Harvey turmoil unveils best of US…

En Garde in the bunker…

One more Harvey wrap on what has been an extraordinary week of real drama and human encounters of the best kind. Especially the ones that give you extended hopes for the future.

A few weeks ago (August 12 as a matter of fact) Don Sucher had a wonderful little blog piece in American Thinker which he titled “That America we knew and loved? It’s still here”.

In the weeks since, his blog has taken on somewhat of a prophetic nature with regard to the events of Hurricane Harvey, being most prescient that it was conceived and published more than two weeks before the event itself. Not that the piece was about Harvey, but more about the spirit of co-operation that Harvey brought out in the citizenry.

As he wrote in his opener:

It’s kind of sad how many people find themselves asking, “Where did the America I knew and loved go?” The reason so many are asking that is because of what is put before our eyes every day: a nation without any but the most superficial values. An America supposedly full of selfishness and small thinking. Of cheap laughter and an even cheaper culture. Of broken families and broken lives. And especially (it seems to me) a lack of real leadership. There is no one (we are repeatedly told) we can trust.

But here is what I have realized – I, and, I know, many, many others, some who realized this far more quickly than I did – that the America we loved still exists. Not just here and there – mere smatterings, holdouts – but virtually everywhere.

People with values. People with depth. People quietly going about their lives in a way that reveals that the “old” America is far from dead. It is living. It is breathing. It is being passed along.

Strangers form a human chain to rescue a stranded motorist … (ABC 13 Houston)

In response to a poster on his comments thread who asked “How many people are left in this America of yours?” the author responded:

“Such are all around us. Working hard. Quietly going about their business. Raising families. Moving the economy ahead. Studying hard in school. Doing all the things that people have always done, and doing it with the same ideals that our American forebears did. But they — us! — have been told we are each alone. Behind the times. Yesterday. Without hope. Voiceless.

“We are not alone. We just need to stop listening to the media and buying into their fixations. Open our eyes. Nod to one-another in quiet recognition. And also speak about our own values and ideals — so others will say “Yes! I think that way too! I thought I was alone. So glad to know I’m not!”

“There’s no easy fix. Those that want to tear down America will not just disappear. But their message is empty — and is being seen to be so. Ours is full. Real. Meaningful. Full of hope.

“The tide is coming in. I think many of us can see that. Hurrah!” [end]

Well coincidentally, he has another gem today – “The Silver Lining of Harvey’s Dark Clouds” …

Earlier this month — before the test that is Harvey was even on the horizon (or mine at least) — I wrote a blog piece “That America We Knew and Loved? It’s Still Here” How true that has proved to be!

If we Americans can work through this disaster together — and we are! — if we can start to differentiate between bogus stories of hate and our real attributes of love and unselfishness — we will be healed.

No, the media will not encourage that. But what we need to do — and what we WILL do — is far greater than the media.

It is as great as we are. We Americans. United. A single people doing what we can with a single purpose.

If that — an again united America — is not a silver lining — or a gold one — what is?

President Trump has donated $1,000,000 of his own money to the cause (would anybody in Congress like to do the same, or the Big Fake News Media? – God knows, all of them can afford it) .. Around the country volunteers are headed to Texas. Convoys of donated supplies are headed to Texas. The Cajun Navy from Louisiana rescued many stranded Texans. This is Americans coming together to meet an emergency. And all the alphabet government agencies are AWOL or dragging their feet.

True Americans (including naturalized ones like yours truly) respond to a crisis and help out their neighbors. Fake Americans – the Obama/Clinton/Soros liberal progressive Left which owns the DemoMarxist Party – stand on the sidelines and cheer the devastation. No comparison could be more clear.

The Redneck Army rules!


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