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In my yesterday SONday blog, “Bible solution to what ails America” (link available down below), I featured a dynamic article written by Gilbert T. Sewall in the storied pages of The American Spectator which he titled “Resigned to Heaps of Trashiness – And the next Sutherland Springs”.

The one determinative paragraph that set the whole tone for what ails America was summed up in: “Bread and circuses have an immense following that cuts through all classes, races – everything. The audience includes those who ardently self-identify as conservatives. Fun suppliers – no longer hemmed in by religion-infused moral censors, aristocratic models, or legal barriers as in the past – gleefully push depravity, getting rich, powerful, and arrogant in the process”.

Never a truer word was spoken, especially the line “Fun suppliers … gleefully push depravity, getting rich, powerful, and arrogant in the process”.

Lewd and crude language unfit for a family publication – that’s Hollyweird – some kind of ugly…

In today’s FrontPageMagazine, Daniel Greenfield has an excellent expose` on arguably the most pernicious of the ‘fun suppliers’ and that would be the demonic ghouls inhabiting the shambolic mess that is ‘Hollywood Inc.’ According to most people in the know, nothing about this unfolding frenzy of Hollyweird allegations is news. Somehow, even with the latest flurry of lurid stories, they manage to obscure the nastiest facets of their corruption and the magnitude of their power; and that would be the “systemic” (to borrow one of their favorite catchwords) abuse of children.

As commentator ‘truebearing’ expresses it on one of the threads: “Hollywood sells false morals with scripts that torture the truth, and actors who play painfully righteous roles, but indulge themselves in every perverted, sadistic manner. Periodically they “purify” themselves by making ostentatious displays of donating to repulsive causes. Call them Correctness Credits.”[end]

The leftists in Hollywood epitomize the contradiction of the ultra-materialistic ideology that they adhere to. Morality is designed to keep people from excessive self-indulgence, especially the kind that hurts other people. Since the left puts earthly power over everything, they can’t possibly be moral people because the lust for power brings with it a compulsion for using it to do things that do hurt people. Lording it over others is the goal of Hollywood leftists.

Power is measured by the degree to which the powerful can inflict pain on others with impunity.

And with that, on to Mr. Greenfield and “The Red Carpet code of silence in Hollywood”…

Daniel Greenfield…

Celebrities are too afraid to walk the red carpet.

Stars are hanging up their tuxedos and designer dresses, and staying home from movie premieres to avoid questions about the sex abuse scandals. Not since the House Un-American Activities Committee was asking Hollywood players about their membership in the Communist Party have stars worked this hard to avoid answering a simple question. And now the red carpet questions aren’t about being reds.

Just like the HUAC era, some are naming names and others are jetting off to vacation homes in Southern France. One day there will be movies made about the heroism of those courageous stars who refused to out sexual abusers. And lefty actors will refuse to applaud the names of those who did name names at future award shows.

But meanwhile the curtain is falling on some careers.

Kevin Spacey has been cut from “All the Money in the World” in which he played J. Paul Getty. “All the Money in the World” is exactly the kind of story Hollywood loves telling. The villain, Getty, is an unfeeling sexually deviant oil tycoon who won’t even pay his kidnapped grandson’s ransom.

But then the actor playing an oil company villain turned out to be a real Hollywood villain. And had to be recast. The movie will not be recasting Mark Wahlberg’s role despite his history of violent assaults. Not until there’s a #MeToo campaign for anyone who had their jaw broken by movie stars.

Hollywood morality has finally come far enough that molesting teenage boys and raping women will hurt your career. Even if you pay them lots of money afterward. But violently assaulting random people is still okay as long as you reach a settlement with the victims.

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From Daniel: “Ideology replaces character in collectivist political movements. Your principles don’t matter if you believe the right things. But it’s possible to believe the right things and still be a terrible person. You can donate to Planned Parenthood, produce documentaries about campus rape, endow a chair in Gloria Steinem’s name and still spend decades sexually assaulting women. Just ask Harvey Weinstein.

“Character means taking personal responsibility for your behavior. But leftists take refuge in social generalities like toxic masculinity, which, like capitalism, means that guilt is collective, not personal. The abusers are also victims. All men are perpetrators. And you can buy atonement with a six figure check to the abortion baby parts ring of your choice or Hillary Clinton’s great feminist crusade for herself”.[end]

Hollywood’s celluloid morals are just like the left’s Global Warming morals, where you can own an energy glutton of a house, or fly around the globe sucking jet fuel by the tanker load, then buy some carbon credits with the money you made terrorizing the little people with lies about impending disasters.

In the sanitized, selective version we’re fed, they’re all misunderstood victims, martyrs, and heroes – even while being perps and/or enablers. The reach of their tentacles is obscured, and the real victims are most often not even given a sideways glance. Most often, they are buried, whether literally or figuratively.

You can tell how much power they have by how much they still manage to hide. They get away with it because we feed their egos and wallets.


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