Fall guy Comey hook, line, sinker…

Go ahead, make my…

Cast your mind back to the moment when fall guy James Comey testified under oath that he didn’t make up his mind about Hillary Clinton’s guilt prior to the FBI interview that took place just days before he announced she had done nothing illegal. That would be in July of last year.

Fast forward to today, and that is in direct contrast to the breaking news this past week that Comey had in fact sent out a draft memo to upper level FBI administrators exonerating Hillary Clinton TWO MONTHS BEFORE THE INTERVIEW. Talk about a fall guy momentary lapse!

Then-FBI Director Comey concluded that Hillary Clinton was innocent two months before he interviewed her and concluded his investigation into a far–reaching mess of private servers, illegal use of top secret information, media collusion, and State Department pay to play – just to name a few!

As mentioned many times on this page, the size and scope of the open sewer that is Washington D.C. is almost beyond comprehension. Its existence is almost entirely due to the continued presence of the Clintons on the political scene since the 1980’s, with Obama the Kenyan joining them in the early 2000’s if not before that. The whole reason the Obama team got behind Hillary was to make sure the history of corruption and criminality of the past 8 years would hopefully fade away into obscurity.

It seems obvious that the Obamas and Clintons have a passionate hatred one to another, going back to Obama’s first run. Besides the Bill Clinton tarmac threat with AG Lynch, don’t forget him on Martha’s Vineyard going out to play a round of golf with Obama, who was vacationing at the time. That’s when the Obamas got behind Hillary, no doubt because of veiled threats of Arkancide. But who could they use as the fall guy?

Bubba likely laid down the law, and let Obama know just what they had on him. Important also to remember who the guy was playing with them, Vernon Jordan, the fixer for Clinton, the guy who knows everything about everybody in DC. Add in the fact of who knows how many other meetings Bubba has had with Obama and Lynch (or for that matter, with Comey). We only know about the one he got caught at with Lynch. She got promises, just as Comey got promises, all by believing Hillary would be a shoe-in for president (never forget the jitterbug he was dancing the night of election day when the early results were coming in). Comey obviously didn’t know he might have to become the fall guy.

So here we are .. Comey going hook, line, and sinker…

And from this past Saturday, Judge Jeanine chiming in with her 2-cents-worth on the whole Comey mess. A real good example of how corrupt our government really is. I have maintained for decades now that the best indicator of corruption is that the Clintons have never, ever been indicted, prosecuted nor incarcerated for all the crimes and misdemeanors they have committed. And the way Congress is structured these days, it’s tough for We the People to commit to any American politician anymore. It seems like all we’ve got these days is the Unitarian Party of DemoCans or RepublicRats.

The first thing that comes to mind with most politicians is that they are criminally-inclined, entitled, spend our money with reckless abandon, and are absolutely above the law. Guaranteed NOT what the Founding Fathers had in mind when they structured this greatest form of government on the planet.

Time is fast approaching through the presidency of We the People’s choice, to MAGA according to the great principles embodied and enshrined in the Constitution. No ‘fall guy’ needed for that to happen – Just millions of American Patriots the likes of you and me!