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Go Ahead, Make ...

Go Ahead, Make …

Continuing along the theme of Hillary Clinton’s health issues, which, as outlined yesterday, are real, numerous, and somewhat dangerous to her and to the survival of the Republic, there is obviously something wrong with America’s version of Evita. She is constantly shadowed by her own “bodyman”, the mysterious Mr. X whose identity remains unknown (although there are several rumors going the rounds that he is Dr. Oladotun A. Okunola, M.D., a neurologist from a New Jersey practice).

He has a physical access to Evita that is denied to the Secret Service. As mentioned and explained yesterday, the coughing is recurrent. She drinks something out of a glass after a coughing fit when she has a water bottle present. Any questions regarding these matters are shouted down as ‘sexist’ and ‘intrusive’ by the MSM but let us not forget that we are talking about the prospective ‘president’ here.

Remember that Hillary Clinton made her health a public issue, when she used it as an excuse to avoid legal prosecution regarding her ‘private email server’, that put America’s national security at risk. After she told FBI Agents that she ‘could not recall every briefing’ as a direct result of her accident (in which she sustained a concussion that resulted in a blood clot in her head) her health became public knowledge. Hillary Clinton using her health as an excuse, makes it difficult to know if she lied about memory loss in order to avoid prosecution (which would automatically disqualify her from being Commander-In-Chief), or the fact that her memory loss is a health problem (that disqualifies her from being Commander-In-Chief). Hillary Clinton’s admission of health problems, gives We The People ‘the Need to Know and the Right to Know’ about her health.

Health Issues Make A Lot Of Difference Actually..

Hillary Health Issues Make A Lot Of Difference Actually..

Clinton’s excuse to the FBI and Justice Dept. during that interview for why she could not remember things like getting training was because she suffered a concussion and developed clogged blood vessels to the brain. She stated numerous times that she could not remember things which had happened to her. Did she do this to avoid prosecution or does it really exist? She is the one who made her health relevant.

How pathetic it is that we have to rely on Judicial Watch to search for truth and transparency. Notice how no one has jumped in to say “don’t worry, we have the House, we have the Senate”. Ryan and the Republican establishment are a bunch of losers. They have to go. We may end up having a criminal as a president because the rule of law has been thrown down the drain. Think about that for a little while and see how you feel.

Roger L. Simon, PJMedia and “The Real Reason Hillary’s Health is an Issue”…

pj-mediaWe live in age of medical miracles. Doctors often can ameliorate all but the most extreme diseases so people can function, at least for a while.

So why should we concern ourselves with Hillary Clinton’s relatively minor (most probably) coughing fits?

For the most obvious reason: like virtually everything else, she lies about it!

As the age-old legal principle goes, Falsus in uno, falsus in omnibus. Her health is yet another example of Clinton’s pathological tilt toward dishonesty. Her first response to anything almost always is to prevaricate.

On Monday at an event in Cleveland, Ohio, when confronted about her coughing fit, she blamed it on an allergy to Donald Trump. Besides being a mediocre joke at best, it was a reflex, a reach for the untrue response before any other, as if the truth would literally dissolve her in a puddle.

This fear of the truth is likely from childhood, but has morphed through years of political combat into a kind of domestic taqiyya. Hillary, though also obviously not Muslim, observes her version of that Islamic doctrine in which it is permissible, often even required, to lie to the enemy for the good of the cause–the cause, in this case and with regularity, being the maintenance of her power.

Clinton has indeed lived her life in a world of lies, where lying was for all intents and purposes the norm. Imagine the level of dishonesty in her communications with her husband over the years. Was there ever a time they were truly honest with each other?

Continues in PJMedia…

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