Future of western civilization in tow

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We are not all equal in moral worth, that should be obvious. We are not all equal socially or fundamentally in ability or consequences of our actions. DemoMarxocrat-liberalism is a hand maiden of egalitarianism. Crafting laws to ensure equality of social status, opportunity etc. reduces the best of us to the level of the least of us. It cannot raise that which is not there to be raised.

We’re in need of a president of good sound moral character that represents and defends the best qualities of western civilization and insists from his minions they do too. This person says plainly, first prove your worth with action and then claim your status. That is neither liberal democracy nor egalitarianism. It is simply “Western civilization future in play” – Big time!

There are many amongst us, probably not many in congress, that indeed are of a good sound moral character. And as we have seen in liberal cities there are many amongst us that are of unsound bad moral character. Are all equal? Are all entitled to the same social status, privileges or respect?

The problem with democracy, is that elected officials around the world (as well as major media) tend to follow the path of least resistance by promising more and more government subsidies while embracing the demise of the family … because appealing to the lowest common denominator is an essentially winning strategy.

Future of western civilization in tow. Prez Trump supports Charlie Kirk young hope for future…

Most of us still haven’t determined how bad it has to get for the spoiled children of easy wealth and comfort to return to the principles that allowed such a thing to begin with, and therein lies the clue: lacking responsibility, people from the bottom to the top become irresponsible.

Today’s “The Press” is a mouthpiece of the American Left and the misnamed DemoMarxocrat Party. Gone is the day when there were thousands of newspaper companies and major cities had 2 to 5 daily papers covering the political spectrum. Currently, there are 5 corporations that control over 90% of the media in the USA: 1) Disney; 2) AT&T; 3) NewsCorp; 4} National Amusements; and 5) Comcast – ALL 5 of these corporations have very high-ranking officers from pharmaceutical companies sitting on their board of directors. It is public information you can verify, with America being lied to on a daily basis.

There was a time when President Trump appeared to be exploring the possibility of forging a better relationship with Russia, as an ally against communist China and militant Islam. Looking back, the fact that Clinton operatives chose Russia for their collusion allegory after selling them Uranium, Hunter Biden was on an energy board in Ukraine and the whole conflict serves Soros’s dream of western decline so perfectly, one wonders if it was the possibility that Trump might succeed in turning Russia that made it so necessary for them to take him out.

Think how different the world would be today if Russia was an ally against communist China and a trading partner.

Steve McCann, American Thinker: ‘Donald Trump and the Future of Western Civilization’ …

The panoply of heads of state leaders at the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II highlighted the dire reality that there are at present no resolute statesmanlike leaders capable of reversing the accelerating decline throughout the whole of the Western world, thereby averting the very real possibility of a global conflict with an allied Communist China and Russia.

The West, in particular the United States, is currently populated with patronizing, oblivious, and callous leaders more concerned about themselves and globalism than the people and the future of their respective countries. Nor do they acknowledge that Western Civilization, because of its roots in Christianity, has increased freedom, wealth, health, comfort and life expectancy to unprecedented levels throughout the world.

When virtually all Western nations pursue the same ruinous policies, and their ruling classes have the same self-absorbed characteristics, decline and collapse from self-immolation is inevitable.

In the debauched current state of Western Civilization, the sole path of reversing this decline and collapse is for a tenacious and intrepid egalitarian leader from one of the major Western nations to assume the mantle of leadership.  The only experienced and successful current or past leader with these attributes in the West today is Donald Trump, who temporarily stanched and exposed the factors behind the downfall during his four years as president. With the specter of China/Russia hegemony and the accelerating deterioration of the West looming over the United States and Europe, Trump must seriously consider running for president again in 2024. [-]

[+] … Donald Trump was the first and still only Western leader to stand up to and definitively state that Communist China is the foremost threat to world peace and to change America’s defense strategy to include both Russia and China as the West’s major adversaries.

With the unprecedented success of the Abraham Accords among many other accomplishments, Donald Trump has become the most consequential and successful foreign affairs president since Ronald Regan, as he has shown he can negotiate once-thought-impossible peace agreements and avoid or resolve military conflicts. As such, he is uniquely qualified to shepherd the United States and the Western World through the perilous Chinese/Russia morass created by the current feckless Western leadership.

I had previously taken the position that Donald Trump’s overwhelmingly successful legacy was set in stone and as he and his family have sacrificed and paid a massive personal and financial price on behalf of the American people, so he should rest on his laurels and not run in 2024. However, the accelerating downward spiral of the United States and the rest of the Western world combined with the specter of Chinese/Russia hegemony necessitates that he should seriously consider running. [end]

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Future of western civilization in tow. Texas in demoMarxocrat crosshairs when the brains of brilliance shine…

Like it or lump it, in the late 1980’s and into the 1990’s there was tremendous cooperation and joint ventures in the petroleum industry with Russian engineers. China was an overpopulated backwater-land of thieves, plagiarists and general barbarians. It seems to yours truly that once OBO#44 came into ruling the country, the joint ventures unraveled and suddenly Russia wasn’t our new buddy anymore. Our federal government continues to blame Putin of course for all hostilities on both sides.

Trump, however, got along with Putin, let him know the Nord-stream might have been a cute ploy by Putin, but it wasn’t going to happen under his watch. Putin knew that and totally understood that it was Trump who called him out for his dastardly plan to hijack Europe for its energy needs. Putin thereby, just shrugged and most likely thought it was worth a try when he only dealt with the Euro cowards. The Russian people, like the Chinese people, have been disarmed and are not to blame, just the political and military leaders.

Future of western civilization in tow. O how the mighty have fallen!

And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – Warrior-president Donald John Trump doing his absolute darnedest to protect and defend the Constitutional Republic of the United States of America – MAGA! KAG!