Americans helping Americans bigly

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Americans helping Americans ‘Bigly’. Call it the president Donald Trump effect. Call it the not believing the Big Fake News Media effect. Heck, call it the anti-DemoRINOs singular party effect but there always seems to be an inherent American Spirit when disaster strikes and the true American ‘can-do’ effect kicks into place. Americans helping Americans bigly.

We illustrated yesterday how Texans and the great Lone Star State greeted the president and First Lady in Corpus Christi and Austin and just how well they were both received; albeit, counter-productively it must be said, from all the usual decrepit enemies hidden within the evil bowels of the Fourth Estate known as the Big Fake News Media (aka the ‘Press’).

Regarding the hurricane and the state of emergency in Texas, Donald Trump has been nothing less than cordial, empathetic, classy, and last but not least, a leader in every sense of the word. True Americans helping Americans bigly.

Americans helping Americans bigly…

But it doesn’t matter what our president does, or for that matter doesn’t do. He is simply marked for destruction by the nastiest, most evil and horrible trolls Planet Earth has to offer. The Big Fake News Media definitely NOT Americans helping Americans bigly.

On a side note and in the grand scheme of things (not that it matters), but has it escaped anyone’s attention that 90% of those saving/rescuing all those lives (both human and animal) while putting their own lives at risk are all shades of color males? Better yet, they’re all Americans helping Americans bigly.

Evidently it’s escaped the Big Fake News Media’s attention big-time, as they still appear to be much more interested in, and concerned about, the First Lady’s shoes, and what she wore while in Texas.

But on the realistic front, check out some of these comments from the thread…

  • There is no skin color in Houston. Just humans.

Ask those celebrities you admire the most if they are willing to help. I don’t think they will even move a finger. That’s why I ignore them. We need to evolve to the next level and care for each other. We must keep our human instinct and strive together to give our sons and daughters a better future. God bless us and the rest of the world.

Americans helping Americans bigly ..Pic sent out by the Harris County Sheriff’s office of a deputy finally succumbing to the need for rest after spending the previous twelve hours doing all he could to help others. The photo is now going viral – as it should

  • Damn you people are awesome, showing us it isn’t rocket science to come together and help one another. Brings tears to my eyes watching these heroes rescue their fellow neighbors!

My God, I have never seen anything like this in my 57 1/2 yrs of life. Please God I pray you help these poor people, the animals too. They are going through this storm as well. It hurts my heart Lord. Please help the army the 1st responders anyone who is in need of rescuing the victims of Hurricane Harvey. Please Lord stop the rain, and wind. Please help the victims of this storm. They need you dear Jesus. Help everyone and every animal in need of rescuing. Thank you Father in Heaven :'( :'( :'(…..

  • Yet liberals on the Left want to blame Trump and divide us. Yet petty politics aside, this is what true Americans do. Help each other when in need. We don’t see race, we don’t see gender, we don’t see political parties, we only see fellow Americans. Fellow Americans in need. This is the greatest country!

I am so proud to see everyone joining together in all cultures, races, and religions to help each other save lives. It’s in the most terrible life threatening of situations that true love and true patriotism can be seen. Harvey is just a reminder in these harsh political divides that Americans join each other to help any and all lives, even animals. I know God looks down at Harvey and smiles. Bless all you heroes who risked your own life to help the victims. God bless America.

  • This is beautiful to see others helping others through this time, all the people who helped are true heroes! This is what the world needs….love…we all need to love one another instead of hating on each other 💖 and I live in Texas and right by Houston, it’s a very sad time right now….But it is very heartwarming to see everyone coming together and helping others 💖 it’s always beautiful and heartwarming to see people help others, my thoughts and prayers go out to those affected by hurricane Harvey and to the ones who helped others and risked their own lives to save others 💖

From my perspective, the recent visit of the President and First Lady to Texas in response to Hurricane Harvey was one of the most awe-inspiring displays of sincere love, affection, and concern I have ever seen. It came during the middle of one of the worst storms we have ever seen when things were still very uncertain for everyone here on the ground. It was deeply moving and inspiring, absolutely well-orchestrated and well-timed, and sent precisely the right signal to the people of Texas. All the great leaders of history from Alexander to George Washington have had the instinct to go to the heart of the action at the moment of greatest crisis, and that is exactly what we saw from President Trump and Melania. I thought it was fantastic. Americans helping Americans bigly.

  • This video should be played on all mainstream media (but you know it won’t be). This is the true America. Everyone comes together in times of crisis. Praying for everyone affected by this catastrophe. BLESSINGS AND APPRECIATION to everyone involved in the rescue process ..

Well let’s remind them all – Heros don’t wear capes. They wear uniforms. They wear hip waders. They wear overalls. They wear ball caps. To everyone who has a boat or kayak or jet ski and set off to do what needed to be done: YOU are the heroes and YOU are the living embodiment of the true American Spirit! Americans helping Americans bigly.

Even so, come, Lord Jesus. Amen. Maranatha. In Him! .. 💖 💖 💖


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