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DopeyJoeBiden the Taliban stooge has never been anything more than a pompous, idiotic blowhard womanizer and sexual rape fiend; whatever the age of his victims. His performance way, way, back during Bork and Clarence Thomas’ confirmation hearings convinced millions of us of that, plus the fact that it now should be more than obvious that the intervening years have turned him into a rigid, senile, rapacious and contentious old man. That’s the simplest explanation for his imbecility, ineptitude and contemptible insouciance. Link provided below for proof of evidence!

When will people have the guts to invoke the 25th amendment to remove him from office? His successor Kamala Harris after all, should at least be of a stupid enough mind to destroy the demoMarxocrat party once and for all time.

Then we have the likes of Austin, Milley and a host of current and former US generals who really, really should be court martialed. But We the (90 million+) People have a sense that they won’t be. Yes, DopeyJoeBiden should be impeached for his role in this unmitigated disaster. But chances are he won’t be.

DopeyJoeBiden the Taliban stooge. Ballot count jitters not going away. January 6 infamy demoMarxocrat cover

Biden, Austin, Milley (as well as Blinken and Sullivan, et al) and the rest of the unscrupulous bunch are just the tail end of a 20-year campaign of corrupted mission creep, ill-advised strategy, fraud, and mismanagement. The intelligence community, State Department and General government hangers-on, have been lying to us for two decades, yet not one of them will be held accountable because the “system” will protect them while We the (90 million+) People have no recourse.

Seemingly it was always going to end that way because winning was never the mission.

Remember – Biden wasn’t elected. As for the rest of it, day one of the Biden faux presidency – whoever was/is making the decisions – rolled back dozens of Trump gains through executive orders, hidden behind the scenes, purposely making decisions to weaken, not strengthen America. The only thing Biden has to do with any of it is that he signs and repeats (mostly), what he’s told to sign and say. Biden has mush between his ears, and may not even realize he’s acting as pretend president of what once was The Constitutional Republic of The United States of America.

No need to dance around the facts — this is TREASON, and the players are traitors. The only crime defined directly in the Constitution: “Clause 1. Treason against the United States, shall consist only in levying War against them, or in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort. No Person shall be convicted of Treason unless on the testimony of two Witnesses to the same overt Act, or on Confession in open court.” Millions (not two) witnessed these vile creatures giving direct Aid and Comfort to our Enemies. The GOPe is additionally guilty, in that they are giving aid and comfort to the same Traitors. Remember – DopeyJoeBiden the Taliban stooge…

Let’s delve a little deeper with two stalwarts of TRUTH – David Horowitz and Daniel Greenfield, FrontPageMag: ‘Biden Surrendered to Taliban: GOP Must NOT Surrender to Biden’ …

Only one man lost his job over Afghanistan. Lt. Col. Stuart Scheller challenged Biden’s incompetent and spineless Joint Chiefs of Staff to take responsibility for their dereliction of duty that led directly to the catastrophe in Afghanistan. Taking responsibility meant resigning. Biden’s military men immediately smeared him as mentally ill and forced him out of the Marines.

Biden is directly responsible for the worst, most humiliating, most dangerous – yet completely avoidable – defeat in the history of American warfare. He has betrayed the country that elected him and that he is sworn to serve. Yet Biden has shown no remorse and taken no responsibility for the damage he has done. Instead, he has brazenly lied and called his own actions a “success.” As for his allies, he has blamed the Afghan military, the Afghan president and, of course, his adversary Donald Trump for the mess he single-handedly created. Hundreds are already dead and legions of unknown and uncountable others await death from terrorists whom Biden has freed, empowered and armed.

Meanwhile, Biden and the Joint Chiefs are busily covering up their disloyalty and incompetence. They are not going to resign. Biden is not going to fire the generals who should have gone to the wall to oppose his brainless decisions, and resigned when they failed to reverse them. These decisions were so bad that former British prime minister and staunch American ally Tony Blair has called them “imbecilic.” No former head of state has ever used such an extreme – but accurate – term to describe the decisions of an American president. [-]

[+] … Massive amounts of intel data have also fallen into enemy hands. The Taliban are using hand-held biometric scanners to hunt down and kill former American allies. And the Chinese and other enemy intel officers that go over what we left behind will learn a lot about American methods and neutralize the technical advantages America once had. There were 16,000 night goggles left in Afghanistan. These provided a decisive military advantage to the Afghan government forces allowing them to see at night while the Taliban could not. Now the Taliban and every terrorist group with access to its store of American loot will share that advantage.

An American president and commander-in-chief loyal to his country and its citizens would never have made the decisions that Joe Biden did, which have put every American’s life at risk. A loyal general staff would never have gone along with them. [-]

[+] … Patriots should never forget this, and never let Americans forget as well. Afghanistan is a holograph of America’s future if Democrat policies prevail. It fell because of the treachery of the Democrat Party in selecting a dementia case and judgement-challenged politician to be president. Afghanistan fell because of the lack of patriotic concern by the entire Biden White House and the military chiefs, the lack of concern for the welfare of the people, the first responsibility of those who hold these offices. The military chiefs who are a product of Barack Obama’s politicized military were busily pushing a Marxist ideology on their troops – one that indicts America as a hopelessly racist country, while the Taliban terrorists were preparing their victory march to Kabul.

Americans who love this country need to heed the call to defend it because the hour is late and the nation they love is under attack. [end]

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DopeyJoeBiden the Taliban stooge. Alphabets all over Jan 6 insurgents…

They’re at WAR with the Nation and We the (90 million+) People. There are no innocent bystanders. Either you’re with them or you’re their enemy. Middle Ground doesn’t exist nor does common ground, compromise or an agreement. It’s all or none. Donald J. Trump has been at war with them since 2015 and continues today to fight the battle. You must choose sides. If you believe in freedom, the founding and the Framers’ Declaration of Independence, the U.S. Constitution, Bill of Rights, Individualism, Family and God then it’s obvious on which side you will join.

He wasn’t “Presidential”. He tweeted too much. He had an abrasive personality. He was confrontational and a fighter. He was loud. He didn’t play by the rules. He supported MAGA and KAG. They called him racist, homophobe, sexist and anti-everything. He was Donald John Trump.

The hatred reached deep down into every anti-Trumper. “Fascistic Socialists”/American Marxists, far, far, too many rhino-whigs do nothing demoMarxocrat socialist legions of “smart stupid.” Far, far, more than ‘most likely’, the result was definitely a fraudulent and stolen Presidential Election. Since January 20, 2021 through September 3, 2021 and continuing unabated, #46 is proving that choices – especially bad choices – have consequences, both intended and (especially) the unintended ones.

DopeyJoeBiden the Taliban stooge. Get up and away from being an observing observer and become soldiers along with President Trump and engage in the fight. Our future totally depends on it.

And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – Warrior-President Donald John Trump doing his darnedest to keep America humming – MAGA! KAG!