In a lighter vein but no less serious

En Garde in the bunker…

Just when you thought Joe Below Average Shmoe couldn’t possibly sound any dumber than normal, out he comes yet again, crinkly eyes on the teleprompter, to mutter and stutter his way to “end of sentence, continues next page” – or somesuch. Never a smart man, Joe was a corrupt, dishonest, incompetent moron in the 1970s as he and the mendatious Ted Kennedy would create havoc a’plenty. Today he’s IN his 70s (79 to be exact) and a shadow of the idiot he once was.

What We the (90 million+) People could do with is a day of public apology and atonement where people can publicly state their regret for having voted for this absurdity, admit they were duped into supporting him, and then promise to never make their voting decisions based on what they learn from Brian Stelter, Rachel Maddow, Joe Scarborough, Mika Brzezinski or any of the other repetitious media figures out there spreading misinformation and all-out lies. Confession after all cleanses the soul and not voting for demoMarxocrats provides the enema to cleanse the other parts of the body. Especially the brain!

In a lighter vein but no less serious. Dead man walking

The effect of inflation of course is you pay more for the same package, or the package becomes smaller to meet a consumer price point. When Biden comes under inflationary pressure, his brain shrinks to meet our price point. Plus Joe Below Average Shmoe is disposable. The more they make him look like an idiot, the more likely he will just be the fall guy and discarded for someone new.

As for Shill Jill (and don’t forget she’s been “Joe’s gal” since her baby-sitting days!) one would likely be furious at how they treat her husband, which just shows you how important her role as First Lady is for her ego, especially-so running on from her early days. Apparently there’re no qualms about her husband being laughed at. The whole FJB seems to be encouraged to ensure that the whole fiasco is pinned on Joe Below Average Shmoe, not on the OBO#44 crew pulling the strings. Deceitful and cowardly, but that is after all, the demoMaxocrat way!

With a Joe Below Average Shmoe popularity rating dropped to 36% (which really means at least ten points less) it becomes clear that his puppet meisters simply don’t care, and are fast-forwarding their agenda. At some point when nearing rock bottom they’ll replace him and go even deeper into their reset during the ‘honeymoon’ period of one or another giggle-queen or whatever/whoever.

BidenTime – simply a figurehead that nobody likes or cares about. Even in his own party. A nasty guy who’ll be sacrificed when strategically necessary. Just the way it is. In a lighter vein, that is.

Sundance, Conservative Treehouse: ‘Joe Biden Rambles on About Pet Food, Raw Materials, Cabbage Patch Dolls’ …

At some point you have to wonder if the Obama team behind the scenes is intentionally putting words in Biden’s teleprompter because they want him to be mocked in public.

Earlier today Joe Biden compared the shortage of essential products, pet foods, raw materials, petroleum products and chemicals in the U.S. (due to his self-inflicted energy policy) to the shortage of Cabbage Patch dolls in the 1980’s.  Seriously, you really cannot make this stuff up. WATCH:

I would hazard a guess the speechwriters debated using Tickle Me Elmo as an example, and then decided it was a just a smidge too far. Good grief, this is enough to really make you wonder….  How long?


Debra Heine, American Greatness: ‘Biden Approval Rating Remains an Abysmal 36 Percent in New Poll’ …

Joe Biden’s approval numbers remain abysmally low in a new nationwide survey, dragging his presidency and congressional Democrats down.

According to a Trafalgar poll published Wednesday, just 36.3 percent of Americans approve of Biden’s performance in the White House, and 59.1 percent disapprove.

A full 89.7 percent of Republicans said they disapproved of Biden’s performance, and only 8.2 percent said they approved. Among Democrats, only 65 percent approved of his performance, and 31 percent said they disapproved.

Donald Trump regularly saw approval ratings of over 90 percent among GOP voters during his presidency.

Biden is nearly 33 points underwater among independent voters (29.3 percent approve, 62.1 disapprove), which could foretell doom for Democrats in next year’s midterm elections. Biden’s eleven months in office has been roiled by a series of self-inflicted disasters and failures, including his botched withdrawal from Afghanistan, the worsening COVID pandemic that he promised to end, inflation, high gas prices, the border crisis, his authoritarian executive overreach, and his very public declining mental state.

Trafalgar surveyed 1,082 likely general election voters – 39.3 percent Democrats, 35.6 percent Republicans, and 25.1 percent nonpartisan – between November 11, 2021 and November 29, 2021. Of the respondents, 53.3 percent were women, and 46.7 percent were men.

The poll follows a similarly disastrous Quinnipiac survey last month, when Biden first hit a disastrous 36 percent approval rating. [end]

Full links to both below …

In a lighter vein but no less serious. Fetid hutzpah draws dementia Joe…

What’s abysmal of course, is that Joe Below Average Shmoe isn’t down to single digits for approval after switching the US from energy independence back to dependence on enemy states; the Afghanistan fiasco arming the Taliban with the best in US military equipment; abetting Covid totalitarianism; and starting and pouring gas on inflation with drunken spending. Either: a) pollsters are lying like media to cover Joe Below Average Shmoe’s record drop. b) 36% of Americans are brain dead like their P-Resident. Or c) Hope it’s the former. FJB!

But having said that, in reality, dementia Joe the fraud’s poll numbers are likely way, way down in the deep single digits, since the single digit support category housed the same dead people that voted for him – the very same dead people who seem to spectacularly rise up in each and every voting cycle; talk about “prescience” ! In a lighter vein, that is.

And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – President Donald John Trump – MAGA! KAG!