Community Organizer Deal : If You Like Your Nukes You Can Keep Them…

John Kerry

In the words of former Ambassador to the UN John Bolton, the so-called “deal” announced from the White House is nothing more than “abject surrender by the United States.” And no wonder. The “deal” was struck by a Vietnam tail-between-his-legs Vet who was barely 16 weeks in action, threw his medals of “valor” over the White House fence, and has spent the better part of the past 42 years denigrating the country of his birth. Ambassador Bolton goes on:
“Most importantly, the deal leaves the basic strategic realities unchanged. Iran’s nuclear program was, from its inception, a weapons program, and it remains one today. Even modest constraints, easily and rapidly reversible, do not change that fundamental political and operational reality.  And while some already-known aspects of Iran’s nuclear program are returned to enhanced scrutiny, the undeclared and likely unknown military work will continue to expand, thus recalling the drunk looking for his lost car keys under the street lamp because of the better lighting. So in truth, an Israeli military strike is the only way to avoid Tehran’s otherwise inevitable march to nuclear weapons, and the proliferation that will surely follow. Making the case for Israel’s exercise of its legitimate right of self-defense has therefore never been more politically important. Whether they are celebrating in Tehran or in Jerusalem a year from now may well depend on how the opponents of the deal in Washington conduct themselves. Continues…

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