BiteMe no teeth;Brandon is hogtied

Go ahead, make my…

If our fearless president Trump taught us anything these past few years it’s how to jumpstart an economy. The secret sauce is not pretending the economy is a capricious mysterious creature and that we are all helplessly enslaved to its whims. The American economy goes south when corrupt politicians use We the (90 million+) People as their personal piggy bank and sell us out to gain power in lining their own pockets. The American economy after all, only fails when someone takes a wrecking ball to it!

Which is all just part of the real plan, folks. Capitalism is slowly being suffocated in the West through a series of controlled demolitions. The elite for instance, want everyone else begging them for an alternative economic system, handing them power and whatever few resources remain. They’ll never call it by its real name but they’re ultimately moving us toward global governance under a communistic economic model. Why else for instance, would we think nationalism poses such a threat to the globalists? BiteMe no teeth;Brandon is hogtied.

BiteMe no teeth;Brandon is hogtied…

Consider also that most of the current economy is what people expect their financial circumstances will be. If bad, they stop spending, economic activity tumbles, people lose jobs, so more people stop spending. Rinse and repeat. Right now, people who pay attention expect a continuation of the full scale assault on the US from the economic front, the bioweapons front, and possibly other avenues. The natural response is to shift necessary spending to stockpile basic necessities and to nest-egg anything left over.

Even those who don’t pay close attention are sensing looming recession or depression. Just the price of gas alone is enough to drill a hole in consumer confidence. Yet what remains funny is that simply putting President Trump back in office would solve the self-reinforcing psychological phenomenon in less than two months. “Presto Chango” – restored economy!

If/when warrior-president Trump gets back in, everything will revive like a phoenix out of the ashes!

Sundance, Conservative Treehouse: ‘The Biden Economy: Black Friday Sales Drop 28 Percent First Time in History’ …

Reports on the beginning of the Christmas holiday shopping season do not look good for retailers. CNBC is reporting the Black Friday sales were down a significant 28.3% from pre-pandemic levels in 2019 [link]. The difference was not made up inside on-line sales as Cyber Monday had the first drop in sales in the history of tracking on-line sales [link].

The financial pundit spin, intended to protect the Biden administration, includes a talking point that U.S. consumers decided to make their holiday purchases early this year, therefore the holiday spending metric no longer applies.

As the narrative is built, people were concerned about shortages of products so they purchased them early in the year. While part of that is likely true, early shopping is not that unusual and cannot account for such a massive drop in purchasing.

The same narrative was used to explain the drop in Cyber Monday sales: “Shoppers nationwide spent nearly $11 billion on digital sales on Cyber Monday, a tracking firm said — a decrease of 1.4% from last year and the first decline ever for a major shopping holiday.” […] “It spread out e-commerce spending across the months of October and November.” There’s virtually no limit to how the financial media will avoid identifying the real motive for declining sales, inflation and the lack of disposable income.

Inflation continues to be a major issue for all middle-class workers, and there does not appear to be any end in sight for even more price increases. As gas, energy and food prices jump so significantly the amount of disposable income available for other non critical purchases becomes limited. This is a simple Main Street checkbook reality felt by most Americans and willfully avoided by the Wall Street pundits.

The question of spending and purchasing priority is best identified by asking consumers the question: Can you afford to spend more this year, and will you?

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BiteMe no teeth;Brandon is hogtied. When tyrants shrill in vain redoubt…

Lower expectations for a high standard of living, and everything will be OK to help everyone keep things in perspective. The American dream is just that, currently seemingly an unattainable dream through a thoroughly obnoxious set of circumstances that occurred during a few hours in the middle of the night of January 6 2021. Yet we’re expected to believe that We the (80-90 million+) People voted for this?

As a criminally-occupied exercise it becomes “par excellence”; as an exercise in futility and gangsterism, it deserves its place in the annals of destructive deception, and thereby arrests and imprisonments for massive attacks against the not-guilty innocents. BiteMe no teeth; Brandon is hogtied.

And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – warrior-president Donald John Trump doing his darnedest to Make and keep, America Great Again – MAGA! KAG!