It’s ‘just’ a balloon, why all the fuss?

En Garde in the bunker…

Lydia the gem from the comments thread: “Biden is trying to claim he gave the military the green light to shoot the balloon down a week ago. But for the “safety” of the American people they had to wait. So they shoot it down off South Carolina into the ocean, BUT they don’t have a salvage vessel on hand so it all sinks to the bottom. Let’s see … *Gave the order a week ago / *No salvage vessel on hand / *Wow! Is our military competent or what!” [end]

Fact is of course, that the military and the regime are compromised by their Chinese overlords. Let’s say the balloon could’ve been shot down over the Pacific, but instead “they” allowed it to slowly meander over the continental US. They would likely have done absolutely NOTHING had the balloon not been observed in Montana. Therefore the domestic traitors (aka FJBiden etal) only did something because of news media coverage and political pressure. So now their option is to screw up shooting it down by not being able to retrieve it immediately. Mmmm … brilliant in a very odd way!

It’s ‘just’ a balloon, why all the fuss? When tyrants align to rule the roost…

Heads need to be rolling, but they won’t because the balloon incursion was first sanctioned and then hidden. Shooting it down was kabuki theater for the morons who think we still live in a sovereign nation. Thereby some pundits aver, that a very indifferent old man who forever doesn’t really know where he is at any one time, aka FJBiden, should himself be put up in a balloon and allowed to float over China and to be done with by whatever his bosses decide upon.

More Lydia: “The balloon sent a number of messages. Biden belongs to China, and probably so does the Thoroughly Modern Milley – He who won’t do anything to stop them or protect America. The balloon was visible to the American people in order to drive home the message. Americans won’t do anything about Taiwan. They’ve stripped the military of patriots and replaced them with the Woke who worry more about pronouns or micro aggression’s. Biden has depleted both munitions and the strategic petroleum reserve. They project the narrative that Putin might use nukes if he runs out of conventional options! It ain’t Putin running out of options.

The balloon provides a distraction against Biden’s corruption, Ukraine losing the war, and the border invasion.That simple!

Roger Kimball, American Greatness: ‘Peace Through Strength or Chaos Through Senility’ …

The Chinese would not have been deploying spy balloons over U.S. nuclear installations if Donald Trump was still president.

Where’s Laocoön when you need him? News that the Chinese have a huge balloon loitering high above the middle of the country—just where, wouldn’t you know, we have a bunch of ICBM silos sited—reminded me about the reaction of the ill-fated Trojan prince when he saw the gigantic wooden horse sitting on the beach in front of Troy. At the beginning of book two of the Aeneid, our hero, with a heavy heart, accedes to Queen Dido’s request that he tell her the story of Troy’s downfall and his ill-starred voyage to her court. Infandum, Regina, iubes renovare dolorem: “O Queen, you bid me renew an unspeakable grief.”

But he does as she asks, beginning with the story of the Trojan horse. The Trojans were divided in their opinion about the monstrous equine. Some thought it was a Greek gift or trophy or memorial to commemorate their departure. Laocoön knew better. Rushing down from the town to the beach, he cried “Poor Trojans, have you lost your minds? . . . You think they’re gone? Are any Greek gifts given Sincerely? Don’t you know Ulysses better? The Greeks are hiding in this wooden gadget, Or else this is a siege machine they’ve built For spying or alighting on our homes, Or some such trick. Don’t trust the horse, my people.”

Then comes the famous line: timeo Danaos et dona ferentis: “I fear Greeks even when they are bearing gifts.” [-]

[+] … But it didn’t work. So-called MAGA policies really did “make America great again”—richer, more secure, more confident and patriotic. He did these things by pursuing several simple, commonsense policies—picking the right judges, cutting taxes, closing the border to illegal immigration, and so on. High on that list of commonsense pursuits was the policy of “peace through strength.” The Chinese, I feel confident in asserting, would not have been deploying spy balloons over U.S. nuclear installations were Trump president. Neither, for that matter, would Vladimir Putin have invaded Ukraine.

Peace through strength. It works better than Biden’s “Chaos Through Senility.” I doubt that Donald Trump was a student of the Roman military writer Flavius Vegetius Renatus (floruit circa 350 A.D.), but he would agree with his famous aphorism si vis pacem, para bellum: “if you want peace, prepare for war.” [end]

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It’s ‘just’ a balloon, why all the fuss? Fetid hutzpah draws dementia Joe into China, the enigma beyond trusting. Xi Jinping and menagerie!

The Border Patrol is now catching Chinese nationals entering illegally, probably missing more than they get. It wouldn’t be that hard to poison water and/or food supplies with fentanyl, nor is it apparently difficult to sabotage the electric grid with a shotgun. We’re vulnerable on many levels and nothing is being done to protect critical infrastructure. Food processing plants and egg farms are becoming “mysteriously” destroyed by fires, with people “suddenly” dropping dead, yet the wailing-cry to go get another booster shot. Insanity continuing to reign. Nothing to see here, folks! Look! Up in the sky! It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s a spy balloon!

It doesn’t take a criminal mastermind to orchestrate this campaign to cripple America when there’s no intelligent leadership. Ho hum. I wonder what the Duchess of Montecito and her corgi are up to today.

People in China who believe they’re important by having money or position treat people like trash if they assume they are beneath their social status. The Chicom humiliation of Blinken wasn’t just an ego thing; they honestly believe that, given what they did to help democrats steal the 2020 election, they own the Drooler’s regime. Humiliating someone like Blinken, Blinken and Nod is what you do to a perceived underling or inferior if you’re Chinese.

The balloon incursion from China will be one of many to come over the next two years. The Chicoms believe they already had the Drooler’s number, but activating the stooge every now and then is a useful exercise – treason right before our very eyes. It’s ‘just’ a balloon, why all the fuss?

And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – Warrior-President Donald John Trump – MAGA! KAG!