FJBiden lying intel all over spy ring

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This is rich – real rich! So let me see if I got this straight. They – let’s say “FJBiden” and the motley crew – expect yours truly and literally millions and millions of others like me to believe that 3 balloons were floating around the country during President Donald John Trump’s presidency but no one ever knew about it. No one – either on the ground, not on the ground, nor elsewhere above, around, or beneath the ground saw anything, nothing even. It wasn’t detected?

Then how on the beautiful creation of God’s green earth did someone hiding within the confines of the “FJBiden” crew summarily-detect this now and exactly how long are we supposed to believe they’ve known about it since, like say, just a couple of days or so-ago? Fact is, let’s face it, that no way would the demoMarxocrat-hair-on-fire gang ever have not known about this and thereby not leaked it. NO WAY – and if someone in the media knew they certainly would’ve leaked it themselves. Guaran-damn-teed!

FJBiden lying intel all over spy ring When tyrants shrill in vain redoubt…

Therefore let us never, ever pretend that people who hate Trump would love nothing more than to make him look bad, including Esper, Mattis, Bolton, Tillerson etall Fake News Hounds, thereby having absolutely no reason whatsoever to cover for Trump. Were they being “undetected” during President Trump’s term just how can they now be detected years later? Thereby Mattis for one (ie lying, thieving, unconscionable) must’ve known and chose not to notify President Trump?

Remember also that General Milley contacted Communist China behind fearless President Trump’s back and promised them that we wouldn’t attack them. And then he told his staff to ignore President Trump. One might well feel very strongly that he definitely should be court-martialed if for nothing less. And if Rep Mike Waltz is right about Mattis, he should be charged with Treason. Period!

Sorry but yours truly isn’t buying what the Biden Admin is selling. I’m not saying it isn’t true. I’m also not saying it is true. What I am saying is that I absolutely don’t trust the Biden Admin and I don’t trust the Alphabet agencies either, nor the State Department or pretty much anything else that comes out of the federal government. They’ve proven over and over again that they can’t be trusted. Ever!

Something not quite being right takes cover to my guess that the military is so “woke” that they kept President Trump out of the loop on a lot more than just ChiCom balloons! Mmmmm…

Sundance, Conservative Treehouse: ‘Spy Balloon ops Discovered only after Trump left Office: Sez Lying Intel Community’

This is so stunningly incredulous, and transparently politically orchestrated, it’s laughable. The U.S. Intelligence Community (IC) defended the actions of the Biden administration last Saturday by saying three Chinese spy balloons had previously been deployed during the Trump administration.  However, President Trump and all national security heads including Mike Pompeo (CIA), Richard Grenell and John Ratcliffe (DNI) denied ever hearing about these balloons.

To reconcile the claim of historic Chinese spy balloon operations, against the denials and absence of briefings for the Trump IC officials, the current Intel Community (and Biden Administration) are now claiming they only discovered the prior balloon flights *AFTER* President Trump left office.

Oh, and due to national security issues, the IC cannot explain how they found out after the fact. Yes Alice, that’s their story, and they’re sticking to it.

WASHINGTON DC – The Biden administration is willing to brief former Trump officials on newly discovered intelligence that China sent spy balloons into U.S. airspace during their time in charge.

The offer, described by senior Biden administration officials on Sunday night, comes as former President Donald Trump and senior members of his national security team say they were never briefed on such an incursion by a Beijing-sent aircraft.

“This information was discovered after the prior administration left. The intelligence community is prepared to offer key officials from the Trump administration briefings on [China’s] surveillance program,” one of the officials said. The official, along with several others, asked not to be named in order to discuss sensitive information.

Briefers would also be willing to discuss Beijing’s similar operations in East Asia, South Asia and Europe over the last several years, the official said.

The proposal to brief the Trump officials is the latest development following the military’s shootdown of a Chinese spy balloon on Saturday, seven days after it entered U.S. airspace. Republicans and former Trump officials said this week that they would have downed the airship as soon as it appeared, and criticized President Joe Biden for waiting until the balloon was over water before bringing it down. [contd]

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FJBiden lying intel all over spy ring Breitbart excoriates turncoat Mattis…

Dirtdiver from the thread: “Not surprisingly Mattis denies this! Everyday these commies find new ways to deepen the hate and angst against them! This is not good for them, eventually, as you see in other countries; people are going to rise up and “peacefully protest!” Our Government is such a Clown Poop Show, we couldn’t defend against the Chinese trans scouts. I am ashamed I devoted 6 years in the military only to have those same people pee on my service. I hope it all falls down and we can eliminate the mistakes and begin anew, where only two genders exist to expand the species, mothers are mothers and care for their children, Fathers are there to support their families, and GOD is a part of our lives.” [end]

It’s great for demoMarxocrat politicians when the media covers for them, but imagine the giddiness of the Intel Community. Everyone knows however, that you can actually SEE a big balloon like that. And isn’t it true, the Chinese would always launch such things to fly over their targets during sunny weather, the better to see things? Thus, would we not have seen them. Local news KDVR in Denver repeated this ridiculous made-up story this morning. Without mentioning anything about those former officials that dispute it. FJBiden lying intel all over spy ring And the Biden administration can’t even get their own story straight.

And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – Still our President Donald John Trump doing his darnedest to uphold and protect the Constitutional Republic of the United States of America – MAGA! KAG!