Islam The Dead Dark Heart : Terrorwar…

En Garde In The Bunker

En Garde In The Bunker

It is a sin to believe evil of others, but it is seldom a mistake.” – H.L.Mencken

ISIS Caliphate...

ISIS Caliphate…

The most direct and honest truth I have read in a long, long time about the true nature of Islam is right here in the stark words of Gerard Vanderleun from his American Digest.  It cannot be sugar coated nor defended in the al taqiyya style of all the odious lobbying defenders the likes of CAIR; American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee; American Muslim Council; Arab American Institute; Islamic Information Center; Muslim Public Affairs Council; Muslim American Society; and countless others who attempt daily to convince We The People of the “benign cultural benefits” of Islam, especially with threats like those being thrown out from ISIS like “we will drown all of you in blood”. Cockroaches cannot be negotiated with – they must be put down for the health and well-being of the entire household. Likewise with this evil of evils….

Islam: The Dead Dark Heart Clotted With Decayed Blood

“That’s my boy!”

Well, I sailed through the storm
Strapped to the mast
But the time has come
And I’m seeing the real you at last
 — Dylan

The chittering insects that scuttle across the wastes of the middle east under the black flag of ISIS are masters of the maniac’s use of “social media.” They make videos of the pleasure they take in laying hundreds of prisoners down and riddling them with machine gun bullets. They provide Facebook pages with photographs of the children’s heads they have impaled on stakes in the land where they hold sway. They pass around the Instagram moment of a man holding up the dress draped body of a little girl with her head taken off and her neck a bloodless stump. They “tweet” the ‘That’s my boy’ image of an Australian member of their hive getting his son to hold up the head of someone, among thousands, that they have killed and killed filthy.

In all this they have done an invaluable service to the feckless and cowardly western world of the 21st century. They have not only killed those who have come under their rule and power. They have killed, now and forever, any wisp of an argument that the religion of Islam contains within it any significant “moderate” elements who are devoted to the idea of devout peace. There is no such “moderate Islam.” There never was a “Moderate Islam.”

Islam is ISIS and ISIS is Islam. There is no other Islam.

Islam is religious Ebola and its only cure is fire.

Once the question was ”How can we help the moderate Islamics to help the others to a peaceful transition into the modern, multicultural world.” Now the question has become, “Can we find the leadership and the political will to burn this disease out of the human race root and branch?”

Those that seek to persuade you that somewhere within the foaming psychosis of Islam there is a moderate, peaceful religion struggling to get out, striving to be heard, are those that want you — and your loved ones and your children — to lie down in the shallow trench in the dry dust and have your children beheaded before you just before the sword slices through your supine and surrendered neck.

Lately there have been a plethora of posts scattered around concerning the kindly provision of Islam that if you like your religion you can keep your religion. All you have to do is pay a tax, set by Islam, on an annual basis. Deal or no deal? Either way it is a lie. What Islam wants is what is has always wanted; the enslavement and death of the infidel.

You cannot negotiate with psychopaths. There are no deals to be made or negotiations to be had with Islam. It is, first, last, and always, a perverted and vile system that has no spirit in it whatsoever. God? God’s got nothing to do with it.

Some weak and wet slaves of Islam still say, as they said to me after 9/11, “There are a billion muslims in the world. You can’t kill them all.” A billion you say? Big job. Well begun is half done.

Only by fire is fascism finished.

“There is nothing more dangerous than the conviction that diplomats should be America’s first line of defense. …America will get tough or it will get terminal.” –Norman Liebmann

gerardvanderleun : August 19, 14 AMERICAN DIGEST