Case for Biden impeachment grows

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Author Steve Baldwin has provided an excellent list of Biden impeachable offenses for which there is already an abundance of evidence. As a matter of strategy, one wonders whether it’s more beneficial to impeach on all seven charges at once, or in a serial fashion, one at a time. The latter approach allows the public to focus on, and absorb, the facts pertaining to a particular charge before moving onto the next.

There’s the added benefit of impeaching Biden seven times rather than just once. That would be a record that would likely never be broken and might succeed in hounding Biden into vacating office. And who knows, by the time the House has launched the seventh charge, the Senate may have gained its bomb-proof 2/3rds majority with disaffected demoMarxocrats in tow.

This way Brandon would be humiliated daily for the duration of his term and hopefully hounded out of office. What the Deep State did to President Trump must be dealt back tenfold, since we are after all, in a death struggle with hardened criminals who are well-organized and financed. There can be no mercy or quarter given. Victory MUST prevail!

Case for Biden impeachment grows. When tyrants shrill in vain redoubt…

As patriot expresses it in the comments thread: “We need impeachment because we need to demonstrate to the world, these horrific crimes. But with impeachment must come indictments for Joe, Hunter, Garland, Mayorkas, Wray and anybody else. They need to pay a penalty otherwise this will look like revenge for Trump impeachment.”

What the author didn’t mention here is Covid and Fauci. If ever there was a group that needed indictments it would be Fauci, Birx, Pfizer, Moderna, J&J CEO’s and many others. If there aren’t indictments, it will be hard to have the country understand the crimes. This should be acted on immediately, and not dragged on for a year. Period.

Biden is on tape admitting he leveraged US AID against the President of Ukraine by firing the prosecutor investigating the company that was paying off his crackhead son – Biden also had the US Navy violate its own requirements to get crackhead into officer training. And let us never forget Biden appeared at a Presidential debate and said crackhead’s laptop was “Russian Disinformation” – another lying statement that was disproven by 200 experts, thereby clearly lying to the public about a substantive issue.

So – when the New Congress is seated in January, charges against Biden, Garland, and the rest of the entire anti-American cabal should be ready to go by the first day of March. Cartel’s and all!

Steve Baldwin, American Greatness: ‘The Case for Impeachment gets Stronger’ …

Republicans should drag out impeachment hearings for a year and feature an array of credible witnesses to testify how Joe Biden has worked to destroy the country.

Over six months ago, I made the case here at American Greatness for impeaching Joe Biden. The case has only grown stronger in the interim. Not only has more information come to light about Biden’s illegal conduct, but he also has pushed a number of new policies that are constitutionally suspect at best and deserve intensive congressional scrutiny—assuming the Republicans don’t blow the midterms in November.

I argued that the impeachment effort should be about educating moderate voters, independent voters, and even working-class Democrats about the stunning number of unconstitutional actions undertaken by the Biden Administration. It doesn’t matter if the GOP doesn’t have the two-thirds vote necessary in the Senate to convict and remove Biden from office. That’s not the point. After all, a successful impeachment and removal would put Kamala Harris in the Oval Office, and she may be even worse.

Some pundits claim that impeaching Biden would hurt the GOP politically. That’s nuts. The Democrats impeached Trump twice and used those hearings to convince many former Trump voters to abandon him in 2020. Along with all the “2000 Mules”-type cheating, it worked.

Similarly, the GOP should drag out the impeachment hearings for a year while they feature an array of credible witnesses to testify how this man has declared war on the American middle class and brought our country to the brink of economic collapse. Try as they might, such political theater would be difficult for the media to ignore. [-]

[+] … Biden has refused to hold Black Lives Matter or Antifa accountable for the billion dollars in damages and two-dozen deaths their riots caused over two years ago. His Justice Department has also ignored acts of terror directed toward pregnancy counseling centers and pro-life groups. One Justice Department official even smeared these groups as if to encourage more violence against them.

Biden has also violated the free speech rights of psychologists by issuing an illegal executive order calling upon federal agencies to put a stop to all counseling aimed at aiding people to overcome same-sex attractions. Bear in mind, most of these are people who have voluntarily approached psychologists for help in leaving the homosexual lifestyle.

If the GOP retakes control of Congress in January, MAGA activists cannot rest. Patriots will need to make it clear to Republican leadership that they will be expected to not only follow the America First agenda but also to hold Joe Biden accountable for his unconstitutional actions. [end]

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Case for Biden impeachment grows. ‘C’mon man’ aka con man, fakes out…

The demoMarxocrats had many made-up, faux reasons to impeach fearless President Trump, since the GOP would have an avalanche of substantive, easily-understood reasons to impeach BrandonXiden. As Mr. Baldwin details, the list of impeachable offenses is a target-rich environment. Thus, if done correctly, the media could be circumvented, and Fox and other conservative media outlets could carry the water and easily eclipse the Enemedia.

But again, expecting the cuckhold DC Republicans to intelligently pursue the impeachment of Xiden is a tall order. Alternatively, leave Biden in place and make the demoMarxocrats, the DNC, own everything this pResidency does. Make them own every bit of it going into a re-election campaign for Brandon in 2024. If the D’s want to get rid of Brandon before then, make them do it.

The demoMarxocrats are well aware that they have a Joe Brandon Biden problem. A GOP-controlled Congress impeaching Biden does the demoMarxocrats a big favor, solving their problem for them before 2024. The problem with a political calculation is he really should be impeached for failing to secure the border and selling our strategic petroleum reserves to China just for starters, so that is that, a cynical political calculation rather than acting in the best interest of the citizens of the US.

He should and therefore needs to be impeached, politics be damned. Perhaps we should just start doing the right things for the right reasons for a change and see how that works out for us. Case for Biden impeachment grows. Period!

And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – Warrior-President Donald John Trump – MAGA! KAG!