Jack Cashill Expose` On TWA 800..

Go Ahead, Make ...

Go Ahead, Make …

Still standing “en garde” over Jack Cashill and his pursuit of the truth of TWA 800 which becomes more and more convoluted towards an inside job with every new revelation. Tailing this as I have been, on and off for quite a number of years (and especially-so since Mr. Cashill’s dogged determination to uncover the obvious cover-up), I wonder each and every day how much longer our republic can withstand a government that actively engages in criminal activity against the very people and constitution these people have sworn to protect. Seems like we crossed the Rubicon during the Clinton regime, and I think this may have been that event, since it seems like things have just got progressively worse since they were ushered onto the national stage in 1992. The Clinton Coverup as Rush Limbaugh christened it many moons ago is just so farcical now, especially with the latest Lynch/Comey obfuscations with regards to aiding and abetting the enemy.

Election night, 1992, when the giddy voters said ‘character doesn’t count’, was the crossing, the turning point and beginning of the end.  Don’t forget that in 1992 Bubba won with less than 50% of the vote. A third party candidate, Ross Perot, siphoned off votes from “read my lips” GHW Bush, and the rest as they say, is history. Jack Cashill has been doing a mighty fine job of pushing all the twists and turns of TWA 800, even to the point where he is now reaching out to a very valuable witness. However, the person he is looking for (probably now under deep cover) that saw something and didn’t say anything, leads one to believe that he knew of what the Clintons were capable of. The MOP response (as Orwell might name it, the “Ministry Of Propaganda”) would be ‘At this point what difference does it make’.

Without beating around the bush, here’s the opener to his latest update, from American Thinker, which we’ll segue` into in a couple of minutes or so:

“It has been four weeks since my book, TWA 800: The Crash, The Cover-Up, The Conspiracy, debuted. Despite a two-week media hiatus due to the conventions, I continue to receive one or two new leads a day, many from inside the investigation.

I would encourage those with information to share to contact me in confidence through my website, Cashill.com. As one new source told me, he never knew before where to turn. Another, a retired international captain, said I was the first person in the media to listen to him after years of trying to break through.

As a quick reminder, TWA Flight 800 blew up off the coast of Long Island on July 17, 1996. A few weeks ago, I received an email from a fellow that, in a fairer world, would have been newsworthy in itself. Joe Johnson worked with the FBI missile team on the investigation as an industry partner. He concluded his initial email with the compelling line, “It would be better if we had a chat on the phone. I can prove that it was a missile.” [end]

The TWA 800 takedown and cover-up is the Rosetta Stone of the Rotten 90s, along with Waco and Oklahoma City; it defines the Clintons’ modus operandi, and by continuing to pull on the TWA 800 thread, Mr. Cashill might just unravel the entire Clinton tapestry of lies. Crime syndicates are like that, don’t you know? and often it’s the little things from long ago which demolish their present day top o’ the world antics.


As with anything and anyone who gets too close to the Clintonistas, it is called self-preservation to not come forward. Those that speak up with evidence of wrong-doing when a Clinton is involved seem to come to the end of the road rather suddenly. So go public. Do it immediately. Scream the truth. Scream it loudly. From the rooftop. Do not stop no matter what the idiot pressniks say until the last rat is dead or in prison for life.

Thanks for your service to the Constitutional Republic, Mr. Cashill. Now onto the rest of his investigation…

284px-American_Thinker_logoIn the course of our subsequent conversations, Johnson laid out the evidence to support a missile strike: the motion correction for small guidance errors, the smooth turn toward the target at intercept, the resistance of Jet A fuel to a spark, and for Johnson, most significantly, the radar data that showed “debris exiting the aircraft at a supersonic velocity.” In the excellent 2013 documentary, TWA Flight 800, physicist Tom Stalcup considered the radar data “the smoking gun.”

Johnson also added a bit of information that may prove more valuable in the long run, that is the likely identity of the FBI agent who boldly resisted the CIA’s attempt to corrupt the investigation. In my book, I called this otherwise anonymous missile team member “Lewis Erskine” after the character Efrem Zimbalist Jr. played on the hit TV show, The F.B.I.

Johnson worked directly with a member of the FBI missile team named Steve Bongardt and vouched for his integrity. At the time of the confrontation with the CIA in April 1997 the missile team had only two members. Based on his future performance, Bongardt, a former U.S. Navy aviator and Naval Academy grad, would seem the more likely of the two to have defied the CIA analysts. As Bongardt says of himself on his LinkedIn page, “His efforts to fight the FBI and CIA bureaucracy in the days leading up to 9/11, in order to pursue one of the 9/11 hijackers, has been documented in the public media.”

Continues in American Thinker…