Iranian Son-In-Law : Kerry Conflict Of Interest?


A reminder from the archives earlier this year:

Huma Abedin, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s Deputy Chief of Staff, privy to top secret information, has deep ties to the Muslim Brotherhood. Valerie Jarrett, chief advisor to Obama—some say the most powerful person in the White House, even more so than Obama—made it her first piece of business in 2009 of addressing the Islamic Society of North America’s (ISNA) 46th annual convention. And that is only the beginning of the Muslim Brotherhood’s tentacles within our government. There have been literally hundreds of meetings with the State Department, the FBI, and the White House (just to name a few), all with Muslim Brotherhood front groups associated with the Holy Land Foundation case. More here…

Muslim Brotherhood front groups like the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) literally went in and purged hundreds of pages of FBI training materials of terms like “jihad” and “Islamist”, the rationale being that these terms “offended” Muslims. And now WE THE PEOPLE witness Kerry’s Neville Chamberlain moment… and his specious ties to Iran through his son in law … Wouldn’t that be a conflict of interest?