matter activist who infiltrated the January 6 incursion to encourage violence, bully police officers, and generally stoke mayhem. While many of the trespassers remain locked up without bail, Sullivan mysteriously received pre-trial release. [-]

[+] … There’s a fourth weird story. Social media has promoted a September 18 Capitol rally to follow-up on the January 6 protest. But the “Proud Boys” have denied that any such rally is being organized. Rather, the Proud Boys have called the event “bait,” writing, “we aren’t going and you shouldn’t either because [everybody is] going to jail . . . If you rally in DC right now, you’re an idiot and you’re going to get people thrown in jail or worse.” The FBI said of the event, “This rally has obtained a permit. The numbers are expected to be large.” Who applied for this permit? The Proud Boys or the FBI?

John Sullivan urged the people around him to burn down the Capitol. Yet he was not among those who continue to be held without bail. Reeder and Walls-Kaufman were both apparently caught on camera assaulting police officers, Walls-Kauffman allegedly with a deadly weapon. Yet Reeder is being allowed to settle his case with a “parading” conviction while Walks-Kaufman faces no charges at all. What really happened on January 6? [end]

Full link below … must read!

Jan 6 as just another non-sequitur. Pastor & son FBI victims January 6 infamy. Insurrection as a tool of the leftists…

Facts are facts and are sometimes abused for nefarious reasons. Like for instance, three police officers standing next to Ashli Babbitt moved and let a rioter break the window which she was climbing through when she was shot. One of the many things people have often wondered about after seeing that video was why those police next to Ashli Babbitt allowed that window to be smashed. Fat chance of this ever being investigated especially at this late date.

It does however, seem that the whole “Insurrection!” was a setup job coordinated by agitators posing as Trump supporters. Were they FBI? More than likely BLM, Antifa plus the FBI, confirming that we now have a totally corrupt government and ruling class. Which makes it much more difficult in wondering just how this society can ever again function as a country the likes of the one described by Benjamin Franklin as “a Republic, if you can keep it”. Jan 6 as just another non-sequitur…

And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – President Donald John Trump battling the demons to preserve this Constitutional Republic of the United States – MAGA! KAG!


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