How the mighty have fallen esp FBI

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FYI and going back in history a-ways, the formerly-great FBI, as in – “Sgt. Joe Friday, the facts, ma’am, just the facts” – have always engaged in this sort of behavior but in a much more discreetly-attached fashion that gave credence to the returned response. When J. Edgar Hoover ran the agency, however, he had the ‘Book’ on every Sleazy politician in the Swamp, which generally was most of them. They were all more or less afraid to force his retirement.

Fast-forward to today and the FBI doesn’t need to be behaving like the FBI of old, where they’ve begun attacking “We the (90 million+) People”, who definitely don’t need to be hounded with this sort of behavior currently under examination. Back then the agency was a Deep State World completely saturated with guided narratives, and you disregarded their influence at your own peril. God forbid we’ve got it again!

How the mighty have fallen esp FBI. Mob forces FBI to cave and take a knee…

As shockingly as this has become, any doubters or fence riders should now know for certain that a once trusted, even revered federal agency has now clearly and openly become the policing arm of a neo nascent Marxist state – demoMarxocrat state even. Clearly, the gloves are off in regard to ordinary Americans in the eyes of the FBI. Specious or no!

What a concept to say that “violence is never the answer” after another of their theatrical SWAT raids. Here’s a clue; terrorizing children and pointing rifles at innocent people IS violence. And these vicious and heartless women are not toxic? Moreover, violence seems always to be the answer in Philadelphia. This is what you get with fascist defund the police movements; ie, Police who aren’t tied to the community nor regulated by its standards, but instead roam freely, terrorizing political opponents with the assistance of ordinary street thugs.

It’s time for Americans to urge their states to either dissolve their unions entirely or form others where legitimate protesters aren’t threatened and jailed while rioters, thieves and arsonists are given a free pass. The moral of the story is to always video record incidents like this. The “escort” was obviously goading the advocate into a fight so he could destroy him, which is what he finally did. Problem is there are many others very willing to help.

Jack Cashill, American Thinker: ‘Did the FBI Finally Go Too Far?’ …

On reading about the Saturday arrest of pro-life activist Mark Houck, I thought the author at this alternative site had to be exaggerating. It struck me as beyond belief that two dozen or so armed FBI agents would swarm the house of a Catholic father of seven, rifles drawn, and arrest him in front of his weeping children for anything short of murder.

I have had to recalibrate my belief system. The “crime” fell quite a bit short of murder. On October 13, 2021, Houck brought his 12-year-old son with him for his weekly sidewalk counseling outside of a Planned Parenthood abortion clinic in Philadelphia. A volunteer escort at the abortion clinic reportedly called Houck’s son a “fag” among other insults and threatened him. Houck pushed the man away from his son, and the man fell. Houck, the founder of an organization that promotes Christian virtue among men, was not charged with a crime.

However petty the incident, U.S. Attorney’s Office, Eastern District of Pennsylvania, had Houck seized at gunpoint nearly a year later and bragged about the arrest. Said PR hack Jennifer Crandall in a press release, Houck “assaulted a man because he was a volunteer reproductive health care clinic escort.”

Before proceeding, this sentence needs parsing. The most problematic word is “because.” Houck has had hundreds of opportunities to assault escorts if their offense in his eyes was to be an escort. Although the press release claims two incidents on that same day with the man, Houck had no prior or subsequent altercations. [-]

[+] … The Catholic News Agency reports 97 such attacks in the months following the leak, 53 of them against pregnancy centers. These include vulgar pro-abortion graffiti, the beheading of statues, the desecration of altars, threats, theft, and even arson. Several have involved the disruption of church services and nasty confrontations with the police.

At least two of these incidents took place in the jurisdiction of the two Jacquelines. In May 2022, for instance, the glass front doors of Notre Dame de Lourdes church in Swarthmore were spray-painted with the unsubtle message: ‘You do not have the right to decide what people can do, #ProChoice.” In June, vandals defaced St. Patrick’s Catholic Church in Philadelphia with pro-abortion graffiti.

As far as anyone knows, the DoJ has ignored all these incidents despite the implicit civil rights violations involved. For its apparatchiks, “extremists” like Houck are the enemy. “If convicted,” they tell us, “the defendant faces a maximum possible sentence of 11 years in prison, three years of supervised release, and fines of up to $350,000.”

The Twitter responses to Houck’s arrest suggest a widespread indifference on the Left to the rule of law and common decency. Here is a representative tweet from a woman named Mary, one of the few without any obscenities: “You’re REALLY leaning into the ‘Catholic’ part of this story, when the truth is that a professional ‘manly man’ who spends his days harassing vulnerable women physically assaulted a real man TWICE. Mark Houck makes his living as the leader of a toxic masculinity cult; arrest him.”

Has the FBI gone too far? For the Left, if the enemy is the right, it cannot go far enough. [end]

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How the mighty have fallen esp FBI. Rolling Stone explodes on mob Left

Take note, folks, that Mr. Houck was arrested in a rural area, which rightly warrants a bit of advice for those in more populated areas where the arresting officers are: “holding pro-lifers at gunpoint and ordering them to put their hands up, drop to their knees and scoot backward out their front door in the middle of the night.”

Mmmm … While scooting, they perhaps ought to be doing some hooting, while spouses left behind should turn on all outside lights, if not already on. It also wouldn’t hurt for the family to be screaming out the windows and doors. Wake everybody up. America needs to know what’s happening to their neighbors.

The current iteration of the FBI is a bare fake of a once-great warrior-protector, now just a terrible “has-been” of an organization that is clearly a threat to the citizens it is supposed to protect. The current panoply of agents-in-name-only should be thoroughly ashamed.of what they continue to splurge onto and into the very lives of American citizens. En Garde Patriots!

And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – Warrior-President Donald John Trump doing his very best to protect, defend, and uphold the Constitutional Republic of the United States of America – MAGA! KAG!