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Globalists demorinocrat workerants … My header might well look and sound like a tongue-twisting answer to a ‘Wheel of Fortune’ appearance and ‘the word is?’ question, but it was about all I could do to squeeze it into the box for purposes of illustration.

Nevertheless, globalists …

Just when you think you’ve about seen it all in the Gulag Archipelago terror in the night raid on a United States citizen and his family by a cadre of what appeared to be street thugs (Ooooops) erm stormtrooper globalists under the command of one Mueller too many, along comes an international apology of sorts from one of the said ‘globalists’ news rags emanating out of the once United Kingdom – which more and more each day is showing its underwear of appearing anything but ‘united’.

Contrary to popular opinion and the once-lauding allusion to the greatness of Britain (all very true at the time, ‘cos I lived it) what now passes for that once-great nation showed its ugly head yet again yesterday with an apology from one of the leftist rags cavorting as a ‘newspaper’ known as The Telegraph, having to ‘fess up for fly-swatting the (gulp!) beautiful and very intelligent First Lady of the United States, one Melania Trump.

A stately couple indeed…

Before I get to the heart of the matter, this is nothing new in the full scope of what passes for ‘news’ in Britain. They long ago lost the plot on sovereignty, particularly-so with the government of Ted Heath when, as Prime Minister at the time, he acceded to the original ‘European Common Market’ of the early 1970s

Believe me when I say that there’s a visceral hatred of everything Trump emanating throughout the halls of the Brit Establishment, from the BBC (often referred to as the ‘BareBoysClub’ – I kid you not, its history of pedophiliacs is legend) to academe, and the EU parliamentary establishment.

Visceral, I tell you!.

Patrick Healy, still resident in the UK, comments: ‘To inform all you US cousins of the situation in the UK. The Telegraph and Daily Mail are the ONLY right of extreme left wing (if you get what I mean) papers in the UK. In fact the ONLY mainstream news outlet which is not Marxist and anti-American / Donald Trump over here. Sad but true.

So with that, from ‘sundance’ over at Conservative Treehouse: ‘UK Telegraph Issues Published Apology to First Lady Melania Trump’…

Libel laws in the U.K. must be much more favorable to the victim than in the United States.  The U.K. Telegraph published a retraction to a previous story written about First Lady Melania Trump that is labeled “An Apology“:

I’m assuming the Brit / EU / UN Socialist global establishment thought they could get away with it. They thought wrong. She’s Trump, not their run of the mill type smear target, aka a drugged and wimpy DemoRINOcrat. Bet it was a substantial claim also.

As for the Telegraph, like their cohorts CNN, MessNBC, ABC, CBS, NPR and the rest of the rogue ‘press’, they should also confess whence they received all of the lies they published, or admit that they made it all up. By reporting such truths (for a change) they could take a few steps towards rehabilitating their credibility by finally publishing some actual substantive facts.

‘To be livin’ in this town, you must be tough, tough, tough, tough, tough!’ Nobody’s tougher in NYC than Trump.

Seems like the beautiful and intelligent First Lady is right up there with him on that ‘toughness’ deal!

Talking about which, time for today’s MAGA Pill – President Donald J Trump – MAGA!


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H/T ‘sundance’ and Conservative Treehouse

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